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Travel to Peru: spiritual and cultural heritage of the Empire Inca!

Russian tourist progresses and it can not but rejoice. Our person is no longer able to put into Turkey or Egypt just so – the exotic country is acquired. Everyone wants to go where the leg of Russian, where we are still associated with the time of "Ochakovy".

Such countries still remained on the face of the Earth. Although, of course, our tourists know perfectly there, and that we are no longer moving around the world only within the framework of the Military company "Red Army", but still, the Russians in some places are still in the dicks to local aborigines. One of these countries – Peru. A great musician will help us to make up your opinion about this amazing place.

Andrei recently returned from Peru, so his impressions have not yet managed to fade from the ridden Moscow. Note that Andrei returned from Peruvian beauty is not the first and not the second time: it was the third trip. Peru is ideal for tourism: it is not an advertisement, not a call to throw all things and rush to Lima (the capital of Peru). Simple, there really can relax and relax perfectly. Peru, of course, not the country in which people will go, seeking to spend their holidays with a glass on the beach. Peru is a little different. The country for a Russian person is like a different planet and, by the way, the Russian person for Peruvians is the same alien.

Flight, by the way, the "other planet" will cost quite expensive: there is no direct flight from Russia, you will have to fly through Amsterdam or Madrid. But do not rush to worry, the beauty of Peru compensates all costs and you should not fear to pick up some infection. Carry from Russia the range of pharmacy kiosk does not need. Andrei, for example, he took with him only the necessary equipment for his hobby: the creation of videos about the picturesque places in which he had a chance to visit. In addition to the photo and video equipment, Andrei took with him specialized clothes for outdoor activities. In view of the fact that the climate of Peru is quite warm and high humidity, and it will have to move with abundant luggage gadgets, the choice fell on clothes for hunting and fishing. Specifically: Vest "Zvetle" trademark "Sable" production of the Special Compact Group of Companies. Why the vest? The presence of excellent accessories, waterproofing and resistance to damage, as well as additional ventilation – therefore Zvethoy. Brand "Sable", in turn – for reliability, high and guaranteed quality.

Many are afraid of theft and crime in Latin American countries – this is a delusion: in Peru enough safely. Theft is no more than in Moscow, but the risk of getting on the head at the same time, significantly lower. In any case, you need to remember that the tourist is the tallest goal for the criminal in each country. Observe the elementary safety rules and decency, then everything will be fine. If you are told that you should not go to this alley – it is better to listen. Trite, keep valuable things with you – here is the key to the fact that you don’t have anything. Andrei used the vest with the abundance of hidden pockets, so his problem did not touch the TFU-TFU-TFU. Otherwise, even the capital is quite a hospitable place, only forget everything you knew about the road movement: it is randomly requested.

Acquaintance with Lima can delay, but remember: there are still many places in Peru, who must be visited. One of them is Plateau Marcavasi: only 50 miles from the capital. The plateau is located at an altitude of 3800 metro from the sea level and is a cult destination for Ufologs around the world. In Markavasi there is a clear supernatural energy. Residents of the city of San Pedro de Casta, next to which there is a mysterious plateau, argue that the place has long been chosen by aliens. Many are confident: Peruvians are not mistaken and it is not the fruit of their imagination.

Impregnation of supernatural energy, you can go on a trip to the country. The best place to dating the culture of Peru is the city of Cusco – the ancient capital of the Empire Inca. You can get to pieces and airfare, although the most pleasant journey will be by bus. They go regularly from the bus station and surprisingly comfortable. The trip will take about 20 hours, but you do not need to fear: roads in the country in good condition, and beauty, by which you have to go – amazing. The coast of the Pacific Ocean is replaced by Andami – it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Cusco – a completely safe city with indescribable charisma. About him everyone will be their opinion, but the fact that it will be positive – fact. You can "hang" in Cusco for a long period, visiting new unique places every day. Next to the ancient capital of the Inca are: Saksayvan; Moores; Sisak; Machu Picchu, do not visit which is a huge mistake.

Travel to Peru the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Empire Incas - Lima, Peru Blogs and Travel

You can not remember about the usual kitchen here, boldly throwing into all grave experiments. All you will be offered – not just edible, but also delicious. In small restaurants serve amazing guinea pigs, and right on the street you can try the fish drum and dish, the local population adores them.

Andrey rarely uses a standard tourist route. After Cusco, he headed for the real jungle, to the most real shamanam. This extravagant vacation, accompanying with spiritual enrichment, will cost only $ 700 in 15 days. Agree, a small tolik of people can boast of such experience.

But the jungle is perhaps the only danger that is waiting for you in Peru. Spiders, snakes and other livestock can deliver hassle. Better, without a little training and specialists, in the jungle not to see "do not go to the children in Africa for a walk".

Peru Shamans – something special, these are people who have unique knowledge. Medicine Peruvian Shamans amazes: You can experience the indescribable sensations from various infusions and herbs that you can try at Shamans, and recruit your health. If you dare to such a switch – it will be the most unforgettable journey in your life.

We hope you enjoy it in Peru. ***************** Bliznik for photographic materials and a detailed story about your journey.

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