Traveling to Solovki

In addition to the fortress, the monastery and memories of the terrible times of the Gulag related, it seems, with every living place, there is a lot of different sites: natural monuments, maritime museum, walking and water travel to feathers and water inhabitants. If you are worried that you will be uncomfortable on the monastery island, it is in vain: there are many places on the islands and (language does not turn) entertainment for non-religious people. Even simple walking or cycling in the island – great pleasure. Well, if you are an artist or a photographer, it will not be boring for sure: the weather on the islands is usually changeable – you will have many unlike each other, even with one view.

I do not want to speak loud words about the energy of the place – everyone feels in its own way. But for me it is absolutely accurate place of power, and I will be joyful if this text inspires someone to travel. In short, if you love the northern nature and unusual travel, you exactly should visit the Solovetsky archipelago.

How to get

Comfortable straight line (with short refueling in Petrozavodsk) Flight-air flight no longer flies. The only option by the aircraft as of spring 2016. Was with a 3-hour change in Arkhangelsk. It is long and not very fiscal.

From Moscow and, of course, Peter go straight trains to Kemi. We decided to do quite a tricky and took Sapsan to Peter (Bonus – to warm up and dine in St. Petersburg) and a night train from Ladoga Station to Kemi. Back the same. This is a little more expensive than a direct train, but it eliminates the need to spend 1.5 days in it.

In Kemi at the station we take a taxi to workersproofrovsk – a taxi in assortment, it’s all around 300 rubles per trip. Hold on firmly, honest roads, and local drivers are in a hurry. In Workersproofrovsk, the "island" was filmed and the scenery remained to walk. There are also a few of the remnants of the Komsco.

From the working district, floating on the ship, which booked in advance. Sorts are somewhat and all of them more or less convenient to go on the time of arrival and departure of trains from Kemi.

At the scene, some hotels offer a transfer (booking stands in advance while rewritten with the hotel), but almost everywhere you can walk on foot. Remember that the asphalt on the islands is little and a suitcase with wheels – not the best solution.

The best time to travel – the end of June – the first half of July: warm and white nights.

Where to live

All very recommended hotel "Shelter" is the most comfortable place on the planet. Other places and their contacts can be found on the site of the Solovetsky Center for Hospitality. Many actively react to letters that convenient. You can call. We settled this time in the tourist complex "Solovki company". I can not say that this is the most comfortable and better place to life, but on the Solovki obviously go for amenities. There is an option to live in a tent camp.

What to look at the islands

Traveling to Solovki

The choice is big. I am absolutely accurately recommended a trip to the cauldron of the Belong on the moonport and rent bicycles to drive all-all-all.

With a moonport all nontrivial: I could not find a place on the Internet where you could contact his owners and book a trip. Therefore, on the first day of stay at Solovki, come to the cafe "Expedition" (it is approximately here), catch Maria and negotiate a trip.

Beluches can be reached in different ways: with a turgroup on an ecological trail, on a motor boat with "independent guides" or by agreement with Maria (perhaps it is the same thing that through "independent guides"), on a luniter. The latter involves a journey through the littoral (the strip of the shore, appearing with the cast), which gives the journey to the space color.

Cape Belogiy

There are two main tour desks: Solovetsky Hospitality Center, and independent guides. Solovetsky Center for Hospitality is more traditional excursions and a little cheaper than those similar to "independent guides". In the second, there are several water "safaris" – letters.

Before many seats can be reached by bike. For example, visit the botanical garden recommend without a tour – you can walk in your pleasure and see the garden fully at a convenient pace. The same applies to boats and walks to the cape of labyrinths and negotiation stone. On the Damb to the island of Muksalma, you can go on bicycles, but be prepared for an adventure with overcoming huge ditches and swamps. However, it is worth it! Such an adventure will be remembered for a long time.

Somewhere in early July, the jazz festival passes, but we hit him in one of the three trips to Solovki and turned out to be quite by chance.

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