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You have 48 hours to go to Singapore? In recent years, the financial and business center of Asia is quite transfigured. Today expensive shiny skyscrapers are side by side with giant shopping malls, making the city and also a place of entertainment for rich Asians.


5 pm. We sat down on the river cruise ship «Singapore River Cruise» and go from a sleepy fishing village to a bustling metropolis. The interval between mailpieces ships is about 15 minutes, the route runs along the quays Marina Bay, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay.

6 p.m. Try your luck in the casino «Marina Bay Sands» or enjoy the view of the business district from the height of the skyscraper «SkyPark». You can also see whether the exhibition in «ArtScience Museum» Museum pass, the creation of which was inspired lotus.

Dine at restaurants with names such as «Wolfgang Puck» and «Mario Batali». If you want to try the dishes in which East meets West, you should go to the «Sky» on the 57 floor, here preparing Justin Quake End, a local chef trained in French, at the same time you can admire the panoramic view of Singapore’s bay, which opens with 57 floors.

Alternatively, you can go on a 20-minute stroll along the Marina Bay to «One Fullerton» complex see there a statue of a mythical character Merlion, which has the lion’s head and torso of the fish, and walk to the bars.

You can also go for a short walk to the theater «Esplanade» and eat to satiety in «Gluttons Bay», open creative restaurant next to the «Esplanade».

11 p.m. Take a taxi and go to the «Zouk», there you protantsuete all night. "Zouk" consists of four different clubs: "Velvet underground", "Phuture", "Wine Bar" and the main club "Zouk".


9 am. In "Little India" try the lobby pancake, which often falls from curry. Immerse yourself in Hinduism by visiting the temples, and go shopping at the Mustafa Center shopping center, which is popular among tourists from India and Pakistan, as well as the local Singapore community of the Hindus, thanks to the large selection of goods and spices from South Asia.

12 a.m. Ride on MRT (subway) to Bugis, then go to 10-15 minute walk to the Malay Quarter Haji Lane, where you find Indian shops, cafes and restaurants offering to smoke Hookah. Visit the Sultan Mosque with the Golden Dome, built in 1824.

You can buy products of local craftsmen produced from secondary woven materials, as well as other curious crafts in "Doinky Doodles!»On the second ********** Lane 33.

Want to remember with the local population? Then dive into the crowd to the Bugis Street, on which there are dozens of eateries, clothing stores, accessories and other goods. This place resembles the banking market Chatuchak Weekend Market, only smaller sizes. Then head to Fu Lu Shou, where side by side with each other are located Buddhist and Hindu temples Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple and Hindu Sri Krishnan.

4pm. Sit down to the bus going to the Chinese quarter chinatown, go there in the Temple and the Buddha Tooth Relic Museum, where in a step, consisting of 320 kg of gold, which was presented by believers, the sacred tooth of the Buddha. Take a walk through the streets, plunge into the colorful city atmosphere.

Travel to Singapore - Singapore, Singapore Blogs and travel notes of tourists to Singapore on Turprome

7 p.m. Try local dishes, such as Char Kway Teow (fried noodles with molluscs), carrot cake (fried Chinese flour with eggs and canned vegetables) and Sate (cooked grilled meat) on the street in the Chinese quarter called Food Street. You can even admire how the cook will prepare for you grilled dinner.

9 o’clock in the evening. Adventure crawls can take a taxi and go to Geylang, the "Fruit King", for durias, which, as some people say, are like a hedgehog and smell like a sewer pipe


9 am. Stroll to botanical gardens and skip flowers in the National Orchid Garden, which exhibits about 600 species and hybrids of this flower.

12 a.m. Bunch in the "Wild Honey" restaurant in Mandarin Gallery. In the menu, a variety of cuisine: from Swiss and Japanese to Yemen and European. Alternatively, you can try risotto, sinful bittersquotch and berry mix in "Food for Thougoht" for Quin Street number 8.

2 pm. Get acquainted with the modern art of Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries in the Singapore Art Museum Museum.

4pm. Complete your trip to the shopping shopping on Orchard Road, which is Singapore’s Trade Mecca.

Travel to Singapore - Singapore, Singapore Blogs and travel notes of tourists to Singapore on Turprome

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