Traveler Tips, Greece (August 2016) "Pay or Melci"

At first, Never choose to travel around the tourist country August (well, just if you plan to spend a bunch of money). This is the peak of the season, the whole country is sisite with typical tourists who buy 50g coffee for 3 euros, which means it is time to raise all prices 2 times! And it across the country. All rooms in hotels are busy, even those that are in the most indecent prices. I’m terribly remembered how much we spent, living with how bums … so If you do not want to travel on an expensive resort – choose the end of September or May – Then the sea is quite warm, the season has not yet started (or has already ended), and all Greece is practically created for you. In winter, tourists are generally come to just go skiing in the mountains, so if you want to see true Greece with her simple rustic life and color – go to this time of year. On anyone once ultra expensive popular islands, you will paze as a king, because in the winter there is a literally 3 sluggish Greek and dogs) Country lives exclusively tourism, because in 4 months they earn for the whole year, after which all Greece dies. Nothing more, as we understood, they do not know how to do well, only to breed tourists for money).

But, despite this, still managed to get a lot of good impressions and, often based on their own mistakes, make a few useful findings that I hope will help you on your trip on this wonderful country.

I will add that we counted on the format budget Trips, but not exactly hiking conditions: 50/50 tent / hotel. So you do not find information about all sorts of pathetic places, we could not allow it elementary to afford it. Nevertheless, we managed a lot where to drive, so I I will try to give advice and for lovers of maximum savings and three, and more comfortable relaxing holidays. I hope my article will be useful for you, t.To. I was looking for a lot of things before the trip, but did not find.

So, we had a month, about 50 thousand per each (which in the end, surprisingly, hardly enough), tent, lack of automotive rights, a lot of optimism and holy faith in a happy future. Saved as they could: most of the time spent the night in the tent, sometimes on the sun loungers on the beach, dined with tuna in tin cans and t. D. Of course, not everything is so pessimistic, but with our budget in the peak of the season to feel like a person and dinner in the restaurant, and then go to bed at the hotel, it turned out at all, so have it in mind.

In the end, this is a journey, not a boring weekend, so Nefig complain).

Our route:

And now in detail and in order, write down:

1) Housing:

– Campgrounds: expensive but multifunctional. From their advantages: normal public shower / toilet, WiFi, electricity, shops, etc. You can come to your trailer and get up, you can rent a cute house, you can put your tent. In the last we saw little meaning, t. To. In the season, the price is not very different from the hotel, and the difference between wild campsite and official is small. Just do not get up in the middle of the city and in private territories in the tent, and no one touches you. (officially it is prohibited, but many tourists note that there were no problems with this, if you delicate).
Separately, I want to say about Wild campgrounds – This is an excellent opportunity to have your own beach with souls, a bunch of places for your tent and a profitable location. No one from there will definitely drive away, and there are almost no people there.

* I want to advise our camping close to Olympa: Apollo. 2 days stood there and were happy: near Typical beach cafes, in our possession – personal wild deserted beach. Here is the map: http: // Maps.ME / GE0?Latlonzoom = gy4iaz_jsx&Name = Olympios_zeus

Camping Olympios Zeus Camping, Apollon is not denoted, t.To. closed. And in fact – they are neighbors.

– Hostels: if they exist somewhere, then we have not seen them. Rather, you saw literally a couple, in the most tourist sites like Athens and under the meteors, but they stand almost like a hotel. A typical hostel in the European understanding you will not find alas.

2) Transport:
Perhaps the biggest minus of the whole trip is the lack of rights. We can say, without them there is nothing to do there, for all the most beautiful it is necessary to go, and public transport in Greece is very poorly developed, about it more below. In fact, the only thing that we played on the arm of the season, is the abundance of tourists who can pass, t.To. Greeks are not the most hospitable people in terms of highways. We, of course, survived and looked a lot, but every time they suffered from envy, when motorcyclists were passing past us. so,

– RIGHTS! Seriously, they would be with us, the journey would have passed even more interesting. Do not repeat this error if possible
* Moped need rights
*** can be passed on a motorcycle in any city of Greece for 10-15 days, for foreigners, as we understood, this is not a problem. And it seems like not so much. Told us this is a local guy if you are interested, specify the details
In the peak of the season, a very expensive car rental. Prices are specific I will not say, I remember only emotions from the heard

If you have No rights:

a) buses:
very Dear and uncomfortable: If you translate into rubles, you can pass the distance in 100km for 1500r. And it is necessary to take into account that the country is all littered with mountains, there are almost no direct roads, everywhere Serpentine. And this means that these are the most 100km you will drive at least 3-4 hours. Also be sure Consider the features of the schedule, it can be very strange and never favorable. If you do not want to get stuck in some steak place for a day, it is better not to throw everything on a samotek from the series "We do not plan, we improvise". This is a wonderful travel method, but it does not apply to Greek transport. Up to the fact that you should not believe the Internet, Specify everything directly at the box office. I’m serious)

b) Trains:
cheap and comfortable, but almost absent. You will be satisfied with the lines of thessalonika-Athens, and there are no more them anywhere.

  • With the train schedule as with buses – everything is very bad. No faith to the Internet, all only at the checkout
  • Another pleasant news, There are no trains on Peloponnese. I know, you probably found a railway map, but it was closed (I got into disrepair, and did not fix it). This fact broke us very much in due time. Move on the peninsula only on very long buses that are going along the coast

c) hitchhiking:
Without mat, especially about the hitchhiker in countries such as Greece, Italy and T.NS. We will not tell) as I said, only tourists saved us (oddly enough Italians), and then on the islands. There we were picked up very quickly, but for long distances waiting for you, sorry, ass. Greeks will not take you, for the rarest exception. And most likely they go to the neighboring village, and not in another city. We stood in a rather tourist destination under the scorching sun of 4 hours, after which they used the best buses.

On the autobahn, of course, it is forbidden to stand.

  • Do not forget about serpentine and endless gorges
  • Ferries between the islands liked, within 10 € (Lefkada Kefalonia) walk on schedule, 2 times a day (on average)

3) Food:

    Traveler Tips, Greece (August 2016)
  • in supermarkets due to euro courses All in 1.5-2 times more expensive
  • Many cheese and wines, By the way, cheap and very good. We did not appear and bought for 3-5 €, and they were very pleased
  • seafood, as it turned out, very expensive (whether only in season?). Not in season, look for fishing villages, there will be a huge selection of natural delicious fish
  • Horrible Shaurma (Petya) and everything that is preparing in rams. Seriously, Shawarma at the Moscow region stations was much better) why bad, you ask? I can not answer exactly, it may be in the extremely poor quality of meat, maybe in the fact that instead of our vegetables they have Potatoes Friend, also bent. But if you are so curious, grab mezim, and more. My belly Paul digesting this shit miracle of Greek cooking. What is being prepared in other countries and call pita is an idealized version, do not be fooled
  • very much just bars with coffee, When they do not even have elementary buns to this coffee. Throughout the country, you will see hundreds of these coffee shops with ever killing there by the Greeks. But for some reason they do not eat there.. So you can take your food in bakery and sitting in them, there is so accepted. Lovers sit with a mood of fashionable cappuccino with some additives and cheesecakes – look for your delicacies in tourist centers for big money. By the way, the Greeks love to drink phrapp – cold coffee.
  • I was looking for, I tried, but did not find not a single normal bar! None in Athens, nor in other tourist and youth places, NIGHT! I mean bars in our understanding: places where drinking and dancing. Greeks for some reason only drink. Maximum that we have seen – Barchik with music and people sitting at the tables and sucking tractable frapps or alcohol. If you also like to remove the soul in the dance – headphones in the courtyard and dance in sea waves, I will not give you the best advice
  • If you still go to the tourist season, choose carefully taverns. Expensive and does not mean quality

4) Places: (on our route)

  • Thessaloniki – Judging by all reviews, the usual industrial city. All go there for fur coats, and there is more there and nothing. We did not lie there, so you can try. But personally I am skeptical to this city
  • OLYMPUS – for lovers of the North Wildlife and Mountains. For those who want climb the verthosU: An ordinary rise to the usual mountain, labeled, not lost accurately. People usually goes half the way to camping, there will spend the night, and in the morning it moves to the top.The path from the last parking to the campsite that from the campsite to the top of the average 2-3 hours, but it is already individually. Separately about camping: He, of course, is paid, there are places for tents, there are houses. Burners are forbidden, because you will be offered to taste completely normal, dear, but a hot meal in their dining room with fireplace. Get tea, enjoying a sunset, from the veranda in clear weather you can see the sea. Place atmospheric and cozy. Ahtung: somewhere on the half way to the camping you will find a gazebo with a well, and it’s fucking last free water on Olympus! Further you can buy everything in the campsite, like 1l for 1 €. And there is no official announcement about this
  • Olympus himself:

Kalambac – The charming village where the meteors come to admire – interesting mountain formations with monasteries who have long become more like a museum and a tourist attraction, but nevertheless. On "the mountains" these can be climbed in an hour, or call by car. I highly recommend this place for a relaxing romantic rest. Camambaci can also be reached by train.

Lefkada – The island of the most beautiful azure beaches and completely indecent prices, as you already understood, very tourist. In general, in all Greece, and for some reason on Lefkada, especially, I literally wanted to wash my lungs in the air, impregnated with coniferous and sea odors. Very handsome island, I advise you to ride a bigger on it, and not hang around on the beaches. In the list of essential seats, Porto Catik – and the truth is beautiful, a packed place, even for the most part of the Greeks. But we found him a completely competitive little-known beach with tiles, there we even liked it more: Megali Petra Beach. On Lefkad literally did not get out of the water

Kefalonia – Unlike Lefkada, a more wild and less tourist island, especially its northern part. For this, he preferred many stars, t.To. there is more chances to stay unnoticed. Many yachts for rent.I advise you to focus on the north of the island, in the south we have nothing particularly outstanding, although suddenly you are lucky more?)

* If you arrive at the Peloponneum on the ferry in Kilini, roll from there immediately with cars, if hitchhiking. Otherwise, then run out of the middle of the transport of empty city, or rather one of the street, from which it is.

  • Pyrgos – Just pass by. Absolutely ordinary city consisting of alone bedrooms. Do not even waste time
  • OLYMPIA – for interested in ancient ruins. In general, all the ruins do not have those emotions that were expected (although I am a very big antiquity amateur). Of course, the atmosphere of antiquity is lost when, in addition to you around a single surviving column, a hundred insane tourists is worn (and you are one of them). And in general, tourist ruins and their completely killed spirit is a separate big topic, but if it does not bother you, then welcome, t.To. On Peloponnese Olympia – one of the most favorite historical places. And do not get up on the stones if you want to live.) 1 ticket for all zones is usually purchased there: all museums, the ruins themselves. Do not forget the student, it works. Museums are interesting, since you came to Olympia, I would advise to go. By itself, the village is not particularly noteworthy, except for indecently overpriced prices for everything. Well, tourists are the same
  • Kalamata – The most youth on the peloponnese, a very pleasant city. I recommend to stay there for a couple of days and walk.

* If you want to sit in some underground barchik, look at the map (or ask the local) Bar Gazoza. If you go along the main alley with steep shops and restaurants from the center to the beach, you will need to go to the courtyards to the left. There will be the same alcohol and food to the music, but you will decently save. And there are still typical Greeks, tourists do not have the concepts of this place)

  • Metoni – Cute village with a beautiful fort, also recommend for a relaxing holiday. Colorful, atmospheric, there is where to stay.
  • Pylon – a beautiful city just north of the meton, unfortunately, not considered normally
  • Corinth – big, beautiful, historic city with many sights. too, alas, we drove past, but next time I will definitely stop there
  • Kiato – The cozy town is a little west of Corinth, normal beaches in the city itself, but near the mountains with typical Greek villages, and for sure there is easier to find cheap accommodation.
  • ATHENS – the typical capital with its advantages and minuses, although I thought about them worse. First, the center of Athens, in addition to the Acropolis, is drugs, trash and prostitutes) we did not have the opportunity to get into particularly savory alleys, but they heard a lot about them. And saw the patrol almost every turn, probably not just like that. If you leave a little further, that is, the chance to get to the old and cute streets of the city, for which it is pleasant to walk. Only if you already go far away, you will fall into typical bedrooms of the budget plan. Acropolis – As with Olympia, I thought WOW, but it turned out "Well, Okay, Parfenon. move on". Yes, it sounds terrible, I know) but we are not alone. By the way, from the end of March to the end of October (November?) There is a double rate – 20 €! [Way to save: Student acts, 50% discount. But we schitri: They took a ticket from the already released person, one student, and the turnstiles played the scene of the type "I came earlier and already broke through a ticket, but I went out to meet a girl, here she is with a ticket. Skip please". Well, because 30 € for the Acropolis is bust, but 10 is normal) Mot on the mustache.] But sit over the city and look at the sunset of that definitely – perhaps the most exciting and pacifying spectacle per day, and neither Parthenon nor Ereheheton survived him. And small streets under the most acropole will stay in memory for a long time as one of the most atmospheric places. The nearest beach in Pirae after Azure Lefkada, of course, does not pull. Around the capital you can find a lot of interesting places, again, if you are on your wheels. The city is worth visiting, especially if you can get to turn on the right streets).

* Athenian metro: If you, again,bum, then write down: officially student benefits, as it turned out, for the countries of the European Union, but you can pretend to be a fool, should work. There are no turnstiles there in our understanding, you buy a regular ticket in the machine (1.2 €), student (0.6 €) or to the airport (10 €).You can not buy at all, chances to meet controllers, as they say, about 30%, on the route to the airport increase. If you need to drive a pair of stations around the city, then you can both a hare, hardly go. It is more expedient to risk airport (but we risked, just the last cash. we were lucky). You can run into a decent fine.

* The most budget holiday – Peloponnese, the most expensive – Lefkada


  • Castles, forts and etc. closed at 15.00 (on Kefalonia for sure). The Greeks will most likely be happy to see you who climb over the fence, so be careful)
  • in non-cities and not in the season especially consider Siesta: Not the most pleasant feeling when you stand in the middle of a completely empty city with all closed institutions, not knowing how to leave from there
  • For fans of budget specific travel: this service is practiced in Europe as Helpix: Farm owners (mostly) take to themselves on working volunteers, for which instead are ready to provide accommodation and food. Working completely different type, ranging from the brainstorm, ending with almond collection. Themselves tested on themselves, generally satisfied. It all depends on the conditions in which you will get. But this is an excellent way out for those who have ended money, or you need to save. Ideal if there is an opportunity to ride in your transport in the evenings, and in the afternoon work – then the process of traveling is not going anywhere.

If you are bums and still go in July-August:

For a couple of months (or even earlier) before the trip take care of the crawlsurfing, otherwise it will not be no places. For a whole month in a lot of places, I have not received a single invitation: everyone who answered, said that we need to place us elementary
– You can sleep on sun loungers on the beach, all do not care. And do not be afraid to put tents in the wrong places, just better hide
– Our favorite homeless – canned tuna on breadpasters and cheap wine) Use hiking skills. yes anything is suitable, just do not drink


I sincerely tried not to overload you with unnecessary information, so if you want even more warming souls of landscapes and stories about Greek beauty – look at the popular blogs of travelers, on the same Vinex you will find detailed guidebooks for each area and 100 entries on Lefkada Beaches, for example. If you have any questions – ask, I will answer them with pleasure) to the most common from the series "where did you like the most?" I can’t answer exactly. All emotions strongly depended on the situation, I sleep on a deck chair with a tuna in an embrace, or on a mattress. Also because of the lack of own transport, I am sure we did not reach the set of beauties. But if you abstract from these thoughts, I would have allocated Olympus (just because I love the mountains, I really liked to drink tea, looking at Greece from above. And the atmosphere in the campsite is so warm), meteors (beautiful, romantic, and the village is so cozy), Lefkada (we spent the night only in tents right on the beaches, but the student romance) Yes, and the island himself hooked his beauty) and the north of Kefalonia.

I hope that this article helped you in the planning of recreation and tune in to the wave of adventure) The main thing is not to forget that you will not see all right away, and the trips remain perfect only in your fantasies. In reality, his majesty is the case will please you (in the literal and figurative sense) around the clock. Well, when something goes a little bit wrong, it will raise the mood just that unreal ideal) Do not forget to get pleasure from all over) and good way to you
If you missed something – come back.

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