Travel to the future

Europeans have long protusted the path to the Indian staff Himachal Pradesh, in which the estate of Roerich. Every day, the guides lead a group of tourists to the house where the Russian artist’s family spent 19 years. The Russians of Himalayas are still familiar, as a rule, only in the pictures of Roerich. But now it will be possible to look at this famous place: the International Roerich Center, which is in Moscow, is gaining a first group that will go on a two-week trip to the Reerry Places.

The tour is compiled unusual. For 14 days to tourists will have to go around the mountain roads of 13 cities, stopping in one hotel no more than 2 nights. The excursion program is very saturated, almost no time to relax. However, the Himalayas are not the place where they come to wallow by the pool.

Arriving in Delhi, the group will immediately go to the north. Since terrible heat comes in the Indian capital, the organizers believe that it is not worth lingering in it. In addition, accommodation in Delhi is a direct chance to get a stomach disorder: too bad water in the city.

All travel around the country – by bus. In India, this is the most reliable transport. Flights are often postponed, and the timetable of trains is known to God. In any case, when employees of the Roerich Center at one of the train stations coped with the ministers, when the closest train is, they were answered: "The heart suggests us that the train will come in two hours". In the event of the train really came in two hours. But there is no guarantee that all employees of the railway are so sensitive heart.

The bus in 10-12 hours will arrive in the city of Belaspur, the foothills of Himalayas. After accommodation at the hotel, tourists will be offered to choose from a boat walk through lakes or a trip to nearby temples.

I must say that the Hindu temples in Northern India are not at all as they usually represent. They are deprived of the luxuries inherent in the south. In our understanding, the Hindu temple is intricate architecture, forms and abundance of bright colors resembling an expensive birthday cake. North Asketic. Most temples are just small houses in which deities live, koi in India exactly three hundred thirty-three thousand. Frequently found temples built in the form of a closed lotus. Ancient of them has already been a thousand years old.

On the way to Belarus, the consequences are clearly visible "Green revolution", Arranged Gandhi. Those most famous jungle, in which Kipling Mowgli grew almost left. Instead of them – endless fields.

Then tourists go to Dharamsalu, where the residence of the Dalai Lama is located. Here, among the hills, the Buddhist monastery complex is built, in which the connected by monks from the occupied Tibet shrines are stored. Tourists have to make a small hiking campaign (4 kilometers) to Hindu temples. Which is not at all difficult: the temperature in the spring in these places located at level 1.350 meters above sea level, not rising above 25 degrees.

After Dhararsala, the bus will go to the main goal of the trip – to the Valley of Kuli, where the family of Roerich lived. This part of the mountains is called "Internal Himalayas". On the way, all drivers of buses necessarily stop at the Khanuman temple, the god monkeys, which is the patron saint of internal Himalayas. Everyone who wants to get into this part of the mountains must bring his senses to. The servant of the temple is given a symbolic amount in exchange for which he gives the rice cake (it can be eaten, but you can open the birds) and draws a red point on the forehead. Blessing received, you can get on the road again.

The estate of Roerichs is in Naggar. Building is not a museum in our understanding, although tourists are allowed here. This is a residential building, where the seventy-year-old German is inhabitants, whose guardianship entrusted to the estate Svyatoslav Roerich. Culley Valley itself – a place famous in India. 360 gods live here. Therefore, in the valley, one religious holiday follows. Once a year, in the fall, all the gods gather together, for them there is a special tent. Images of the deities are brought here on decorated strata from all surrounding temples.

In the nearby town of Manicaran is the Temple of Parvati (Sava Spouse). According to legend, in this place Shiva performed ablution. Here they beat geysers, and their hot water in the built baths are mixed with cold water. Hindus make in them the ablution, which is not rebored and tourists. This temple has a strange property: when the film filmed here, the rays of light appear on the negatives here, which were not visible when shooting. Hindus say good spirits inhabit.

Generally, Himalayas – Mountains are special. Hindus believes that there is a powerful energy channel that connects our time with the future. And many of the insights of Roerichs often associate not only with their spiritual development, but also with the place where they spent their lives.

Travel to the future

In the very beginning there is not only the estate of Roerichs, but also created by the Institute of Himalayan Research "Urusvati" (Urusvati – the name given to Elena Ivanovna Roerich Mahatmami, translated from Sanskrit "Morning star light"). The facade of the building was very injured during an earthquake, but everything was preserved inside the time as if time stopped. Here still reigns the atmosphere of the forties, in which after the death of Nikolai Roerich his wife and son left the estate.

The next point of travel – Manali. The city is already at an altitude of 2.050 meters. From here with hand to Tibet. Therefore, nature and people here are a strange mix of India, Tibet and Nepal. Women are not traditional Indian Sari dress, and Punjabi is a long blouse with a pants, an outfit that resembles Uzbek.

The most interesting place here is the temple of Tarn Davy, the female deity. The temple consists of two layers: an inner, ancient part – and a more modern shell (most temples in this area are built for this principle). The main shrine, located in the old part – the imprint of the huge feet of the goddess. The temple stands in the Deputy Forest (Deodor – Sacred Tree, seemingly resembling cedar). Near Manali are hydrogen sulfide sources in which you can swim. In the city itself, cheap Tibetan decorations made of silver are sold in the market (fakes are not accepted here).

In Manali a lot of European youth. Once hippie wanted to make this city with their capital. These plans – in the distant past. But Europeans still love to come here.

Then two days in Shimle – the former state capital. The old Palace of Maharaja is surrounded by colonial buildings: here the British in the summer loved to relax from the heat of the Indian south. Schymla and ends with a trip to the Himalayas. The bus leaves in Delhi, from where tourists will fly to Moscow.

Tour price with double location and three meals – $ 890 plus a ticket. In hotels more adopted vegetarian cuisine (very tasty and diverse in India), so about your desire to eat meat dishes need to be reported in advance. The first group accompanied by an employee of the Center will go to India on April 9.

Travel to the future

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