Traveling through the Tver region

The past century left on Tver Earth invaluable monuments that many can tell about rich History of the ancient Russian region. Suffice it to say that from 17 cities of the region – 14 have status Historically significant terrain.

Numerous Temples and monasteries The edges make it an important center of pilgrimage tourism. This is one of the most ancient monasteries – Borisoglebsky in Torzoke, Neil-Council Desert near Ostashkova, Holy Uspensky in Staritsa.

In the settlement Shirkovo Preserved Church of John the Forerunner (1697) – the only one of a kind among such wooden temples. Her height along with the Cross – 45 meters, What is much higher than the famous Preobrazhenskaya church On the island of Kizhi.

Fans of Russian literature and art know that creativity is connected with this edge M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin and. WITH. Pushkin, A.A. Akhmatova and N.WITH. Gumileva, S. I AM. Lemeshheva and B. V. Andreeva. So much here Memorial museums, storing the memory of the outstanding representatives of the Russian culture that the Joint Museum in which they enter is The largest in Russia.

Many discoveries can be made by visiting the vintage Russian cities. For example, Vyshny Volochek, which is called "Russian Venice". Right here Peter the Great Built an artificial water system – the first in Europe, which has now become the main attraction of the city.

Away from noisy tourist centers to plunge into the cozy and warm atmosphere of provincial Torn, preserved the elusive charm of past centuries and almost unchanged his appearance. Make a leisurely walk on the old nobility estates located in its surroundings. Filled with peace of mind, stopping for the night in Borisoglebsky monastery. Listen to the most interesting story in the museum A.WITH. Pushkin, Located in the house Olenines. Tries to the brand dish Pozharcott, to eat Russian pancakes on Maslenitsa. And what amazing things do local arters make – GOLDERE! Many emotions will remain and from visiting a nearby village Wanets and Cheese farm in the village Copper.

Traveling through the Tver region

It would seem that in common between Tver region and distant Scotland? And connects their monster, which has long been repeatedly seen in the lake Loch-Ness, And in the lake Challenge, what in 45 km from Andreapol. And although there are no reliable evidence so far, scientists seriously declare that The deepest lake in the Tver region obviously keeps some kind of riddle. Trying to find a response for it, you can share or take up the collection of berries in the most beautiful forests surrounding the lake. May be Throwing, How to call his locals, and deign to seem on the surface of the water.

The edge of the forest is famous for both a great rest on lakes and rivers. Numerous recreation centers are waiting for those who want to go through kayaks or under the sail Seliger, ride in the spring on the river Lame v Vesely Monkey or wielding in River Tver.

Come on vacation in the Tver region: new knowledge and impressions will be provided!

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