Travels during a pandemic

Because of the coronaviru pandemic in 2020, every fifth Russian canceled vacation or planned trip. 2021th inspires more hopes.

A place: Armenia.

Time: the May holidays.

– The purpose of the visit to Armenia? – asked me on the border.
– Mountains, Wine, Duduk.
– Welcome to Armenia!

So I found myself in the country of wine, ancient monasteries and hospitable people. Actually, I was going to fly to Uzbekistan, but the prospect to give for air tickets 60,000 rubles. I did not please, and in the end I chose Armenia.

To save, booked a flight to Gyumri – the second largest city of Armenia. Tickets cost about 20,000 rubles. To Yerevan, they were more expensive, and, since the distance between cities is about 120 km, I decided to get to it ground.

At the airport I looked at the certificate of PCR test and missed on.

Despite the fact that prices in Armenia are now low, there are few tourists. Together with me the plane flew a man 70, back – a little more. At the time of my stay, everything worked. Only state institutions and waiters in some restaurants went in masks. However, when on the street for +20 ° C, there is really hard in the mask all the time. Fortunately, I never asked me to wear.

The only problem with which I encountered is impossible to find professional guides. Travel agencies worked on the following principle: drivers brought tourists to sights, those who did photos, then transported. I also wanted to learn about these places.

According to the rules before returning to Russia, travelers must fill out a questionnaire on the portal of the State Service and the Questionnaire, which is issued in the plane. They must be given to employees of Rospotrebnadzor at the airport. I did everything, but I didn’t ask this questionnaire. When he was recorded on PCR tests, the laboratory staff was very surprised, why do I need two tests. Apparently, the system is not yet completely adjusted.

It was my first journey abroad in the new conditions, and it turned out that it was not so scary to travel now. You only need to think where to fly, and study the requirements of destination.

A place: Cyprus.

Time: May.

Traveling almost with a two-year-old child? In a pandemic period? Why not. In August-September 2020, my husband and I visited Montenegro, in January 2021 – in the UAE. The idea of ​​flying now in Cyprus a husband filed, and the reviews about the island of authoritative bloggers were finally convinced that the country was perfect for recreation with children. I myself lead a romanticheskiy blog.Egoist in Instagram and Canal Go Travel The World Together on YouTube and follow the posts of colleagues.

At first, I wanted to go through a travel agency, as it went cheaper, but days ten before the departure came notice that on our day the flight was canceled. It was possible to return money or transfer the reservation for the next dates, but tickets went up and in the latter case we would have to pay around 80,000 rubles. We returned money and booked all on our own.

Traveling during Coronavirus I liked even more than before: Tourists are smaller, airports are semi-empty – Beauty. Only PCR tests and masks annoy. We were lucky that in Cyprus with masks is not so strictly: we put on them exclusively in shopping centers, shops and the hotel, when we went for breakfast.

When they arrived, Lockanun still acted in the country. But local Russian-speaking residents, with whom I previously contacted, said that he does not particularly apply to tourists. So came out. In the hotel, we were given a certificate confirming that we are tourists and we wore it with you. True, she never asked her. Many cafes and restaurants worked exclusively to the honeycomb, but it did not bother us very much, because we booked a hotel "All Inclusive", and for the child they bought food in stores. It was allowed to walk along the beach, worked by winery, temples, some museums – in general, everything you need for excellent rest. And on May 10, Lokdanun was filmed officially.

This year we plan to still fly abroad: I see no reason to limit yourself due to coronavirus.

A place: Colombia, Ecuador, USA (Miami Beach).

Time: April.

Many countries are closed for tourists, and I planned my route based on the presence of direct flights and restrictions. Transplants now – big risk. Colombia and Ecuador from this point of view were optimal, in each country I visited two cities in two cities, and the United States, rather, performed as a transit country.

All tickets bought independently on the airline’s website. In case of cancellation or delay of the flight, it is easier to interact directly with the airline than when a travel agency is engaged in. And hotels booking through Booking.Com. Everything went to 5+, proving that traveling to COVID-19 exist.

Travels during a pandemic

No matter how many countries you are ready to visit. The main thing is to be ready moral. All countries that planned to see I require a negative PCR test and completed questionnaire (paper or online) at the entrance.

The restrictions were different everywhere. Stretch of all things were in Colombia: everything was closed there, except for food stores, and the masks are obligatory – the police followed this. In Miami Beach, shops, cafes, restaurants, beaches were opened, and the masks needed to wear in public places and transport. Stores and restaurants worked in Ecuador, but some attractions were closed, and the masks are also obligatory. I told about it and many other things in my blog Anyuto4kina in Instagram.

Going now on the journey, you need to be prepared for everything: suddenly introduced restrictions, curfew and penalty for its violation, a false-positive test, an unlocked number, because you are afraid to go because of COVID, and T. D. Tourists are not happy now, and no matter, on the street you or in an expensive hotel.

A place: Serbia.

Time: End of April – mid-May.

Slightly tired of tropical countries, I thought about excursion rest in Europe, and when my wife and I began to study the possible directions, the choice fell in Serbia. First, in January 2021, when a decision was made, Serbia was probably the only open country, and the possibility of closing it for Russians seemed to be minimal. Secondly, I have long wanted to go there, get acquainted with the local culture, kitchen, nature, architecture, admire small towns.

The decision to fly direct flights from Moscow to Belgrade and back all the same questions in Lokdaun in third countries were dictated. As it turned out later – right. Tickets "Aeroflot" I purchased in April, and a week before the departure they grew in price of seven times!

To visit the country, a PCR test was needed not older than 48 hours, I my wife and I did in Yaroslavl. Rumored that those who have vaccinated, you can not pass the test, but when we flew, the test was needed by all. So our vaccinations did not help.

There were no restrictions on moving, and during the stay in Serbia we managed to visit many places. You wear a mask in public places and travel. We visited Belgrade – the capital and largest city of the country, as well as one of the most ancient cities in Europe. We went to Valevo – one of the oldest Serbian cities, for the first time it is mentioned in the document dating 1393. Impressed the new garden, one of whose main attractions is Petrovaradinskaya fortress, a beautiful view of the city opens with it. And what stands Dwwegerad – ethnodevnya, built by director Emir Kusturice for filming the film "Life as a miracle"!

In general, the rest gave a lot of impressions, and the only thing we were mistaken – the period of stay. When the tickets booked, it seemed that I would have time to see everything, but no – did not have time.

I think in the summer there will be several more directions abroad without serious restrictions, and now I have been studying possible routes.

Travels during a pandemic

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