Traveling at the uncharted spaces of Alaska

In 1799-1867, she was running the Russian-American company, but it was not possible to master such a large territory. On March 30, 1867, a document for the sale of Alaska USA was signed. Soon there was a gold, which in times of gold fever was mined over thousands of tons. Alaska includes the mainland and several Pacific groups of the islands. Today, Russians know little about wild and beautiful places of Alaska. Tourweek tourist portal.RU will tell about the life of the once Russian edge.

Mac-Kinley Mountain

Mac-Kinley Mountain – One of the most famous symbols not only Alaska, but also the USA. This is the highest mountain on the mainland, it is located for the polar circle.

Local Atabaskov tribes called her Denali, which is translated as «Great». In 1896, the vertex was renamed in honor of the 25th US president. In 2015, the High-six-thousandnce returned the historical name.

Greek street in Ketchican

Once the Greek street Ketchikina was known as a favorite place of prostitutes, so the local police paid special attention to her.

Today on the street you can find many shops and souvenir shops.

Brown Grizzly Bear on Lake Brooks

From Lake Brooks, which is located in the National Park of Kathmai, the same river flows. From July to September Salmon goes to spawn up the river through waterfalls and thresholds.

It attracts the attention of bears who catch fish. Look at fascinating fishing travelers from around the world.

Rasseks in the glacier Lamplag, Gleisher Bay National Park

On the south-east coast of Alaska is the Gleisher Bay National Park, protected by UNESCO.

Here you can find ancient glaciers, fjords and mountain ridge. Travelers can enjoy the monumental view of the Lamplag Glacier.

Cruise liner in the port of the city of Juno

The capital of Alaska Juno is founded in 1881. The city was named after the famous Gold Seeker Joseph Juno shortly after the discovery of the golden mine here.

Today, the port juno takes cruise liners with travelers.

Gorbate whale games

In July, a lot of humpback whales sails to the southeastern coast of Alaska, because at this time a lot of krill and herring are found here.

Locals and tourists are observed for animal hunting.

Waterfall Le Cont Bay, Tongass National Forest

Tongass – The largest national forest in the USA.

The object is located in the southeastern part of Alaska, it includes glaciers, fjords, peaks of the crimgorn ridge and the island of Alexander’s archipelago.

Lapers goes the road near the entrance to Denali National Park

Central Alaska is famous for the Denali biosphere reserve.

This is one of the most visited attractions of the region – Every year there is more than a million tourists.

Tourists on Privala, Cugach State Park

Traveling at the uncharted spaces of Alaska

East of Anchorage is the State Park of Chugach, which is the third largest in the US.

This is one of the favorite places of outdoor activities among the locals.

The last refuge of Chris McCandles

American traveler Christopher McCandles is also known as Alexander Superbrodia. He traveled in Alaska with a minimum of eating and equipment, seeking to survive in wild conditions without assistance. In 24, Christopher died of exhaustion not far from Denali National Park.

On the Path Stampid there is an abandoned bus that was the last man of the traveler. Today he became a place of pilgrimage tourists. John Krakauer wrote a book in «Wild conditions» About the life of McKendles, the work formed the basis of the Shane Penn’s Movie.

Swamp with Puffy, Mitkov Island

Mitkov Island is the name of the Russian researcher Proofyya Mitkov and is part of the Alexander Archipelago.

A village Petersburg – Main settlement of the island.

Houses in the town of Homer, Kenai Peninsula

On the Spit Homer, which goes into the kacheak bay about 4 kilometers, there is a city with the name of the same name.

Temple of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Ninilchik

West of the Kenai Peninsula there is a small settlement Ninilik. It is believed that in 1844 it was founded by former employees of the Russian-American company, which by that time they retired.

In the middle of the XIX century, they talked here on the ninilician dialect of the Russian language, which today is remembered only by several elderly locals. American and Russian linguists learn this dialect.

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