Traveling in Australia: Perth is a city born in gold fever

By his appearance on the map, the Australian city of Perth is obliged to Golden Fever, which began after discovering in 1829, deposits of gold ores. They determined the rapid development of the city, who made it the Economic Center of Australia. In addition, the wealth of local residents led to the fact that a huge number of restaurants, concert halls, casinos, theaters and galleries appeared in the city. In cultural plan, Perth is able to satisfy any requests, here are constantly held conferences, exhibitions and various festivals.

A little about the weather

The climate of Perth is predominantly sea – something average between moderate and subtropical. Summer is roast here, and winter cool. Selence seasons quite clear. In the period from December to March, the temperature averages 35s, the Breeze of the Indian Ocean saves from the heat. Winter temperatures high enough – on average 18c, rainfall possible. The best time for a visit to Perth – from September to May: you can enjoy kilometers of virgin beaches, beautiful nature and walks on national parks.

Walking through Perth

In Perth, a huge number of areas, each of which can surprise the guests with something unusual. You can start from the center – he albeit small in size, but here you can see how local residents live. Art galleries, Murray Street and Hay Street – Dream for Shopaholiki. Theater of His Highness is also located on Hay Street, glorified by dramatic, ballet, orchestral and opera performances. After a hike in the theater, you can enjoy a delicious dinner in one of the restaurants, from which the river view overlooks.

In the evening, you can go to the Northbridge district, in which night clubs work without days off. Here are a variety of cafes, bars and pubs. Another place for the parties – Liderville. This area comes to life after the occurrence of darkness, it is a favorite place to relax among students and those who are simply tired of work.

Attractions worthy of attention

Guests of the city must see Bell Tower, Permit symbol. Outwardly, it resembles a glass tower, and a metal construction at the base is similar to two huge sails. Locals call the Bell Tower "Swan Tower", it was built in the period from 1999 to 2001, and her height It is 82.5 meters. Inside the tower is available 18 bells, 12 of them can boast centuries-old stories. The ancient bells were brought from London in 1988, they became a gift in honor of the two hundredth anniversary of Australia, at one time they were ringing and the victory of England over the Spanish Armada, and the coronation of the English kings, and many other historically important events. In addition to the bells "Swan Tower" interesting collections of vintage clocks and optical tools.

Not far from the bell tower guests of the city can see Concert Hall. It was built in the period from 1971 to 1973 and is used for musical performances, graduation points, conferences. Concert Hall is a sample of brutal architectural style. He has a huge hanging roof and a light-tight indoor room. At one time, various orchestras of world values ​​(London, Israeli, Chicago) were performed here, as well as many outstanding artists.

No less interesting Museum of Western Australia. It contains several million exhibits collected since the founding of the museum in 1891. Here you can get acquainted with the history of Western Australia, the culture of the aborigines living here, the country and even space, since one of the exhibits of the museum is a meteorite, whose weight is 11 tons. The scenes will be amazed and the skeleton of blue whale. In general, archaeological finds exhibited in the museum are considered the most numerous on the whole young hemisphere.

The highest building of Perth is Central Park. This is a skyscraper whose height together with the communication antenna is 249 meters. The building is an excellent model of engineering thought, it is built so as to withstand strong winds characteristic of this region. The name of the skyscraper gave a small park located at his foot.

National Parks – Pride of Perth

Perth is geographically located so that it is surrounded by national parks with virgin and unique nature from almost all sides:

40 kilometers from Perth is National Park "Valunga", Through the center of which swan river flows. Summer is calm creek, and in the winter they turn into a raging stream. Fans of extreme sports come to the Swan River to learn how to melted on canoe.

But not only the river is famous for "Valung". These are wild animals, and fragrant flowers, and breathtaking mountain landscapes. You can get acquainted with Flora and the fauna on the trail with the name of the Aboriginal heritage. She stretched along Swan river by 1.2 kilometer.

A little further located Nambung Park. To get to him, you need to drive around 162 kilometers. The park stretches in the Swan Valley and attracts tourists in that here you can wander around the sand dunes, admire violent vegetation, see gray kangaroo, emu or black cockatoo. Raisin Park – Pinnacles Desert Desert (Pinnacles Desert). She is amazing with the fact that it is located in the green and blooming valley. From the sand the turrets of limestone rushes. Yellow-red colors make this place look like Martian landscapes. The best time to inspect the desert – twilight or early morning when the towers discard the mysterious.

Traveling in Australia Perth - city born in gold fever

National Park "Yanchep" &# 8211; Another natural attraction of Perth. Only 28 kilometers and it is possible to be in a small but incredibly beautiful park, in which mountainous terrain is replaced by rivers and forests, deep caves compete for attention with thick thickets characteristic of Australia. The park is interesting and the fact that the coal colony lives here, and these plush eucalyptus bears always attract tourists of any age, causing enthusiasm and lunizing. The presence in the park of rivers makes it possible to take a boat and make an exciting alloy.

Park Purnululu – Find for geologists and an open-air museum. Since the closest settlement is located from the park almost 300 km, nature here remains untouched and virgin. The Relief Park is striking imagination – sand plains are replaced by rivers, grassy lowlands and limestone herbs. The park is unique in that it contains mining education, resembling externally giant hives. Due to manganese and iron oxide, they are painted in bright orange colors, so their appearance immediately attracts attention. In addition, the park is rich in a huge amount of plants of a variety of species, mammals, birds, reptiles and fish.

Beaches Perth &# 8211; Ability to enjoy the views of the Indian Ocean

Competition of Perth National Parks can be numerous beaches. Here you can not only swim, but also to arrange a picnic, in advance gathering a basket with different goodies – which may be better than romantic dinner in the rays of the setting sun disappearing in the Indian Ocean?

For a pleasant and relaxed pastime suitable Southern City Beach. For swimming with a mask or surfing the beach Cotteslo Beach (Cottesloe Beach). Surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing is best to go Scarborough Beach. There are often entertainment events on the same beach, so it is often referred to as an amphitheater outdoors, and the availability of free barbecue allows you to arrange family or friendly lunches.

Beachs in the city so much that everyone can find a corner for a comfortable stay to your liking and depending on interests and hobbies.

Culinary delights of Perth

Gastronomic traditions in Perth restaurants Mute. Here are australian, American, Italian, Thai, Japanese and Mexican dishes on any wallet. It is possible to quench appetite in restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, from which flavors are constantly spread – grilled steaks, seafood prepared on hundreds of recipes. Be sure to taste lobsters, considered the best in the whole of Australia.

In Perth is one of the oldest wine regions of the country, so no a meal should do without a glass of another delicious drink.

Traveling in Australia Perth - city born in gold fever

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