Traveling together on love islands.

Traveling around the globe, our person where he just did not have visited! In my own experience I will say (and I had to go more than 50 tourist corners of the Earth): at some point, different countries begin to repeat. Well, in any case, this feeling appears that you have already seen it somewhere. And the soul asks something non-standard. So, in 1994, we, working in one travel company, faced with this problem, developing a new route for the sea cruise. The ship seems to be, money for advertising too. But I wanted to do something new, "Nevrochy" More in a cruise ski.

T. E. We wanted "give" Tourist Holiday of the Soul and meeting with the unknown to our land. This unknown land was the Greek Islands of Cyclades.

Cyclades to the explosion on the island of Fira

In all sorts of reference books in Greece sets out that the name – Cyclades – comes from the Greek word "Kyklos" (circle, circle). All islands, as if in circular, are located around the sacred island Dilos (Delos). Total inhabited islands – 25, but in general, together with adjacent little islands, more than 50. Geologists suggest that the islands were formed as a result of repeated seismic movements and volcanic eruptions, after separation from mainland Asia and the continental part of Greece. Excavations showed that the first settlements of people in these places appeared 6000 years before. NS., and the peak of development Civilization reached approximately 3000 years before.NS.. Excavations on Milos, Naxos, Keros, Syros confirmed that during the heyday of the Cycladic Culture, people lived organized villages, engaged in trade, fishing and agriculture.

Marble idols from the island of Paros are in collections of various museums. The angular shapes of the figures resemble the works of modern abstract art. 2000 years before. NS. Cyclades are influenced by the developed minist culture, which comes here from the island of Crete. This affected art: beautiful color frescoes pass the scenes in motion. Minoan culture (2800-1150 BC. NS.) is one of the highest civilizations of humanity. Artists and potters demonstrate to their skill those heights that refined art can reach. Fresco opens our souls of these peaceful, funny, but also powerful people, talk about the sea and its wealth.Cycladic civilization left us unmatched masterpieces, first of all, painted and engraved Cycladic vases and, of course, mentioned marble idols – the first sculptures in the territory of Europe, which we know.

Famous in a memorial cruise

And so, in May 1994, our sea cruise under Lychim name "Full forward!" There was a place to be. And, I must say, the journey really managed. Of course, at first it was uncomfortable to campaign tourists to an unfamiliar route (those who are engaged in tourism know that new routes always require more efforts and means). We decided "Schitrit" and invited to a cruise on the islands of musical pop stars and people from television. With us in the campaign, such famous musicians were given their skills as: My youth’s dream and, in general, still unsurpassed Yuri Antonov, always known and always popular Andrei Makarevich, charming and very resourceful Vladimir Markin, the famous representatives of the Bardov school – not Oleg Mityaev and Konstantin Tarasov, surprisingly talented guys from the group "Quarter".

Advertising about the upcoming cruise in the Greek Islands constantly "twisted" The air is popular youth radio stations: "Radio-101", "Lighthouse", Radio "Maximum", Moreover, the representative of the latter – Sasha Abdrakhimov promised to go into a live broadcast from the board during the passage between the islands and it succeeded! Newspaper "Moscow News" Also took the trip the whole strip, describing the holiday on the wonderful islands.

In general, by the way, journalists were quite a lot to subsequent rumors about the Greek Islands "gone" On the land of Russian. Television was present in fulfillment (with equipment): Company "Video International", Operators with RTR. ORT represented Dmitry Wills by heading "scampish notes" , which since then the May holidays is dedicated to the Greek Islands and our romantic journey.

Cyclades in the authority of time

The eruption of the Fira Volcano (Thira, Santorin) in 1550 to N. NS. put an end to the Cycladic and Mina civilizations. Then the Cyclades are subject to myxenam. Later island colonized by Ionians and Dorians, and become members of the Athenian League. Becoming "golden age" Cyclad (VII-VI century BC. NS.), Dilos Island is a major religious and political center. The islands are then passionately desired object for Macedonians, Ptolemysey, Rhodians and Romans.

In the Byzantine era of the island of Cyclades are subjected to frequent attacks of pirates. Then in 1204.NS. Conquered by Venetians. Islands are distributed among noble Venetian families. During this period, most of the inhabitants of Cyclada takes Christianity.

In 1537, the Grozny Turks Red Beard captures the archipelago. During the Turkish occupation, which lasted until 1617., Islands have a special status – they are allowed to build and armared ships to confront pirate attacks.

V "Capitulation", Signed by Francis I and Suleiman Magnificent, especially marked by France’s patronage to local Catholics. For a short time (1770-1774.) Islands were ruled by Russian.

Again, under the authority of the Russian islands, they were in May 1994, when more than 300 tourists came to the land of the Cycladic Islands. Oh my God! How beautiful they are! Especially Santorini and Mykonos. Snow White Dominics – Hotel Restors-Shop. Wavy cobblestone tracks, sometimes taken careless locals.

Each of our tourist then, with a facial happiness, spoke and repeated all the time the same phrase: "fabulous place". And we got (in the weather sense) the best time is May (there is still no strong heat, but the bright sun on the background of azure-transparent water and a purely blue sky is something. ). Tanned then instantly, and the whiteness of the situation "Bila" in the eyes, but on the islands in local stores there were enough all sorts of electoral money and sunglasses too. Absolutely overwhelming majority of tourists gave themselves a promise to come to these islands again, but. Be sure to – together. It is here that it is necessary to hold a romantic journey – all the conditions for this on these cozy islands have!

Until now, Santorini islands and Mykonos are known very widely, but only not we have: someone heard something, someone saw somewhere. And they, in the West, in the section Greece, this islands are given a solid place. That is, they are popular with them, and we have no. Even the local Greek managers from tourism themselves are not used to serving Russian tourists: no relevant Russian-speaking guides, there are no restaurant menu written in Russian, they are not accustomed to our Russian mentality and t.NS.. But this season (according to a survey of many travel agencies working in Greece) is expected to be a real boom and the Greeks (almost all) are preparing for a meeting with our tourist.

In the end! How can?! Barely order yourself (in advance!you) hotel, page, chatamoran or aviation -transfer to the islands and. rather touch this beauty!

Catastrophe on Fira Island

Experts believe that the ashes followed by the catastrophe and the rise of the sea could weaken the Minoan culture, thereby beneficing that the elevation of Mycene. The shock wave from the island of Fira passed throughout the Aegean world.

For centuries outlines, the figs changed.

Initially, the island was round and called Strong (from Greek "Strongulos" – round). Before the explosion volcano (acting and soynet) reached 1500 m in height. After the explosion, a huge crater was formed, or caldera, which has a crescent form today, because, exploding, the volcano collapsed into the sea. 63 cubic meters of soil took off the explosion into the air! The thickness of the ash layer places reaches 40 m. Later, the outpouring of lava happened, which, connecting with the remains of the island, formed the Santorini archipelago. It is possible that the eruption of the volcano on the island of Fira, destroyed most of it, and gave rise to the myth of Atlantis.

Do not be scared, the whole city is at the top

Journalist Sergey Rastorguev ("Moscow Region News"), being a member of our journey, described our arrival on Santorini Island and his one "peculiarity", About which tourists always say, visiting there: "The city is located on a volcanic plateau. To climb from the sea pier to the city, you can use the cable car. Lifting will take five minutes and will cost you 600 drachms.

And it is possible for the same money to climb along the donkey path, where in the form of a lift are used both donkeys and mules. In full delight of such a way of lifting, I hurried towards the trail. There already reigned a bustle created by our tourists. While I took the thousandth bill from the wallet, the driveman sat me in the saddle and counted. We stretched the rim in the mountain. Oral donkeys, tourists turned out from fear and admire, and all this looked surprisingly harmoniously, recreating the atmosphere of May Day demonstrations. I breathed in full breasts the wicked sea air and shouted too. Just like that. After 20 minutes, our procession rose to the plateau. The height was such that the starting site was at the bottom seemed to be a small patch! I note that the driveman did not accompany us – the donkey knows the way. That’s the way they led by our doses, we entered the city. And only here, having disappeared, I recalculated squeezed in a sweaty fist feeding.

The drive officer cheat me for 200 drachms. Well, what, I judged, for such pleasure you have to pay." Yes, it was about a steep rock-shaped wall mentioned in this narration. On the other hand, the island slowly slides into the sea and it is here that are located magnificent beaches with large black sand. As if tilted on the side of a sinking ship, Santorini unfolds to the thirsty of the sun and the sea to tourists from their east side, and guests arriving from the sea (on passenger liners) is taking a highly raised over the sea west coast. Hence the problem: like, most importantly, to climb upstairs.

Cruise liners cast an anchor at the bottom of the fir, at the pier of Mesa Yulos. And, from afar, from the deck of the vessel, this place seems completely impregnable for landing tourists. "Caldera"-so called the cloudy slope of the volcano past under the water – did not remain wild, a man something managed to make something. Passengers who came to the shore decide how to rise to the height of 260 m: a) on foot – 687 steps, b) on the mula, c) on the funicular. Of course, there is on this west coast (Harbor Atinios, 12 km south of the capital) the place where you can come by car. Local residents did not want to deprive themselves and travel tourists of pleasure to use the car. But always tourists who arrived in Santorini are experiencing a strong temptation to rise up to two exotic ways. And the cabin of the funicular ("teleferik"), and the back of the mule is an excellent mobile observation point for the preparation of the first, often the brightest, impressions about the island!

The main city of Fira is allocated by architectural style even against the background of other Cycladic Islands. Here more than anywhere in buildings with vaulted ceilings and domes. Imagine: Dazzling White Houses Violated Only Blue Dippers of Monasteries. One of the churches – Agiu Mina – constructed on the very edge of the rock.

Far outside the country it is it that serves promotional, always recognizable, symbol of Santorini island. The settlement itself is located an amphitheater on the slopes of stony hills. Tourists always catch a buzz from accommodation in traditional Cycladian houses. You sit at the table on the terrace and, leisurely sipping wine, watch the sunset from the height! And this after you went to the shops all day and got acquainted with the jewelry works of local masters. Stones here on the island in excess, and products of them are very good souvenirs in memory of Santorini. Golden jewelry peaured ancient Greek civilization (remember the ancient cinema and mineral culture especially well?). But, the city is a city, and I still want to swim. A unorganized tourist quickly finds the central square of Teotokopulos and with it – a parking lot of a taxi and buses departing in different points of the island, some simply endpoint is the beach, for example – the beach in Kamari with black sand.

In the north-west of the island picturesquely spread the place of IA, challenging the honor of the figure of the figure to be called the most beautiful place of the island. Some residents do not agree with this point of view, considering the most beautiful village in all of Greece. For example, in 1981, IA received the first award on the European contest of villages with the best traditional architecture in Italy! During the Turkish rule, Santorini island possessed the largest trading fleet in the Aegean Sea, and all of him (280 sailing ships) belonged to the population of the village of Ia! On a dialect of Homeric times, the word IA then meant "remote", "isolated".

If there are connoisseurs of grape wines among you, go to Megalochori. Here sometimes treat great wine for free, and in the tasting room you can try different varieties. The most famous – "Santorini Butari".

If you are interested in history, go to the village of Akrotiri. It is here since 1967 archaeologists conduct excavations of the ancient city of the Minoan civilization. Here are preserved almost entirely at home with economic utensils. They are dating 1500-1470. to N. NS.! Special value among finds Akrotiri is a wonderful wall painting for its time, the elements of which are very often given in various tourist directories in Greece. Yes, these frescoes can be seen here, on Santorini!

Traveling together on love islands.

What are the beaches on Santorini! Deep transparent water "unearthly" colors! Black sand and the same unusual color of pebbles! The best beaches on the island are considered: Monolithos, Kamari, Perissa. Small size of the island (73 kV. km) and very peculiar relief Santorini made urban planners building here Little family-type hotels. But! This is exactly what attracts numerous tourists, a bit of scoring all the hotel. To guarantee "get a seat under the sun", Our person must be booked in advance the selected hotel.

And it’s not a joke. Hotels do not feel sorry, but they end up – this paraphrassed expression is very suitable for our situation. On the island of accommodation in Villah and traditional Santorinisian homes delivers special pleasure.

To the question: how to get to this wonderful island, there are several answer options.

1) From the Athenian port of Piraeus (from 2 to 5 flights) from 2 to 5 flights), ferry departs (travel time – 6-8 hours). Price of the tourist class – about $ 35.

2) from the other Athena port of Rafina (4 times a week) depart "Dolphins" – Rockets on underwater wings (travel time – 3-4 hours). Price – about $ 50.

3) from Athens Airport (2-6 flights a day) by aircraft (travel time – about 1 hour). Price – from 75 to $ 100.

Population of Santorini Island (about 9000 inhabitants) is engaged in servicing visitors. And they are all waiting for you, dear to our tourist!

Bohemian Island Mikonos!

It’s just for you. Mykonos Island is considered the most famous and visited from the Greek Islands Cyclades. This is really the island of the cosmopolitan. A visit to His plans any traveler heading to Greece on Islands.

It is here at every step you can see windmills that are depicted on colorful Greek photos. It is here, among the snow-white island houses, then there you are greek chapels or churches (they are about 400 on the island).

Island Mykonos constantly attracts famous people of the planet. Claudia Cardinal, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Jacqueline Kennedy Oncis, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda, Valentino and thousands of others drive here at least for a day or two. Mykonos in recent years is a very fashionable island. Villas grow like mushrooms. First of all, we are building the wealthy Italians and the French. Therefore, private possessions on the island abound.

The most famous building of the island is the Church of Panagia Paraportiani, with elements of Greek, Eastern and Byzantine masters, located in the Castro district. Alefkandra Quarter, in the south of the city, impresses with its old houses with balconies from a tree and is a colorful corner of the island.

But, of course, the most memorable place of Mykonos, the main place located on the west side of the island is Mikonos Venice. Restaurants and beating Waves of the Warm Sea. Here on the square rises an old Catholic Cathedral. A little away – delightful windmills, which supported the permanent recognition of the island of Mykonos.

On Mykonos Beaches on all tastes. The most famous and attractive: Calaphatha, payments of Yalo, Elia, Agia Anna, ORNO. Beaches Paradis and Super Paradis specifically designed for naturalists, tedders. They are plenty of here. A lot of beaches a series stretch along the coast, separating from each other by the windless bays with golden sand.

Mykonos is famous for its night entertainment life. In the evenings you can sit on the terrace of a restaurant, admire the delightful sunset. Discos and restaurants with live music are actively working at night. Prestigious nightclubs "Mercedes" and "Mules", "Argo", "Aster" do not let go of the partner until the morning. Mykonos is a city that never sleeps.

Get on Mykonos Island usually three ways: 1) on ferry for 6 hours, 2) on "Dolphin" For 3 hours, 3) by plane from Athens in 45 minutes. Here you will meet and take the hotel in advance. Just do not postpone your decision in a long box. Mykonos is a really popular holiday destination. Mykonos is waiting for you!

Traveling together on love islands.

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