Traveling around Croatia: Island and city Krk, how to get there and what to see

When they talk about the resorts of Croatia, everyone remembers Split or Zagreb. About the island with an unusual name Krk not everyone heard. Along with the island of Cres it The biggest island of the Adriatic Sea. There is everything for a serene and interesting rest. Soft climate, scenic small towns and villages, excellent sandy beaches. This is one of the few islands in the world that is connected to the mainland bridge. Several cities on the island in their own way are interesting and distinctive. The most famous of them – The city of Krk is the same with the island.

About the island

Krk, like many places of Adriatic, has an interesting story that goes deep into the ages. It is mentioned in the chronicles describing the sea trips of the times of Julia Caesar, then the Slavs settled here. In the Middle Ages, the island controlled Venice, after the collapse of the republic in the 18th century, it was cross over the Austrians, then the French and even stayed under the Italian occupation.

After World War II, the CCR became part of Yugoslavia. Since the beginning of the 90s and to this day, the island is part of independent Croatia. There are several small towns on the island, Each of which is inappropriate and interesting. It:

  1. Krk
  2. Omishal
  3. Bashka
  4. Punat
  5. Malinska
  6. Rubnik
Traveling around Croatia Island and city of Krk, how to get and what to see

Most popularity of the same CRK.

How to get

On krk there is an international Rijek Airport. He is named after the big port city of Rijeka, although it is quite far. Passenger traffic of the airport is small, so most tourists next to the KRK prefer to fly to the Pula or Zagreb. Island connected to the mainland Krksky bridge, By which is settled Bus and car message.

On the bridge itself, in the forward direction there is a sightseeing platform from which you can admire the sea scenery. There are bus lines and on the island itself, but the best way &# 8211; automobile. In this case, it is possible to visit all cities and remote beaches. Car rental in Croatia Döshev and simple.

City krk

This is the largest settlement in the scale of the settlement, about 6,000 people live here. Despite the modest sizes, the town has a rich history and its sights, because it is one of the most ancient cities of the Adriatic. It was founded at the time of the Roman Empire, He was called then Curikum.

Around the forum, on the steep hills, the townspeople built their homes. In the Middle Ages, the residents laid on the site of the Forum Square, built a city tower and a large stone well. Now it is a historic center, and the area is called old.

From all sides, the city is surrounded by defensive walls, which were erected in the Middle Ages. Constructions have been preserved to this day. The last reconstruction is dated to the 15th century, although one tower is built in the 12th.

From architectural attractions will be interesting Castle Frankopanov, Built about nine centuries ago as a protective construction. Now it is a major exhibition center, in many respects preserved the initial species. From religious structures noteworthy Cathedral of Ascension to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Where to relax

Soft climate and a small amount of precipitation makes rest on the island excellent at any time of the year. Beaches are excellent all over the island, mostly areas owned by hotels. There are wild beaches, however, there are infrastructure for recreation. In the vicinity of the Krka itself is popular Beach ; Porpoil ;.

Island beautiful for lovers of gastronomic tourism. Private restaurants are especially popular – Konoby. Chefs in them not only virtuoso prepare, but also very hospitable. From them you can hear a lot of interesting things about life on the island and its history. For lovers of dancing, active pastime are open a lot of bars and clubs with incendiary discos.

Island and town of Krk – Great place for any kind of rest. And for lovers of quiet rest in historical places, the heart of the Adriatic &# 8211; the best choice.

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