Treasure Island

For those who are not strong in geography: Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean. No industry. No industrial giants. Only sugar cane plantations (this is the main source of income of the island) and tourism. And the smart Mauritians specifically limit the development of tourism: the island must remain exclusively the place of elite rest. And, in general, they know what they do. After all, in Mauritius, for the pleasure of tourists, it is decidedly everything: magnificent beaches, magic lagoons, luxurious vegetation, majestic mountain arrays. The country is replete with the treasures of nature and architectural monuments.

At the same time, the island is very small: in length no more than 65 kilometers, and in width and less – just 45. And on this tiny on our Russian standards of territory, more than a million unusually friendly and friendly residents fit. Over the centuries, residents arrived here from all continents. Creoles, Indians, Pakistans, Chinese, Madagascars, Africans, Europeans live on the island. They brought their customs, languages, religions that try to carefully observe. So, in the festive calendar, Mauritius, Hindu holidays are replaced by Muslim, Christian, Tamil, Chinese: despite this, all residents form a single Mauritius state. And if you desperately meet on the planet of people living outside racial or religious beliefs, in the world and harmony, then travel to the island of Mauritius!

Still the island is famous for its excellent climate. From April to September, the average air temperature is about 20 degrees here. Heat, naturally. Such is the Mauritian Winter. And in the summer period (he, like everywhere in the southern hemisphere, lasts from October to March) the weather and is better – about 25 degrees. At the same time, no significant drops of temperature, nor heavy rains, no winds! The sea off the coast of the island is always calm: the ocean waves are divided into reef near the shore. So enter into transparently clean water, full of multicolored tropical fish, you can at any time. I can not believe that relatively recently, the island was uninhabited by historical standards. But then people corrected this mistake of nature and now here is glad to settle (or at least come to relax weeks for two) any person understanding the beauty in the beauty of nature and the romantic lovers of life on the tropical islands. No wonder at such a blessed slush village, excellent multi-star hotels are located. All of them connect the charm and sophisticated decoration with thoughtful simplicity and impeccable service. After all, random people are not coming here. In the local hotels can only be found in those people who can say to themselves: "Life succeeded!"

The capital of the island – the port of Louis – got its name in honor of the French king. The city lives an active life, and his small port is considered the most lively port in the Indian Ocean. It is necessary to see the Chinese statuette with a swinging head, Jumma Mosque, Saint James Cathedral, built in Typically English style, and finally Hindu-Tamil Temple. But the most famous landmark of the port Louis is considered a unique market. This is something average between the Arab and Paris markets: with smiling faces, multicolored sari, baskets, full of vegetables and juicy exotic fruits. In no case will not pass by the merchants of medicinal herbs, healing all the ailments!

Treasure Island

At the small island there are enough attractions. This is a 300-meter waterfall, which falls into the crater from the top of the extinct long-time volcano, and sacred for the Hindus Lake Gran Bassin, and unique multicolored lands. There is no exaggeration in the latter. Seasonal wind somehow washed off the top layer of the soil, and under it was a plot of land, the whole consisting of the sand of various shades! Total numbered 23 different colors. Now you have no doubt that this land is a real treasure?

In Mauritius, guests are good not only on Earth, but in the ocean. Belly you can say that this is the perfect place for all types of water sports. Water skiing, surfing, snorkeling (diving with mask) Hotels are most often offered for free. In addition, it is possible to make sailing or underwater swimming. To the attention of those who do diving: Mauritius can compete with the best diving centers due to its charming underwater landscapes, amazing underwater fauna and flora! Of particular interest is the unique deep-water fishing on blue and black marliners, sharks, yellow tuna, barracud.

Treasure Island

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