Travel to Kaliningrad Autumn – Report – Pros and Cons

My name is Ekaterina. I am 37 years old and I live in Moscow. I will tell you how we went to Kaliningrad last fall. We traveled in October for 5 days threesome: I, husband and daughter 12 years. Organized a short vacation, because the daughter had a vacation.

I wanted to change the situation, but without climatic "swings". Kaliningrad seemed to be ideally. I immediately say that it happened. Indeed, the weather in Kaliningrad in the fall was very comfortable, substantially softer than in Moscow.

Why Kaliningrad

About the western city of Russia I heard a lot of good.

I know even a few people who dream of moving there live there. I wanted to see what tourists visited Kaliningrad talk about so fascinating.

It was interesting to look at the isolated piece of big country.

Attracted and the opportunity to visit the sea, breathe fresh Baltic air. I wanted to learn more about the Motherland of Amber and the beloved Tappy of Hoffman, and her husband and daughter dreamed of seeing all sorts of marine wonders at the World Ocean Museum.

Road to Kaliningrad

Batch tours in Russia we never buy.

Independent money trip comes inexhibited and gives a big plus – complete independence. We are also always when it is possible, traveling by train (my daughter suffers very bad flights).

In Kaliningrad also bought train tickets. Happened 24 000 rub For 3 places in the coupe, there and back.

The path took almost a day. The car is the most common – pure neat coupe. On the border (departure from Belarus and entry to Lithuania) stood about 2 hours – on the hour on each side.

Parking when crossing the border technical, it is impossible to leave cars. Checking documents is right in the coupe.

It was interesting to travel through the territory of Lithuania. We were able to consider Vilnius a little. In Kaliningrad, we landed at the south train station, easily found a taxi (parking right at the central exit, on the right side), in 10 minutes and 200 rubles went to the hotel.

Where we lived

I heard that in the city there are areas of old German villas, preserved since the beginning of the 20th century.

These areas are called Amalienau and Maurenhof.

I really wanted to settle somewhere nearby. Housing there can be found only in small private hotels. Posted on the Internet options with a good rating, compared prices. As a result, the hotel booked the most positive feedback – a little cozy "Aviator" (from).

Street on which our hotel was located

The hotel turned out to be wonderful. Modern, clean, cozy. In size it can be compared with a large cottage, so there are few numbers there.

Luxury reserved by us (17,000 rubles in 5 days) was at the very top, in the attic. It was spacious, two-room, with a huge bathroom. We liked that the room has not only comfortable furniture and good appliances, but also batteries that allowed to easily change the temperature in the room.

For autumn trips it is important.

Where we ate

The room has breakfast.

Every morning we were waiting for a buffet: drinks, cheese-meat cutting, pastries, flakes, yogurts, pancakes, jam and honey, nuts and dried fruits. The price also included hot dishes, but they needed to be ordered the night before. You can choose porridge, omelet, sausages, cheesery. One portion per person. Everything was delicious.

The restaurant is on the ground floor, there are no windows there, but the walls are made in the walls

We have dinner almost always in the city, but dinner again at the hotel.

In our "aviator" there was a restaurant. The refrigerator and the kettle in the room allowed us to organize themselves snacks at any time. Products can be bought in the nearest supermarkets or order delivery of finished food from local restaurants.

Quite decent dots catering in the city.

We later went to Croissant Cafe – Network of confectionery-bakery, where you can also order soups and salads. During the business lunch (from 12 to 16 hours), the dishes are there can be bought with 30% discount, although prices and so not very high (soups – 150 rubles, salads with desserts – 120 rubles).

Visited Popular Local Restaurant of Lithuanian Kitchen "Brikas", Tried famous chapels there (potato cutlets with meat stuffing). The dish is considered national, so 15 options are presented in the menu. Portion of 2 pieces with sauce cost a little more than 200 rubles.

Zappelins ; Chief hit of Lithuanian cuisine

Look at the pizzeria "Daddy Beppe". Read about her very good reviews. Really nice place. Cozy corner with a large selection of different pizza and decent business lunches.

If we talk about food prices, then the cost of products in stores is similar to the metropolitan, goods in the markets – less than about a third, dishes in restaurants and cafes – below almost half.

For 5 days of travel, we spent about 15,000 rubles for food.

What happened to see

Autumn in Kaliningrad – good time to inspect local attractions.

Many of them are not outdoors, t. E. You do not have to hold the warm summer days that in the summer I want to use for a beach holiday.

In a cooler season, you can rush to wander on museums, which in the city there are many. Such a program is great for cold season.

We managed to go to Amber Museums and World Ocean, local Picture gallery, Cathedral with Kant Museum and B zoo. Inspected several urban gates and Tower of Wrangel – Vintage fortification facilities.

Wrangel Tower in Kaliningrad

For walks (warm autumn allows you to pay time and im) I recommend visit the area of ​​old villas and the central park. There quietly, clean, cozy. No special entertainment, place for communication with nature.

Interesting monuments are found in the city everywhere. For example, in the park there is an interactive monument of Mwerhausen, where you can ride on the present core. There is also a big sculpture in. Vysotsky.

Monument B. Vysotsky in Kaliningrad

At one of the city streets in the area of ​​Amalienau, a monument m was caught.AND. Kutuzov.

Vintage German villas – Cute houses, each with her face. It is very interesting to wander through the streets and consider these pre-revolutionary old women. Most buildings in good condition, almost all residential.

One of the German villas in the Amalin region

It seems to me that you can still look in Kaliningrad in the fall. We did not have time to walk on Fish villages, Look inside old Royal Gate, visit Botanical Garden.

Trip to Svetlogorsk

Our trip was short, so almost all the time we paid to get acquainted with the city.

In the area we left only once, I really wanted to see the sea. Decided to get to Svetlogorsk. There we went to train from the northern station, back – by bus. The road in one direction took about 30-40 minutes / adult ticket costs about 80 rubles on both types of transport.

Svetlogorsk – a small and pleasant town. Located on a high shore, surrounded by a pine forest.

We first reached the hotel "House of Fairychnik" and inspected the Museum of Sculptures in the Open Sky. There are a lot of figures dedicated to Hoffman, but the main object – Miniature ancient Koenigsberg.

Fragment of the layout of medieval Koenigsberg near the hotel ; fairy tale house ; in Svetlogorsk

Travel to Kaliningrad Autumn - Report - Pros and Cons

More than O ; the house of the storyboard ; In Svetlogorsk, read here ;

Fine that the weather in October allowed us to get a lot of pleasure from a walk. The day was sunny, without a strong wind, although quite cool. The sea was beautiful. Wandered along the shore, passed on the promenade.

Saw original sundial, Decorated with mosaic. Then they rose back to the city and a little walking through the streets. Accidentally saw an announcement of an organ concert in the local concert hall (it seems that the former Cirche). Managed to buy tickets (150 rubles) and went to listen to music.

Before leaving, looked into the "croissant cafe". Bus stop in Kaliningrad is right next to him.

It seemed to me that the sea was somewhat cooler than in Kaliningrad, but the weather allowed us for several hours to be in the air and do not freeze. In the header and gloves, of course.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia


I would say that the trip most of all was remembered to us that atmosphere in which you can plunge in Kaliningrad.

Unusual architecture, beautiful sea, interesting museums – all this creates a sense of stay in some fabulous place. The city seems to be an illustration for the fairy tales of Hoffman (the writer was born here and lived).

Weather supported us – left for snow "flies", and we arrived in almost spring.

Of course, the golden autumn in Kaliningrad did not succeed to us, she usually occurs in early October. To our arrival, all the leaves oped, but the weather was excellent. It was warm (+10 -12 degrees) and quiet. Sometimes he was accepted rain, but we also got a lot of sun.

Locals said that for them the weather – the usual thing.

One of the evenings managed to see an unusual thick fog. Villas and neighboring park in it looked very impressive. The situation was mysterious, romantic. We immediately remembered the stories Conan Doyle. This, perhaps, was one of the most vivid impressions of the local nature.

Still surprised and pleased the sea. It turned out to be very beautiful and quiet. I liked the fabulous mini-town in Svetlogorsk and the Maritime Museum in Kaliningrad.

Tips and nuances

The most important thing when traveling to Kaliningrad is to choose the right area of ​​residence.

The central streets of the city are built up with either villas and cottages, or typical block houses. Willions are more interesting. If you do not really attract the thought of wandering around the deserted streets in the evenings, then you can stay in the area of ​​the Zoo or the Northern Station. There are a lot of accommodation options: from large solid hotels to pretty modern hostels.

The season is also important.

If you think about whether it is worth going to Kaliningrad in the fall – I will tell you what exactly stands. Local weather (in October accurately) is still very soft, felt maritime climate.

If you want to spend a maximum of time in air, it is better to plan a trip for September or the first days of October. At this time there is sunny and warmth, and the green zones look good.

October and November are not happy with the bright colors of nature, but they are also attractive in their own way.

This time is more suitable for traveling those who want to resemble local museums, theaters, shops and restaurants. I think such a vacation will like families with children, as well as couples of romantics of any age.

Another important nuance.

For land travel to Kaliningrad, you need to have a passport, as the train should be transit through Lithuania.

To buy train tickets (and ordering permission to transit through Lithuania) need to go to the station, make it online can not. The pass document gives immediately, permission of the Embassy worker to everyone already in the car.

By car need a Schengen visa or a special transit visa through Lithuania, but it only gives it to those who often go. It’s easier to get Schengen.

For travel by plane Nothing it is needed, the flight passes as an ordinary domestic flight.

Rest in the autumn Kaliningrad we really liked. This is not a sea resort, where they are going for swimming in the sea and beaches. The sea here and in the summer is not the most attractive. Kaliningrad is a cultural holiday and study of the unusual history of the city. And autumn – the right time for this.

Travel to Kaliningrad Autumn - Report - Pros and Cons

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