Travel to the edge of light. Amazing Amazon’s tribes

It is surprising to hear that our technological time remains People living in ancient traditions, mining food with hunting and non-wearing clothes. That such tribes live to this day, a fact – you can find them in Africa or The depths of the Brazilian jungle. Wish people see tribes with your own eyes, To get acquainted with customs and culture, quite explained, so today at the disposal of the public is available Excursions to the world of Amazonian tribes.
Not all peoples living in "Wild"Conditions, agree to a meeting with people from large cities. Many are so distinctive that react to strangers quite aggressively, Therefore, to go on meetings with these tribes – Sleeping. However, most tribes understand that the views of curious tourists bring money, so long ago cooperate with guides and agree to the adoption of guests. Especially popular among visitors enjoy Magic rituals conducted by local shamans.

Tribe Tykun

Tikuna – this is Indian Nativity, Residential, besides Amazonia, on the territory of several countries (including Colombia and Peru). However, the greatest population falls on land Brazil. Numerous tribe has Hundreds of villages. Currently people Tikuna somewhat mastered in modern society, so, in addition indigenous tykuna, Says on Portuguese.
The tribe stands out Unusual system of society: People are divided into Two phrants, wherein make marriage with a representative of his phratria prohibited. It is known that Names for children Selected in accordance with the phratria, to which the clan belongs: People of the Clans of the First Fratery are the names of birds, the second – referred to in honor of the plants. Knowing the name of the person, it is easy to determine which particular phratry refers Indian.

Indians Tikuna are engaged in traditional for tribes agriculture and agriculture, hunt and catch fish, which among the peoples living on the shores of Amazon, in prosperity.
The fame of the tribe princes Brutal ritual, held by the people about the celebration Maturity girl. V For several days, the girl was supposed to sing and dance, after which, at the end of the festival, the tribesmen completely died her hair to full baldness. The girl began to be considered a full-fledged woman when the hair grown again. The Indians themselves confessed what is being done yet in order for Virgo to get used to Pains during childbirth.

Tribe Janomami

it Arazonian tribe most famous in the masses. O Janomami numerous rumors go, did not escape the people and conversations about cannibalism. An unusual tribe is of great interest due to their strange vital ruins, After all, a huge role in the life of Yanami play Rituals, which are impregnated almost every event of the people.

Travel to the edge of light. Amazing Amazon's tribes

Janamas live, doing classic agriculture and fishing. Men tribe are engaged hunt, catching prey with a bow, which is considered the most important weapon of the people. Women are engaged Collecting, grow fruit, bananas, corn, reed. Also in the diet of the tribe includes a variety of Insects and frogs, Similar mining are able to catch women.

Culture Janomami, relating to religious customs, difficult to understand an ordinary person. The tribe suits Whole rituals, concerning funerals that are completed with the fact that Part of the died of deceased and cremated man drank, Pre-mixing with water.
Use hallucinogens for tribe is also normal. On the basis of hallucinogenic fungi, local shamans spend rituals. Availability of shaman necessarily for each village yanyami.

The most famous The Arazonian tribes amaze people with their life way. Meet with them, Ordering and coordinating the trip in advance. The main rule is do not move the people, do not dispute their religious beliefs, no matter how strange and wild for ordinary people they did not seem.

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