Traveling in Siberia

Thanks to Aviation Development, Traveling in Russia have become much more economical and more affordable. Now it may often seem, something unrealistic that once the way from Moscow to Siberia could take a few weeks or even stretch for months. Flights In Russia, became commonplace for hundreds and thousands of Russians. It does not matter if you go to a business trip or to a personal meeting, you can always be confident in high quality service and flight safety.

With growth Business activity population among people employed in the field of business are becoming increasingly popular flights to Siberia. A significant role of minerals, as well as important industrial facilities, is concentrated in the territory of this region of Russia.


Barnaul is an Economic and administrative center of the Altai Territory.

The population of the city is about 621.6 thousand people (according to the census 2012). According to this indicator of the city takes 21st place in Russia.

Exposed Siberia, Barnaul is a relatively young city. His date of education is considered to be 1730. Among the ethnic composition prevail Russians. Other nationalities (Belarusians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs) are not significant.

Large businesses Barnaul are situated in South, North, and Vlasihinskaya industrial zones. Built in times Soviet Union, South industrial zone Surrounded by the built-in residential territory. While the other two are outside residential areas. North and Vlasihinskaya Industrial zones of the city are located on Outskirts of Barnaul.

Different industries are well developed in the city. Namely:

  • Mechanical engineering and metalworking;
  • Chemical, as well as the oil refining industry;
  • Light industry;
  • Industry for the production of building materials;
  • Traveling in Siberia
  • Electric power;
  • Food industry.

The largest enterprises of the region are:

  • BarnaulTransmash;
  • Barnaul Plant MehPressov;
  • Barnaul Machine-planning plant;
  • Barnaul tire plant;
  • Sibenergomash and others.

In accordance with Intergovernmental agreements with Belarus since 2007 The city also has established assembly production Trolleybuses of Belarusian production. The volume of production is over thirty pieces per year.


Tyumen is an administrative center of the Tyumen district, and Center of the Tyumen region. The population of the city is a little more 584 thousand inhabitants. According to this indicator the city takes Twenty fifth place in Russia.

Being founded in 1586, Darkness is the first Russian city in the territory Siberia. Currently, Tyumen is firmly associated in the consciousness of Russians as Oil capital of the Russian Federation.

The main income in the region is Oil and gas industry. Tyumen is the location of the headquarters or representation of various kinds large companies. Among them are allocated:

  • "Zapsibgazprom", which is a Gazprom concern;
  • "Lukoil-Uralnefteprodukt";
  • "Tyumenniygiprogaz";
  • "TNK-BP Siberia";
  • OJSC Tyumenneftegaz and others.

In the city there is also various kinds of enterprises Mechanical engineering and petroleumvisa:

  • GMS Nethemash;
  • Tyumen metal structural plant;
  • Sibneftemash;
  • Plant for the production of block and complete devices;
  • Sibcomplect montage and others.

Distance to Capital Russia of Moscow make up 1725 km, However, the ability to buy tickets makes these two cities closer to each other.

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