Traveling to Altai is more accessible than you think

Many believe that the journey through Altai is something incredibly expensive and requiring effort. But it is not so. If you prepare well, you can arrange a ten-day vacation in Altai for 20-30 thousand rubles. You will say that and to the Alps you can go for such money, but why, if there is no worse in our country? There are two options: take a tour to not steam about transport and overnight, or go on a trip myself. And if you have rights or traveler with rights – consider you in chocolate.

We save on tickets

Prices for airline tickets Download from month to. In the Republic of Altai (the main point for us – Gorno-Altaisk) Summer months are the most rich for tourists. Therefore, we recommend going to the path before or after the season: in April-May or in September.

But tickets Moscow (St. Petersburg) -Gorno-Altaisk can shock their price and cheap flights you have to really catch like a goldfish. And here we helps one lifehak, about which we have already said: Look for tickets to the next city or from it. In this case, Novosibirsk or Barnaul is suitable for us – you can meet 10 thousand. rubles back and back. And already from these cities to Gorno-Altaisk go buses. The price starts from 600 rubles, on the way 8-10 hours. So you can save from 5,000 rubles and make a lot of interesting things on the way.

Economy in transport

In Altai, difficult without a car – there is a chance to skip the most interesting (if you did not go to the tour). Therefore, the rental is well developed for this region. We recommend to take the car, because the buses will not come everywhere everywhere. If desired, the car can be rented right in Novosibirsk, the average price per day in the region of 2,000 rubles. And what is the savings? And in the fact that the trip to the company will reduce the costs. Mathematics Simple: If you take rent a 7th day, this will be 14,000 rubles. If you are four, including the driver, then from each nose only 3,500 rubles. Budget?


Unlike the Alps, there are no luxurious suites with transparent ceilings and so on. Housing is quite modest and in most cases without amenities: there is no Internet, toilet on the street, instead of a shower – bath, and the heating is answered by a stove and firewood. If you book a house on the territory of the turbase, then there is already a little better, but also close to Spartan style. If you are traveling with friends, then rent a house at all is also a good way of savings, but also single travelers can find a room from 500 rubles per day.

At school

Household issues decided to go to watch Altai! The edge is so huge that the options where a lot is climbing. It was not in vain nicknamed the golden edge, as the sun is shining here 250 days a year, and earlier gold was mined. But at the same time the weather often changes depending on the height. Therefore, take with you and the jacket, and swimsuit (depending on the season).

The first point of any tourist – the village At school . It is beautiful and here you want to stay for all week, but it will be a mistake, because it’s only a gate for which so much!

On the Cheap highlight a couple of days – this is enough to impress and not get tired of landscapes. Be sure to look at Chealskaya HPP, Come on the bridge on Island Patmos, Get to the river Katun. The climate here is pleasant, breathing easily and full of breasts, so it is something like a local resort. Here are engaged in both rafting, because Katun River Praise. And still be sure to go to the place where the little river Chemal flows into Katun. Waters in both rivers are different, it looks magnificent!

From the cheating be sure to move on Waterfall Che Chkysys – Altai Power Place. It is 15 km from the village. Can I rent a car or ask for someone in the car from the same tourists if you are loner.

Teletskoy lake

Traveling to Altai is more accessible than you think

Another picturesque point. If you are on the car, do not think about the road, if without – to the lake you will deliver the bus from Gorno-Altaisk for 4 hours. Your stop – the village of Artbash. It is on the very shore of the lake. There are also many turbases, so be sure to rent a boat to swim on the lake. On land, too, a lot of beautiful places. Be sure to go to the waterfall. Cut, there there is another observation deck – it opens a good look. If you arrived at Altai without a company, be sure to take an individual tour or join group. So you will see and recognize more!

Chuy tract

There is another beautiful travel option – on the Chui tract. Although his story is not the most pleasant: the road was built by prisoners, exiled to Siberia. But Landscapes – Ploy! The tract is stretched from Biysk himself to Mongolia. On the way you will meet many times on the path of cows, sheep and even Siberian deer. And another feature of the path is that the height of the track is changing and for the trip can be changed outside the window for several days.

Very close to the Chui tract are the magic places: the merger of the Chii and Katun rivers, the Geyser Lake in the Ulagansky district, the Ularian waterfalls and the Red Gate (now it’s time to throw the article to friends who have driver’s license).


Probably the most desired visit to the tourists. Yes, in Altai there are Martian landscapes – a tight piece for photographers and just beauty lovers. Just not far from Mongolia on the path of the Chui tract. On the map the place is called – Martian Valley . But if it is right, then you need the place of Chagan-Uzun. Roll from the Chui tract and go along the Kyzyl-Chin River, keep the right side, the road will be approximately 7-8 km.

be careful! Walking throughout this magnificence can be lost vigilance and become a victim of ticks. You can make a vaccination to calm the soul, but this is not enough. Observe the safety rules: Wear high shoes, tightly adjacent to the body of clothes and headdress. It is advisable to hide her hair under the clothes or cap and thoroughly shake after every walk.

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