Traveling around the Great Maltese Wall

Malta – the island is so small that if you wish, you can cross it in just one day. And to make it beautiful, you can make a hike along the Maltese sights, known as "Victoria line" – Long defensive wall separating island on 2 parts. I love to walk, and I love nature, so 1 day of your stay on the island dedicated to the tracking along the famous Maltese wall, and did not regret it at all!

"Victoria line", More known as the North-West Front is a protective line built by the British at the end of the 19th century, which was supposed to protect the southeastern part of the island from enemies from the north. Why from north? And because the main island of Malta in a very rocky coastline and is well protected from the sea, and only in the northern part there is a gently sloping beach, which can approach the enemy ships and land there its troops. And all the major cities, including the capital, located in the southern part of the island, and it was them and had to defend a long fortified wall length of 12 kilometers, known as "Great Maltese Wall".

Oddly enough, but in fact this protective wall so never and was not useful, but it was chosen by fans of hiking and for this "lines" conducted’s tracking path that hiking lovers can cross the island for 1 day, enjoying nature and the Maltese landscape.

I decided not to go through the whole "Victoria line", but only half of it, so that I have time to explore the south-west coast, which also promised to be beautiful. I began my journey in Mdina, from the north in a couple of kilometers just passes this fortification. Here, in this section of the wall, and began my hike through the non-intersection area.

In fact, this "wall" not all Wall. "Victoria line" It extends along the cliff drop, which is a natural barrier. Bottom left the plain, and on the right the rocky barrier that and so impregnable. Therefore, the walls themselves, as in the photo above, were built only in some places, where there was a mountain pregorady.

Most of the route I went here on a rocky surface along the cliff. There are no pointers, no fences, no one at all and nothing. I was just walking along the cliff’s edge and enjoy the nature and scenery.

If the top of the rocks at the bottom of the fertile land, farmland and cities. And everything is visible almost the end of the island, so there would not have succeeded in landing the enemy unnoticed.

In addition to the wall, on the "Victoria line" British built several forts, located near settlements. Some of them are still in use, while others, like most of the walls have long been abandoned or privatized. On my way caught Fort Bingemma. I wanted to go to it and examine, but. met closed doors and a sign "private property".

And from the height of this fort, the sea has already appeared, but I’m still staring and staring.

Somewhere in an hour I reached the extreme western point "Victoria lines". Then the descent began to go down, to the sea, so I decided to arrange a halt and a snack with a gorgeous view of the island.

See, there are a rocky shore? – This is an island Gozo, The second largest island Malta. But I still all right on Gozo, and now I need to go down and go along the shore to the north to a beautiful place That lippium, where I want to meet the sunset.

I’m going down I discovered a military bunker, built by the same British, but already during World War II. The entrance to the bunker was tightly clipped, so it did not succeed in. Well, okay.

And so, after half an hour, I was not an easy descent from the sea, and the bay appeared in all Fomm Ir Rich.

Despite the seeming unfortunate for swimming, I saw a small beach at thenime, to which a mountain path went down. But bathing in my plans was not part of, especially in the yard, the end of November and the beach season in Malta has long been closed.

Traveling around the Great Maltese Wall

Further, the path went through a small mountain, descending from which, I found myself in a beautiful sand bay Rhenena (Gneijna Bay). Batheing, naturally, was not, but a few kite of surfers were caught here. As I understood, this beach is very popular with surfers, because there is always a windy, and I felt it on myself.

I planned to meet the sunset ving on that Peninsula away. There was no choice along the shore and it was necessary to climb the mountain!

Here it is, a mountain with a guard tower, to which I need to climb, and it is necessary to do it quickly, for the sunset is no longer around the corner, but time in the edger.

Milk had to really climb out of the last forces, which in the evening it was almost left, but I was awarded the breathtaking species!

And here she is my ultimate goal today – a small rocky appendix, which can be passed on the narrowest. But I did not hurry there to go, it’s painfully beautiful species opened from this height.

Unfortunately, the sunset I did not see. While I traveled to reef, the clouds completely closed the sun, so I just sat on the edge of the cliff, enjoying the raging sea.

Here is such a saturated I got a campaign on "Great Maltese Wall". And if you, like me, love tracking and all that, then "Victoria line" – Your theme!

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