Journey in Norway: 10 Lifehakov

All railway destinations in Norway themselves are considered tourist attractions, because their routes pass through the most picturesque regions of the country. Railways is managed by Norges Statsbaner, which has a whole system of proposals and discounts. For example, Minipris tickets are from 249 Norwegian crowns (NOK) regardless of the elected route and in the presence of a sufficient number of places. You can buy them on the NSB website (NSB.NO) or in special tickets no later than the day before the expected trip.

People over 67 pay 50% of the cost of the ticket, and discount students upon presentation of an international student card ISIC – 25%.

Tourists who are going to travel a lot around the country, worth buying Interrail and Eurail maps, which give the right to an unlimited number of travel travel within a certain period of time. This travel space is provided only in 2nd grade cars, for children under 4 years old, fare is free, children under 15 years old – 50% discount.

Take a bus ticket

If you are going to travel a lot around the country, it is beneficial to purchase a traveling Norway Bus Pass (Nor-Way.NO), giving the right to an unlimited number of trips on long-distance buses of the company within 10 or 21 days. For children from 4 to 15 years – 75% discount. Ticket registered and acts only upon presentation of an identity card.

To move between the Scandinavian capitals it is beneficial to buy a travel Eurolines Pass, which gives an opportunity for an unlimited number of trips between the 46 largest cities in Europe within 15, 30 or 40 days. You can order a travel ticket on the site (Eurolines-Pass.COM) no later than seven days before the first trip. Under 25 passengers are provided with a discount, children under 2 years drive free.

Two weeks of flights

With the ticket The Explore Norway Ticket (Wideroe.NO / EN / Tickets / Explore-Norway-Ticket) From the Norwegian airline Widerøe will be possible to make an unlimited number of flights in the selected zones within two weeks. This type of ticket will be valid from June 19 to August 27, 2014.

For students of the day form of training from 12 to 31 years at presentation of a student ticket for internal flights in Norway, one-time tickets will cost 450 to 750 NOK depending on the distance.

Take a tent

The most inexpensive option overnight – tent. Since Norway is believed that nature is a general heritage, then the tent can be installed for free almost in any corner of the country. In addition, there are campsites across the country, equipped specifically for those who travel in houses – van or with tents. In the campsite you need to pay a small amount per parking, but at your disposal will be kitchen and shower.

Look for hostels

Bureau VIP Backpackers offers cheap options overnight. B&B Norway will help you find the night in any corner of the country, and at the disposal of the company Norske Vandrerhjem, which is part of the international holding Hostelling International, are 75 different hostels scattered throughout Norway. Accommodation in them is not burdensome for the budget, and there is a chance to get acquainted with people from various countries of the world. Book a room (on one, two people or family) through the site.

The room in the room is an average of 200 to 300 NOK, and double room – from 400 NOK. Blankets and pillows are issued everywhere, but bed linen must be taken with me or rent in a hostel.

Choose cottages without serving

Norwegian population density is one of the lowest in the world. Nevertheless, there are a huge number of tourist routes, for hiking and walks on which money from tourists does not take. All routes on the picturesque places of the country, cottages are built, which leases the Norwegian Hiking Association (The Norwegian Trekking Organization). In the most inexpensive staffing staff is not provided and you need to prepare food ourselves.

Traveling in Norway 10 Lifehakov

Buy and cook

The cheapest way to buy everything you need in the supermarket and cook yourself. In Norway, a lot of network supermarkets, budget is considered BunnPris, Rema 1000, Kiwi and Rimi.

Look at the guilt

In Norway, strong drinks and wine in ordinary stores and supermarkets are not sold. For alcohol, you will have to go to the nearest store called Vinmonopolet. The right to sell alcohol in the country is enshrined behind the state, in connection with which there is no chase of the superfits, so expensive wines in Norway can be purchased on a very attractive price.

Eat asian

In cities, do not pass by the Asian restaurants, many of them offer delicious and high-quality dishes at low prices. So, in Oslo, many such establishments are located in the Grenland area, as well as on Torggata Street, connecting the city center with the surrounding quarters of Grunelekka.

Drink water from under the tap

In Norway, you can drink tap water (it is purest and safe for use), so ordering a bottle of mineral water or other drink to dinner: in most restaurants to eat on the table, you put a jug with water. If suddenly you did not find it on the table, do not hesitate and ask.

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