Travel to India – much better go and where to stay?

Vintage temples are adjacent to the sandy beaches and the azure water of the bays, and the beauty of local dresses and tastes of local cuisine are real legends.

India’s territory: how to choose a resort for recreation?

Journey to India is worth starting with the study of the route and directions, which is preferably for a tourist. The country is divided into 4 regions, each of which is interesting in its own way.

Central India

The central region is the largest in India, it is interesting to contrasts, upgrade attractions and entertainment. Visit recommended:

  • Bombay – Gateway to the country where there is a triumphal arch, protective fort, Cathedral Mahalakshmi, Indian Hollywood;
  • Jaipur – Pink city, when construction used unusual sandstone. Here is the Observatory of Jantar-Mantar, several temples and minarets;
  • GOA – A favorite holiday destination tourists, where everything is focused on foreign guests, many beaches, hotels, restaurants, life saturated and interesting.

In the central part of the country, it is good to get on the sightseeing tour.

South India

The southern region is the most populated, rich in history and architecture facilities. The most popular cities in South India are:

  • Chennai – Based on the 4th century ago, it is of interest due to the temple of Sviva, the Fort of St. George, the Anglican Church;
  • Kerala – Beach region, where many palaces, museums, exhibition galleries, and tourists also attracts beautiful nature.

South India is suitable for lovers of active and informative rest – going here, it is worth planning a trip in advance, because travelers are not even in no season.

Eastern India

When you want a variety and recreation, which is not bored, it is recommended to visit the eastern region, in which the bays are located, mountains, lively cities. To stop, it should be preferred:

    Travel to India - much better go and where to stay
  • Calcutta – The largest city where the Botanical Garden is located, a museum with unique exhibits and a lot of attractions. Infrastructure and transport links are well developed;
  • Varanasi – Located on the banks of the Gang River, it is considered the "eternal city," the sacred rituals are held here, dozens of old temples are preserved.

The eastern part of the country attracts identity, affordable prices and beautiful mountain landscapes.

Northern India

On the territory of India, you can find entertainment and for lovers of winter sports, and it is in the northern part of the country for travelers a paradise opens. Here it will be possible:

  • to visit the residence of the Dalai Lama;
  • Visit the valley of the gods;
  • see the sacred mountain Kaylash;
  • To ski;
  • ride jeep or stroll on yoke.

There are numerous reserves, Safari Parks, and landscapes are breathtaking even in cynics.

What dishes are worth trying in India – tourist tips

Visit the exotic country and do not try national dishes (in fact, a part of India) is a crime, so in the travel budget definitely invest at least $ 200 to visit restaurants and cafes. In India, more than 80% of the population are vegetarians, so many dishes are prepared from vegetables. The most popular delicacies that advise to try tourists are:

  • Gave – People’s dish that every resident of the country eats, analogue of potatoes – puree in Russia. Snack is prepared from vegetables with spices;
  • Palac Panir – Soup with spinach and cheese with vegetables, is distinguished by a creamy, not sharp, gentle taste;
  • Indian pellets – You can meet dozens of their species, pellets are considered a garnish, sold everywhere, are preparing manually;
  • Alu Goba – potatoes with cauliflower, carrots, spices, dish are served with rice;
  • Malay-Kofta – Potato balls in breading with sauce, greens and seasonings;
  • Naratan feed – Stew vegetables in a creamy sauce.

Most national dishes are suitable for vegetarians, so go to India, counting on juicy chops and fragrant cutlets in abundance, not worth. But you will be surprised how much the master’s chefs are preparing traditional vegetables.

What to bring from India: Top 5 ideas

Return from India’s Travel with Empty Hands – Not the best idea. Bring gifts to both friends and for yourself in memory of rest. Outdoors recommend buying:

  1. Statuettes of gods, for example, genes – God prosperity. The bronze figure will cost 500-5000 rubles;
  2. Elephants Matreyski – an analogue of an invalid Russian souvenir, which can be purchased for 400-2000 rubles;
  3. Sari – Beautiful female outfit from silk, which will be able to please the girlfriends. The price of the product begins from 800 rubles and reaches 10,000;
  4. Natural Indian tea, whose preparing secret is kept secret, and the composition includes spices. 100 gr. Tea Masala costs about 500 rubles;
  5. Cosmetics on herbs – the collection of Chanvaprash is popular, which has a lifeful effect on the body. Packaging price – from 350 rubles.

You can also buy souvenirs for memory, bag or purse from high quality genuine leather. Buy goods better on the spontaneous market – smile and tramble so that the seller reduce the price.

Safety in India – how to behave tourist?

Residents of India – people friendly and non-conflict, but the traveler must comply with simple rules of conduct:

  • Remove shoes entering the temple;
  • In public places appear in modest and closed clothes;
  • In the Sikh temples, men and women come with a covered head;
  • In the temple, do not enter with leather products – this is a sign of disrespect;
  • If you want to take a photo in the temple, ask permission from the ministers;
  • In India, it is customary to leave tips – 20-100 rupees.

Also drink only clean water, which is sold in plastic bottles, and in the first days of traveling do not run on local dishes – give the stomach to get used to.

Traveling to India – these are bays, beaches, mountains, beautiful nature, local cuisine delicacies. Although the country cannot boast the ideal service and developed infrastructure, much here is focused on the tourist, so the rest promises to be excellent.

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