Traveling through Montenegro. Climbing to the top of Montenegro – Mount Bobot Cook

Riding in Montenegro I was inspired by them, mountains..
Seeing the mountain range of a dummonist in the photo, the smooth of a black lake, surrounded by impassable, but surprisingly beautiful coniferous forests, I realized that I would like and should see it live.
The first days I stayed on the coast in the town of Budva, having time, despite the initially, fossile weather, swim in the rays of the sun and amazingly clean sea, walk around the peaks and cobblestones and feed biting fishes on the Beach Mogren; stroll through the small old town – the historical part of the Budva with narrow streets and, regret, sowing souvenir shops, restaurants and advertising signs; Tries to local cuisine – simple but not sculpted portions, and even get up in the pose of the ballerina from the statue of the same name!

In addition, I went to the city of Kotya and conquered 1350 steps to the fortress. John, from where a chic view of the city.

Ride on the Boca-Kotan bay with a race to the island of Bogriditsa-on-Rife and the city of Perast – an authentic town, untouched by industries and high-rise buildings. Small houses, as well as on the whole coast, grow up the slope where you can climb on the steps. It seems the end and edges they do not..
It has reached the coast to the resort town of Sveti Stephen – a green, fresh, pleasant and peaceful town, deprived of a crowd of noisy tourists and restaurant, where the waves fighting about the stones are forced to forget about the time where the sun falls in the sea, giving pleasant and warm memories and giving pleasant and warm memories and Staying in memory in the form of colorful pictures.

In the mountain town of Zablyak, next to which the Durmitor National Park, I stopped for two nights and two from a little day, already on the third day I planned to leave to Podgorica, where to return to Moscow.
On the first day, I spent almost all daytime on the road from the coast, planned to go to the famous Bridge of Juryvich and see the Canyon of the Tara River – the deepest canyon in Europe, the depth of it is about 1300 meters.
Since there was no reason to agree on this place, and the buses that make a stop at the bridge did not go, then I decided to walk to the Black Lake and wandered into the forest.

Amazing penets, trees, transparent and mirror smooth lake, fresh, clean air (daytime temperatures held about 10 degrees of heat), towering and such distant mountains in a bluish haze – all this bold and intoxicated rational. Only evening autumn coolness and dark silhouette of the night tear me away from this contemplation.

Meeting with locals, slowly walking in the park.

And amazing sunset. Sunset before climbing.

In the early morning, it was necessary to go on the conquest of the Mount of Bobot Cook – the highest point of Montenegro – 2523 meters high.
Understanding that the light day in September is rather short (in the 7th is an impenetrable darkness), it was decided to drive around the highland road to the saddle pass, from where it leads a relatively short way to the top, and return to a longer road, which, judging by the experienced, occupies 6 – 7 o’clock. In the morning, the mountains were tightened with dense fog. The owner of the apartments in which I stopped, discussed from the campaign, convincing that it could be dangerous.
"I came here for this!"- I got my head and refused to listen to him.
After 20 minutes, we rushed to pass. Just got out of the car, as a cold penetrating wind blown out.
"It was necessary to take a warm jacket and cap," flashed in the head. I put on the cap, tightened the hood with pleasure, and my fellow travelers moved down. Time was about half the tenth..
A minute later, I began to scream the uncle, asking for broken Russian payment for the entrance to the park (payment is charged for 3 euros for each entrance to the territory). Since I did not want to argue at all, I had to give a Durmotorian stammerous MZD.
At first, on the plain and on simple ascents, there was a desire to do a lot of beautiful frames, stop to penetrate the atmosphere of the mountains, the real mountains, which was never in my life. Amazing in their beauty panorama with ash mountains, eliminated at the foot of the green spots and shrouded fog. It seemed to last hand – and you will get a cotton cloud with hand.

Traveling through Montenegro. Climbing to the top of Montenegro - Mount Bobot Cook

Some mountains in the distance were like a puff pastry of all shades of gray. If you think about the cake, I realized that the breakfast was a long time ago, and slightly unloaded a backpack, having had a haunted bananas.

Complete endless lifts began. Complex primarily because the slope is quite strong, sometimes darling up to 90 degrees, where you need to climb on the stones, choosing the most stable and chain, crawl along the trail, because otherwise you can fall, like those pebbles that flew under their feet and flew in Cupid. Telephone navigator and red tags on the whole of the way did not give to divert.
Breathe like an old steam locomotive, and occasionally stopping to make a frame and step out a little, we moved forward. As you move and increase the height, it became more complicated, a complete concentration was required to keep balance and continue to climb up. The backpack began to be felt several times heavier.

And here is ahead of the last 20-30 meters to the top, stretched by cables that are written and told experienced. The body does not obey, knees involuntarily begin to shake, inside the chill runs. "I’ll just go through this trail and all things," I calm myself.
Yes, panic here. I see a couple ahead, returns back. "I didn’t go on ropes, too scared," the woman said.
Rare travelers met mainly on the approach to the top of the mountain, they were returned, apparently, the same expensive leading to the saddle pass: on the way back, we did not meet anyone.
Passing this site, held for the cables, pulling them as much as possible so that in the case of an awkward movement could be held due to the force of hands.
The wind rose, good, not very strong. Did not look down in order not to pump fear. The cables are over, but the labels were visible in front, as well as the promised site on top, where it was possible to sit down and enjoy her little victory. Understanding that it is nowhere to go further, and the last pair of meters without any insurance can become really the last, turned back.

The rise took about 4 hours instead of 3 – 3.5 planned: apparently, admirement of the species. Literally slipped the cables and went to the descent.
That’s where the most difficult thing began. If there was a visible trail on the rise, then only labels scattered in some cases were indicated on the presence of it.
The first site turned out to be the most dangerous, it was here that I almost flew into the abyss: there were few steady stable stones, the descent is quite steep, and the legs slipped on bulk small pebbles. At one such moment, I, sitting on the Pope (in the most terrible moments I descended exactly the way – face forward) fastened and put a foot on the stone, trying to rely on him. The stone was covered down, and I hung up, fearing to roam, so as not to fly away. Exhausted and dug in the nails and fingers in the sand, turned back and, barely breathe, went down below. The phrase "Earth leaves from under his feet" was fully tangible. Descent on this site took about two hours. Cause himself for slowness, but understood that safety is above all.
Then there were huge stones on the plain, scattered throughout, where it was possible to jump and check their knees on the strength.

There were a lot of descents and lifts, winding turns … It seemed that someone was silent on top, seeing how a couple of tourists go through endless paths, descends and rejoices relatively simple plots, and twin the new lifts that had reduced all the joy of descent.
Deciding whether it is worth wrinkle to an ice cave, we argued a little, but I agreed with the argument "when, as not now" and we went to her. Realizing that to go to the climb to the cave again, with quite a long time, I just hugged the rock and cried. The forces did not remain at all, the hands trembled from the voltage, the body was cut and resisted the new load. Only understanding that there is no way back, and the volatile voice of the friend was forced to draw the power and go ahead.
The ice cave was not impressed: by September, almost all the ice melted (or so it seemed outside), and the cave itself looks like a long narrow pocket in the middle of the cliffs. The descent to her resembled a wide language that leads the beast. I did not climb inside – they were afraid that it would be difficult to get out without any equipment, and Extreme on this day was enough with interest, and there was very little time to darkness.
Having passed another distance that seemed endless, and already losing the bill of time, saw the bushes of a pine squabble, which swore among the stones. Surprisingly, how they get along there, these small, but beautiful and green creatures, with breast stones?

Traveling through Montenegro. Climbing to the top of Montenegro - Mount Bobot Cook

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