Traveling in Lofotenam

Lofoten Islands – True Pearl of Northern Norway. it Unique archipelago, consisting of a variety of islands whose coastline is cut by numerous fjords. Lofoten – a corner of virgin nature, which has incredible magic and attracting every year more and more tourists. And see here really have something.

Attractions and museums

Anyone has the word "Norway" associated with Vikings. And on Lofoten in the village of Borg is located unique Museum Lofotr, dedicated to these militant navigators. It is a carefully reconstructed dwelling of one of the Viking leaders who who lived over 2500 years ago. Details of this room are as accurate as possible and the living conditions for people of those years. In addition to the house of the leader in the museum exposition there is a farm, forge and ships dragkars. All Wishing to be given the opportunity To become a member of a special feast and get acquainted with the Kitchen of Vikings, the main dishes of which were kaban meat and lamb, praise and honeycomb.

Except Lofotra on Lofoten still have Museum of dried cod, The only one in the world, and the museum of fishing settlements, which is an authentic exposition in the style of the 18th century. Both exhibitions are located in a village with a funny name about.

In addition to museums on the islands it is worth seeing others Attraction.

  • City Svolwar, Founded by Vikings in the 8th century, from which you can go to a cruise by narrow in Noviegy Trollfigid.
  • Cave Collectorrine, in which the rock painting has survived about 3000 years.
  • Ice sculpture park "Magic Loda", who introduces visitors with legends about nymphs and trolls.
  • Traveling in Lofotenam
  • Whirlwind Malstorm, considered the most powerful in the world formed as a result of the fusion of the pair of rapid flows.


Those who prefer not just to wander around the museums and view attractions will also find themselves class taste on islands.

For lovers to walk on kayaks there are all the conditions to Independently met with the beauty of the archipelago, with his unique vegetable and animal world.

Surfers will be able to evaluate their strength on ice waves near the village of Unstad, and then warm up in the sauna.
Avid fishermen island attract The possibility of rich ulov Almost all year round. Here you can catch Cambalu, Picksha, Sea Black, Molva and, of course, a cod, which is the main fishing fish of Norway. Caught fish can be taken with you, but not more than 15 kg per person.

For those who wish to admire close to the biggest marine mammals, there is a unique safari. It is organized by a whale room located in city ​​of Anneses. Boats come from here in the open sea and literally after a couple of kilometers of whales, and sometimes coushlots are at a distance of several meters from the boats. Very often, travelers even manage to see how these huge animals, which are still called sea canas for the ability to sing, jump out of water. Truly this unforgettable spectacle!

Another entertainment for tourists-extremal – Swimming in the Cold Norwegian Sea. The water temperature sometimes happens slightly above 10 degrees, so to prevent the prevention of bravery provide a special suit.

For lovers of Hayking on the Lofoten Islands, many routes have been developed. The most popular of them rise to the top of the Mount Floo, From where the Svolver is visible as on the palm, the conquest of Rhinebringene, from the top point of which you can consider the most distant Islands of the Archipelago.

Lofoten Islands – This is an amazing land of the unbridled nature. Having been here once, it is impossible not to strive here again. This land captures the spirit and imagination from the first minute and will never let go.

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