Traveling around the Chusovaya River

One of the largest rivers of the Middle Urals, is a real pearl of Russia. Picturesque rocky and swords of coniferous forests of the shore attract many tourists and fans of water recreation. The Chusovaya River for the development of the Ural Industry had exceptional importance. Previously, it was fought by the products of the Urals Relumental Plants. Silent and deserted Most of the year, the river lived in the spring when the flood and hundreds of Baroque with loads rushed with Chusovsky Pier down under the murmur of water and splashing.

Nature seemed to be on purpose on the steeplet of the river, the high cliffs and rocks, which are sharp ridges protruding from water. These terrible obstacles represented a danger to movement Baroque on the river. Chusovskaya Barka, assembled from Kolley and boards of coniferous trees, was extremely nervous vessel. In order to control the loaded Bark in the stern and the nose put two huge oars and turn them Only a group of strong peasants. These oars in the Ural dialect were called sweating.

Passage by the dangerous rocks very much depended on these fun and the well-coordinated team of Burlakov. Many baroque broke out About insidious rock ledges, gibbles people disappeared. Chusovskiy splashrs nicknamed the dangerous rocks by fighters. Dangerous shipping in Chusovoy went to the past, now there are safe and rapid types of cargo transportation. Chusovsky rocks-fighters from ruthless killers turned into beautiful monuments of nature.

Hundreds of rocks with bizarre names Decorate the banks of the river. The most magnificent and picturesque rocks are located in the middle. In some places, the Chusovaya flows in the present canyon, the rocks are plugged on hundreds of meters, often Stand with a pile wall, Navisaya over the river. Allowers and Burlaci once gave many Chusovsky rocks, very latent names, such as writing stone, blurred, stove, high. Except cliffs on the Chusovaya River There are many caves. Most of their small grots, there are very large cave moves.

Below in the course of Chusovaya is spread and becomes part of the Kama reservoir. Here are also the most picturesque landscapes with wooded hills and cloth shores. The shores are winding and abound with lagunis with a clean transparent water, amazing sandy beaches, not inferior to the beauty of the bays of the tropical seas. Scene of Chusovoy in Kama near Perm represents multi-kilometer water Giant reservoir resembling sea bay. Merge Place Kama and Chusovoy Decorated with a sharp Rocky Rock – Kama Arrow. Chusovaya attracts a large number of water tourism lovers.

Traveling around the Chusovaya River

River alloys – This is the most popular view of active and sports on chusovoy. Every year, thousands of tourists in spring and summer swim along this mountain river on kayaks, catamarans, inflatable and homemade boats. Someone is trying to put a record, To swim four hundred kilometers on oars, others swim purely relax in a large company on a large raft with songs, feasts and fun. In the season, many parking lots on the shore are busy and it is difficult to find a place to sleep.

During alloy tourists Clear impressions, forces, cheerfulness and positive emotions, return home tanned, well rested, in beautiful well-being. Chusovaya attracts not only fans of alloys and leisure on the beach. Functions of Chusovoy Usva and Koywa are popular Among the fans of extreme sports. In the spring, when the turbulent streams of water rushed along the rocky tesnins down, the brave cries go through the thresholds on a broken river. On chusovoy good even skiers. In winter, numerous groups of tourists Make skiing Along the river and skiing on the slopes.

Chusovaya River with his beauty Surprised and captivated everyone who visited her shores. Many writers, artists, poets challenged the mountain Ural beauty in their works.

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