Travel to the alienation zone and Pripyat 2020. Part 1

Journey to the exclusion zone and the pripa, which will be discussed further, was planned at the moment when we were tired, tired, destroyed, with beaten and burgted legs, returned from the exclusion zone a year ago..

Time I chose given the fact that the end of July is a relatively safe period – there are no such clouds moshcars as in the spring, every second tick is trying to infect you with encephalitis or lime disease, the activity of illegal tourists, and therefore the police with border guards, low, in addition Gon’s moose begins only in early September. Consequently, the nights are quiet, and the stars at this time are just a breathtaking.

Journey to the exclusion zone and

I will not describe the process of selection of equipment, as it has already been said enough in a separate article. I will only say that we bought ready-made food in hermetic foil packages, due to which they practically did not prepare on the way.

The road to Chernobyl was not easy

The road this time was not easy, for the simple reason that we wanted to get as quickly as possible. Namely – per day. It hurts, difficult, rubbing the legs and picking up water from the puddle, we got to Pripyat in 26 hours. From these 26 o’clock we slept only 4, everything else was going, not counting the pairs of the privals and cooking food (yes – once still had to).

Black, burning forest zone alienation

Black, the burning forest of the alienation zone produces an indelible impression – thousands of fascinated, burnt hands stretch to you, leaving traces on the body. After you go through such a forest, you become like a fighter commanders from American cinema painted camouflage paint.

Fire 2020 in Chernobyl was truly terrible

Fire 2020 was truly terrible, destroying many hectares of forests, thousands of animals and dozens of villages. The villages and Pgt Polesskoe survived 35 years old, survived the removal, marauders, but burned from human hands.. Whose were hands, I will tell at the end of the article. And show who it was profitable.

Chernobyl burnt forest


We were destroyed. For real. Legs hurt more than ever, and to top it all, having come to our balcony we saw that the glasses were broken, and the whole floor was tipped by fragments. I had to go to another balcony in the same entrance, and fall there without forces in half the fourth in the morning. We didn’t even have strength to cook food..

In general, on the first day there was nothing unusual – a summer pripyat walk, a set of water, bathing, washing, cooking food. As well as – checking the cache which, as it turned out, robbed. Stole an inflatable boat and 2 new jumpsuit chemicals.

But, the main surprises began the next day, when I returned from the well-known apartment – the very "apartment of Cresan".

Brief sending. There is such a blogger – Cosan – he found an old stalker apartment, with furniture, and decided – why not make repair. Painted the walls with friends, took off the content, and then showed where the apartment is located than the police attention to the apartment, and the righteous wrath of the mass of people. It is no longer shown in Pripyat.

So here. I go home, from the morning walk, where breakfast should be waiting for me, and here – I hear a male voice. Above. Exactly where our balcony.. "Did the police?"- the first thought came to mind -" How did they calculate us?"

I plucked in the thickets near the entrance, the benefit of the thickets there abundantly, and began to listen. And here.. I heard as a male voice asked: "And where do you gain water?"Inside failed. "It’s hardly the police."So we met with the stalker named Vlad.

It’s on the balcony

With Vlad, we had many bright adventures, including – traveling to..

5th power unit chaps

I will say right away that the path to this cult and, let’s say frankly, a rather dangerous object, we have not been looking for anywhere, but they paved themselves. What, on the one hand, was a clear mistake, and on the other, it allowed to take away stunning shots and survive, perhaps, the most bright stals mission in life. The thing is that we decided to go through the pond cooler, although usually no one goes. However, at that moment we did not know this yet.

On the way, we also gathered to go to the port cranes – another iconic object. First wanted to go through a sand plateau, but later changed his mind, since the radiation background in this place reaches 16 milligregen, and this is no longer a joke.

Have breakfast, gathered, came out. Here there is nothing to add. Adventures began when we approached Semikhodskaya Street to the crossroads, where the left is the pier and cafes, and the right – Medical Science 126. That Samea. With basement. As you understand, these are visited tourist facilities, famous for the whole world, including through the series Chernobyl from the NBO.

Therefore, according to the law of meanness, we approached the intersection at the moment when there were two cars with tourists. The benefit of the tourists themselves were not – they were led to the marina. However, from the intersection to the pier of meters 30, but I know from experience that you can wait long. Here you need to act differently. If you see that there are no tourists, first sneak up and carefully check the atmosphere, and then quickly rush past cars. The main thing is quiet.

I triggered forward, leaving Lena and Vlad behind, carefully examined the surroundings, filed them a sign and they, like two fighters of special work in camouflage, nourished, approached me. We scratched past cars, quietly and neatly, and in one of them turned out to be a dormant driver – we saw him when it came closely.

The campaign of the case, I will immediately answer the questions that have arisen – why you need to be afraid of tourist groups, and is it worth afraid of guides. Everything is very simple. First, it is often a guard with tourist groups. Especially if people ordered an individual excursion, which is very weekly and requires maximum attention from the organizers of excursions, as tourists will drive where they wish.

The usual groups attend clearly indicated objects. So, the guides pass the stalkers very often, and if there is a security guard with the group – it is better to run. Secondly – often the guards themselves and the workers of the zone "according to Blat" water acquaintances in Pripyat. I personally watched many times.

We passed further down the street along the Medical Schools 126, passed the sanatorium "Sunny" profilators, a debarkarer, stained garages radiation stains, and approached the road leading to the site of the burial of radioactive waste, port cranes and further to the river shore. There we need.

The burial point of waste acting, people around the clock are on duty, guard, it needs to be held very quickly, quiet and neatly. Port cranes are on, turn left. You can climb into three of them, the fourth is in water afloat not far from the coast, it is possible to climb it, but problematic. Those who played the game Stalker probably remembers these giant designs that resemble frozen mechanical giraffes. Describe how we climbed I will not – this makes no sense. Better I reinforce my words with photos and video.

Abandoned cranes near the river Pripyat abandoned cranes View on the coast of the River Pripyat Abandoned Cranes by the River Pripyat. Photo 1 Abandoned crane near the river Pripyat Abandoned crane near the river Pripyat. Photo 1 Abandoned Cranes River Pripyat. Photo 2 View from the crane, Pripyat Pond Cooler, Prip

Pond cooler – or how not to go to the 5th power unit.

After the port cranes, we went to the coast of the river, refueling with water, snaps and moved to the railway bridge – the branch runs on this bridge, which walks the train from Slavutich city right to Chernobyl station.

All the salt is not to get on the eyes of machinists and workers in the car (exclusively workers, including security), not to mention the ways to workers – we also met them, a couple of days later. But about this later. Electric train, by the way, goes quite often.

Map of our route in Pripyat

We hoped that we would be able to avoid a meeting with the electric train, but, as they say – the hopes of boys. And here we, threesome, lie on the mound bolding heads in gravel and bushes, and hurt from the eyes of machinists and few passengers, and the same electric train swears on us with a wild rumble. Next, we descended on the other side of the mound and went on the road leading to the station seven – it is located a few hundred meters from Chernobyl.

Passing train, prip

The task was that without reaching the train station itself, roll to the left, through the bushes – right through the dried part of the pond cooler. In principle, nothing complicated, except for the fact that you need to go on the withered day, where you can see how you are visible on the palm, but on the right hand of meters in three hundred – fence and sarcophagus behind him. Everywhere cameras. As we did not burn – I do not understand so far. And it is necessary to go fast, since the bottom of the pond cooler phoney, which, however, is not surprising. Not in vain in this pond itself (in its unusted part) Somi variance of 2 m.

We go in the area of ​​the cooler pond go through the drained part of the cooler pond path through the dended part of the cooler pond

I note that I do not recommend going to anyone. First you can see like on the palm, and then you need to swear through extremely thick and dense darkens, shrubs and reeds. Not to mention the radiation, mosquitoes and midges. In general, we crossed the pond and went to the mound, behind which the channel is located, a sliming island – yes, the 5th power unit and the cooling towers are on a separate artificial island. From the 6th power unit, by the way, there is only a foundation.

Cross this channel from the other side where we walked, in one place, and then, in the summer, when he dries up and appears. We found this very shallow, and came out on it on a concrete slope – concrete slabs and mounds are looking for the whole island in a circle. Next, it was necessary to neatly peel through some of the current objects where people work, guards walk, where there are dogs, and in general – if they spend there, then.. In general, a fine of 500 UAH you can’t.

The role of the scout was, of course, I.

The role of the scout was, of course, I. Again. Having risen through a concrete slope, I saw a two-story booth of the guard, fence, dog Konura (empty – it is important), gates, neat chicken borders, and on the left – a small house in two floors. From there came the music, Joe Cocker sang on the radio, forcing me to smile. On the rope dried work wear.

The two-story guard booth is trying to bypass the house with Joe Cocker

As quieter, we were squeezed to the left by a concrete slope, littered with stones, browel and pieces of metal structures, trying to bypass the house with Joe Cocker. At some point to go further became simply impossible, then I neatly climbed down the slope on the lawn, and quietly, swollen, ran. Guys – for me. Joe Cocker gone to us next. We jumped out on the asphalt, going down to the building, produced by a boat station on a castle with a torn filling. Near the coastal Ile froze old boat.

The structure that turned out to the boat station on the castle running nourishing the building of the boat station

Bypassing the station, we went to the concrete fence. Along the fence – thickets, so either climb, or break through the thickets that is not an option for noise. We decided to climb. Behind the fence was railway rails, huge tanks both on the tank farm, various technical buildings and hulls resembling factory. And also – a huge tube.

Bypassing the station, we went to the concrete fence path to the cooling towers

We needed on the rails along the fence, and as soon as possible, since we heard the dogs and raised Lai. And if there is a barking, the security may appear. Therefore, we went through the rails to the gate and, gently jumping through them, felt calmer. Moreover, it remained to the cooling towers.5 km or so.


When you approach this construction, you truly feel what greatness is. And what is your own insignificance compared to this very greatness. Still on the approach is a huge, some kind of notion and a cubic tap height in the 12-storey house, with the remnants of the structure under it. I have never seen such people ever, even in movies.

Huge cubic tap height in 12 storey house, Chernobyl Cooling, Chernobyl

But. Compared with cooling towers.. She is really huge, words just do not pass. Something like the Egyptian pyramid, near which you feel no, do not ant – a real microbe. Laptop here Almost now, you can only stare, make videos and stunning photos.

Inside the cooling gland, chernobyl inside the cooling tower, Chernobyl. Photo 1 inside the cooling towers, Chernobyl. Photo 2 inside the cooling tower, Chernobyl. Photo 3 inside the hotter, Chernobyl. Photo 4

Since the road took almost a whole day, the time remained in the edge – I wanted to get on the fifth power unit still climbed so that you could shoot. For this, by the way, we took with you a powerful lantern on 5000 lumens. Since inside in many places there are absolutely no light sources, including windows, and shooting can be carried out only if there is such a flashlight.

5th power unit

Travel to the alienation zone and Pripyat 2020. Part 1

Angry with the sun falling into the forest, we approached the building of the fifth power unit. Inside to get very simple – a huge opening, in the dark and mysterious depth of which rails are lost. But. There are other options. Entering this huge opening, and raising your head up, you understand all the greatness and power of engineering thought.

Huge entrance day in the 5th power unit

Above you is a height in about a nine-story house, and, as it turned out later, there, at the top, in concrete clouds, where some kind of local gods probably dorms, there is a lifting crane. At the top of the walls are something like a multi-level design, each of the levels is reported to the floors of the station complex. That is, as it seemed to us, building materials and equipment were delivered along the rails, and this crane raised them upwards where they were distributed in levels. This version seemed only true.

Staircase in the dark

On the photo from above – the staircase leading to the place where those rods should be installed. Down we did not go down.

The top floors look like this:

Upper floors, 5th power unit Upper floors, 5th power unit. Photo 1 Top Floors, 5th Power Complex. Photo 2

But the top view on this corridor – for such a giant passage could probably go through the mythical cyclops. (The lantern does not even finish the opposite wall through the abyss)

Upper floors, 5th power unit. Photo 3

If you pass the unfinished power unit through, you find yourself near the opening, under which – the abyss. Hence the breathtaking view of the sarcophagus Chernobyl, and the root of 6 power unit. What is really strange, so this is the painting and a kind of aesthetics, because, agree, fittings, concrete, and that’s all, as a rule, do not seem especially beautiful to us or outstanding. But in this place – everything is completely the opposite. One word – an alienation zone.

View of the sarcophagus CHAES and the root of 6 power unit

Who caught a crane for my back? Mystery..

Who caught a crane for my back

By the time we went to the opposite side of the fifth power unit, the sun was already sitting, we were exhausted and mercilessly wanted to eat. Therefore, it was decided to sit down and a snack looking at the orange sun falling for the sarcophagus, in thin clubs, painted by clouds, clouds.

Chernobyl sarcophag at sunset

Now, we needed to get out of this island. And, go to another way, as we go back without light sources, that is, at night, climb through the fence in absolute silence, again go along the bottom of the pond cooler. It too.

First, too much distance, secondly, too complicated, third.. actually enough of these two reasons. Looking at the map, we decided to walk one of the bridges, in particular, through the railway bridge, which goes beyond the Chernobyl station, if you look from the city of Pripyat.

Map of our route

In principle, special difficulties should not have arisen. Another question is that we have ended with water, and go from the fifth power unit, even by a shorter way – through this bridge, it was necessary to at least 15km. Before the bridge we reached without adventure. But further, it was decided to dial water directly in the reservoir (it is rather reminiscent of the ditch with inclined concrete shores), hailing an island with a 5 power unit. On the other shore – Sarcophage Chernobyl, spotlights, security, cameras, in general – all disco.

Bend, so as not to fall under the spotlight, we descended to the reservoir on concrete slabs, and began to gain water. Like real Indians, we reinsured and took with ourselves not only the stock of water and food, but also filter. In order not to depend on the level of purity of water bodies and the surrounding conditions.

We recruit water from the reservoir

Of course, water from this RVA is unlikely to be considered clean and safe, but there were no other options. In general, we filtered the water, got drunk, and moved further. I could not not capture this epichny moment, for which I had to turn on the flashlight for a couple of seconds, risking to be detected. After all, 200 meters – Chernobyl.

Next, from this bridge you need to go to the development, then right, past Stella, up to the city. On the road, while Vlad looked at the map, and Lena tried to sfotkat a completely incredible night sarcophagus, I was lying in the middle of the road and stared at the stars. Legs sick gloomily, but it was easy and good. And a few hours at this place, literally at this point, the caravan moves from tourist buses, patrol machines, trucks.. But now.. Now here is freedom and peace.

Ahead of us was waiting for a surprise – on the kitchen on Farrikes (where Lyudmila Ignatenko worked during the life of the city, the wife of the whole world after the series Chernobyl Firefighter Vasily Ignatenko), made a reference area of ​​the zone workers. Very good. Everything is lit, dogs, pass by – a whole story.

Unhappy 300 meters We walked 40 minutes, stepping carefully as soon as possible, bending, having silent or fastening. Finally, the last meters remained behind, and we went to bed. Home..

In Pripyat, in fact, very quickly get used to your stalker house and do not even think about it. I do not know who, but I absolutely naturally switch to the local rhythm of life. For example, when you climb on the roof, you automatically inspect the roofs of neighboring houses for anyone – local workers of the zone, protection, are found on the roofs constantly, not to mention tourists.

Stalker House in Pripyat

Memorization of traces of legs and tires, the need to listen and be in attention even if you are "at home" – all this strains, except for, in the first hike. Then you get used to – here just such a world, and nothing can be done about it.

It is important to note that we are not in vain we exhibit such care. It’s not just that a fine today is 510 UAH. But the fact that the new bill is entering into force, according to which this penalty will be significantly more. Not to mention the penetration of special objects, such as the territory of the Chernobyl station, to which, formally, include many buildings and on the island itself, where the fifth power unit is located. But sometimes temptation is too great. The main thing is not to forget about caution.

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