TRC Mega Mall in Sharjah

Arab Emirates are not only beautiful beaches of the Persian Gulf, but also entertainment and shopping. In the Emirate of Sharjah, one of the best places for shopping and fun is recognized by the shopping center "Mega Mall", it is the largest in the emirate. We will talk about it in our article.

Now (February 2021) MEGA MALL Mall is working as usual. However, free buses from hotels now do not go. There are strict measures of covid security, which read in the article on the link above.

Where is and how to get

MEGA Mall shopping center is located in the west of the Emirate of Sharjah, in the Al Bu Daniq quarter quarter (Al Bu Daniq). It is far from the coast and beach hotels, you do not get to any hotel.

In addition, it is far from the other attractions of the Emirate, except the Al-Mahatta Museum (Aviation Museum). Combine a trip to the MEGA Mall shopping center with a campaign somewhere else, saving in this way in transport, will not work.

Free bus

Some hotels can be reached by free flight bus "MEGA MALL SHUTTLE SERVICE".

List of hotels in these hotels: Coral Beach, Sheraton Hotel, Sharjah Beach Hotel, Radisson Blu, Lou Lou’a Beach, Al Salam Grand Hotel, Sharjah Premiere, Copthorne, Sahara Beach, Red Castle, Al Hamrah Hotel and Swiss Bel.

If your hotel is listed, then search for free buses to the receptionhn of your hotel.

When you arrive on a free bus in MEGA Mall shopping center, refer to Customer Service Desk. Each guest of hotels in the list above are gifts, coupon for free attractions at Antic’s Land entertainment center, free family photo and discount card operating in 70 shops shopping center.


If your hotel is not listed, then you can take a taxi. City buses do not go here.

Rating price from hotels – from 13.5 to 30 dirhams, depends on the location of the hotel. Current currency courses are looking for in our article "Money in Arab Emirates", and travel tariffs we led to the article "Taxi in the UAE".

Opening hours

From Sunday, on Wednesday: from 10:00 to 22:00;

Thursday and Saturday: from 10:00 to 00:00;

Friday: from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 00:00.

Dimensions and other numbers

Mel Mall shopping center solemnly opened on February 17, 2002. The ceremony was attended by His Majesty Sheikh Sultan Ibn-Mohammed Al-Qasimi – the ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah. He said: "This is a pleasant place for family purchases and entertainment, I hope that it will be successful and from the point of view of management".

MELA MALL TC is the largest in the Sharjah Emirate, the total area of ​​75,000 square. meters on 4 floors, of which 37 500 kV. Meters of retail space. On the official website of the MEGA MALL shopping center: "One of the largest TPS in the Arab Emirates". In fact, he does not even fall into the top ten.

By the standards of the UAE, he is small. For comparison, the famous Dubai Mall is 10 times more (350 thousand kV.M Schedule). Or comparable with us Mall in Abu Dhabi, which is 6 times more (232 thousand square meters.M Schedule).

Even Moscow standards area TC MEGA Mall small. For comparison, Europolis (former Golden Golden Babylon) in Moscow – 170,000 square meters.m (4.5 times more), or Spring shopping center in Moscow – 56,000 kV.m (1.5 times more).

The word "mega" in the title is an explicit exaggeration or an attempt to take the desired for the actual. Curious fact that on April 21, 2010 the main inscription "Mega Mall" on the facade of the building completely burned. Nothing criminal, just closing electrical wires. The fate itself was against the name.

In Sharjah, they are going to build a real mega shopping center. In 2016, the future TILAL MALL TC was announced worth 1.2 billion Dirhams, and in 2017 announced the AL ZAHIA Mall shopping center with a total value of 2.6 billion. But while the construction of these shopping center is delayed. TILAL MALL No news, and Al Zahia Mall promise (once again) Open in March 2021.

MEGA Mall shopping center might be very popular, despite the modest sizes if prices here were lower than in the shopping center in the neighboring Emirate of Dubai. And its location has to lower prices, because in Sharjah Rent and other store costs below. But in reality, prices in Mega Mall are not lower than in Dubai. Of course, everything is cheaper here than in Dubai Mall, but not cheaper than Mall of Emirates or Deira City Center in Deira.


Antic`s Land Entertainment Center Located on the 3rd floor. This is a large indoor amusement park, area – 7900 sq. meters. He is even more than the Sega Republic was in Dubai Mall. This is the pride of the MEGA Mall shopping center.

Here are 12 attractions, including small American slides, 30 miniduses and about hundreds of slot machines and simulators. There are billiards, attraction "Fishing", a room of fear, a cliffder and a laser labyrinth.

To ride a widow on attractions Antic`s Land, prepare 200-300 dirhams per person.

TRC Mega Mall in Sharjah

Novo Cinemas – This is a cinema of 7 halls. Films in Russian are not shown here, for our tourists it is almost useless.

Games Corner – This is a very interesting format of entertainment. Comfortable sofas installed here, PlayStation game consoles, LED-TVs 42 and 46 inches, 3D glasses. Pay money and play a certain time.

Where and what to eat

Fudcourt is on the 3rd floor. Here you can find the usual Fast Fudies Russians: Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns. In the shopping center there is a restaurant TGI Fridays.

We highly recommend visiting the dinct Hatam. Institution specializes in meat oriental cuisine – kebabs, kebabs, meat in the style of emirate cuisine. Portions of meat are large, side dishes add heads, greens. It is better to order one portion for two. Example in the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge.

The shops

On the first floor there is a hypermarket MEGA MART. In local cooking you can buy a snack. On the shelves you can find dates from the UAE expensive varieties, camel milk and other delicious gifts from the UAE.

In the shopping center MEGA Mall about 70 stores, including Zara, Victoria’s Secret, Wrangler, Swatch, Skechers, Adidas.

We recommend the shop "Arabian OUD". This place is considered one of the best for the purchase of Arab perfumery UD and Bahura. Even if you are not going to buy this perfume, you can just go and see, get a good idea.

Tips for tourists

– At the shopping center MEGA Mall two parking. The first is 800 cars on two underground levels. Second – 600 cars outside. Underground parking is never fully filled, rush parking there;

– If you need to change the money, see the exchange offices of Al Anseni and Al Ghurair on the first floor at the main entrance. A little further from the entrance there is a UAE Exchange exchanger. Read our article "How to change currency in the UAE";

– Some stores arrange seasonal promotions or sales duration of 1-2 days. Shares and sales announcements can be viewed on the HTTP: // WWW page.Megamall.AE / OFFERS /. Page in English, but here everything is obvious without knowing foreign languages;

– Do not forget about the dress code in public places in the Emirate of Sharjah, we told about it in the article "Rules for tourists in the UAE".

Successful purchases and entertainment in Mega Mall, and read our UAE Pages (Links below).

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