Traveling on the very "cool" Train of Uzbekistan

Being in Uzbekistan, could not refuse himself a pleasure to ride on a new high-speed train "Afrosyb", Rounding 5 times a week between Samarkand and Tashkent. We are talking about almost unique for Central Asia by the passenger train of European level. Why "almost"? Just similar runs in neighboring Kazakhstan, between Astana and Almaty. Uzbek "Euro-train" Designed by Spanish company Patentes Talgo s.L. and develops speed up to 250 km / h, covering 344km between Tashkent and Samarkand in 2.5 hours. After a tedious Bardak in Tajikistan with his killed roads and the lack of any infrastructure, it was very pleasant for some time to feel herself in the epicenter of civilization. At least 2.5 hours, while the train is on the way!

Let’s start with the station in Samarkand. He is absolutely new, funny combining the styles of ultra-modern and traditional Uzbek architecture. Miracles did not limit themselves, the Uzbek police, famous for the whole of Eurasia its harmfulness and begging for money, permits to photograph at the station. For me, at one time detained more than once for photographing the Tashkent railway station, or even a banal bus station of provincial Navoi, such a peaceful militia was strange. I even thought about myself, you, cunning, only I’ll get the camera – how to beat me the money to me, they say, "Strategic object". But no! Contemplate –

  • Arrival of the train
  • Station in Samarkand
  • Ticket cash regulations
Traveling on the coolest train of Uzbekistan

I must say that a ticket for this train is fantastically expensive for locals. The second class was worth 50 thousand soum for July 2012, which corresponds to almost 30 dollars, if you change money at the official rate. The first class is still twice as expensive, about 60 dollars. But, since the black course is 60% more profitable than the official – draw conclusions. Ride for $ 30 I would not mind – after all, there are other trains passing, of different kinds "Bukhara – Tashkent", or "Termez – Tashkent", there is a ticket about $ 10. But I really wanted to master Uzbek "European", therefore, changing money around the corner, bought a ticket for $ 17, which is significantly different from thirty, is not?

I believe that the local population on this train practically does not go. Is that exclusive wealthy citizens. With a medium salary in the country of $ 100 per month, to give for passages even $ 17 – Budget Budget. Moreover, you can go on a ruffling, but a cheap bus for $ 5-7.

  • Cuisine in the train
  • Second-class wagon
  • Toilet in the car

It seems until I dreamed, the train dispersed a time to 200 km / h, and then drove a little slower, "Total" 170.

But from fate not to leave, unfortunately. How many foreign technicians do not bring, but it is also important to serve it. For this you need specialists who are not. Closer to Jizaku, the train broke: the air conditioning was first turned off, from which the temperature in the wagons reached +42 degrees (it was visible on the thermometers), good, Uzbek summer is not a joke. People began to fool up with newspapers and drink water hard. Then, from the heat and stuffiness, there was nothing to breathe and the train stopped right in the middle of the steppe. Then did not open the doors, and they were opened manually to run a little fresh air. Here I am sitting, contemplating the fan mountains of Tajikistan on the horizon –

When we go? Nobody knows. So stood in the middle of the steppe about two (!) hours. Then moved at low speed with open doors to start the air. I got to Jizaka, everyone was asked to leave the salon.

  • Route and speed
  • In the middle of the steppe
  • Drove to Jizaka

About the hour of solarms, hundreds of people rushed through the Jiz Platform and the station, we are going to understand what’s next? As a result, a shift composition was adjusted, the same. We loaded there, reaching this time without adventure to Tashkent. I recorded a small film about the train, I think you will like it.

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