Traveling in Amsterdam

Where now on small islands connected by channels Capital of Netherlands, Once it was a swamp. At the end of the XIII century, a large dam was built here. She was constantly strengthened and increased. From this place began to grow the city. Its name consists of the name of the Amstel River and the words "ladies" denoting the dam.

Square Dame

The center of the raised dam became the center of the city. He is Source fairly large, The main building of which is the Royal Palace. Initially, the area was used as a market. During World War II, exponential executions were arranged here. In memory of this in 1956, a column was installed on the square, 22 meters high. Every year on May 4, a commemorative ceremony is held on the day of commemoration. The main square of the city is the center of political and commercial activities. Outdoor artists and musicians.

Royal Palace

Building was originally built as the town hall And for some time was used as the town hall. Then he was transferred to the king. But the monarch family lives elsewhere. The palace is used to meet important guests, here are weddings of members of the royal family, the ceremony of the transfer of throne and other state-level events. Royal Palace Available for tourists, which can inspect a large hall and other rooms decorated with paintings by the most famous Dutch painting masters, such as Rembrandt, Pain and others.

Channels Amsterdama

The biggest attraction of Amsterdam are Channels. They leak out of four main channels (urban, gentlemen, royal and princes), go one to another, so the exact amount of their quantity cannot be brought, but it is known the number of bridges that the channels intersect – 1281. By the way, in Venice there are just over 400. Older channels were built in the twentieth century. The channels freeze rarely, but if it happens, the locals happily get on skates. During the hour walk on the boat, you can see the buildings of the old city and areas with modern architecture. Unfortunately, with audiohydams in Russian in Amsterdam while the problem.


National Museum of Amsterdama was opened for visitors in 1885. The first collection was collected in 1800 and kept in the Hague. Then Louis Bonaparte – Napoleon’s brother I, to which the emperor "presented" the Dutch kingdom, transported the collection to the capital. Works of art were stored in the Royal Palace until they built a separate building for the National Museum. In addition to the most famous Dutch masters: Rembrandt, França Hals, Vermeer, Rydadala, Peter de Hoha, Museum puts masterpieces collected from around the world. In addition to the paintings here you can see the works of famous sculptors, engravings and drawings, items found in archaeological excavations.

Museum Van Gogh

The collection in which includes paintings, drawings and letters of the artist, divided into parts, each of which tells about the individual periods of the Master. Here you can see the works of contemporaries and friends of the artist.

Anna Frank Museum

Anneliz Marie Frank – Jewish girl whose family during World War II hidden in the basement of the back of the house. Father Anna Otto Frank back in 1933 he took away the family from Germany to Holland. He equipped asylum in advance, realizing that the Germans inevitably occupy the country.

The red and white little book for the Diary Anna received as a gift for the 13th birthday. His 14 and 15th anniversary girl met already in the basement. In total, 8 people hid in the shelter. August 4, 1944 someone reports about them to the police. All the inhabitants of the basement, apart from Otto, the franc died in concentration camps, including fifteen-year-old Anna. The diary that girl led these terrible two more than a year is put up in the museum. From 9 to 22 hours in front of the house where the museum has been created, you can see any weather endless wishing to give a tribute to the victims of Nazism.

House Rembrandt

The house is recreated atmosphere Three-axis longitude. Museum visitors can make an idea of ​​the daily life of the genius artist. Here are exhibitions dedicated to the works of Pupils Rembrandt, his contemporaries and predecessors. Modern artists are exhibited in the museum.

Traveling in Amsterdam

Zoo Artis Royal Zoo

On the territory of the royal zoo, Built in 1838, Living 6000 animals. In addition to various representatives of the fauna, imported from all over the world, there is a museum of microorganisms, a rainforest and planetarium. You can rent a bike, you can arrange a picnic on the clearing. Happy children’s voices in all languages ​​of the world are heard from everywhere.

Kökekenhof Park

In Amsterdam you need to go in April. First, at this time of the year there, as a rule, it does not very much wait, and secondly, at this time all 7 million colors of 1600 varieties in Park Kökechenhof bloom. The spectacle is indescribable in its beauty. Air is saturated with floral smells. It needs to go and watch.

In the XV century, the park was Small Sadik and the garden on the territory of the castle belonging to the Countess Bavarian. There were grown vegetables for the kitchen. Kökechenhof translates as a kitchen garden.

In 1865, another castle owner, Baron Van Pallandert I ordered Jan Johr, whom we would now be called landscape designer, creating a flower garden. Designer Zohra layout to today is the basis for landing flowers in the park. For public, the park was opened in 1950.

Above are described The most important and visited places of Amsterdam. But someone is surprised: "How so? And about the quarter of the red lights?"You can answer that there is nothing interesting there, just from the word" at all ". The only thing that needs to be done is to warn someone who still gets out there: as soon as you get a camera or a phone to take a picture, from the window where the workers live, one of the pre-harvested buckets will fall on the head with.

Someone who craves adventures and stormy nightlife will better go to Leiden Square, which is a concentration of art cafe, nightclubs and kofeshopov. On the Square itself, the people have fun, listening to the performance of street jazzmen and looking at performers Break Dance.

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