Treatment in Germany

In pursuit of slipping health, our sick compatriots often forget the main medical commandment: "do no harm". In this case, do not harm yourself. After all, with a person who went abroad to look for the most health, anything can happen: heat, for example, he does not tolerate, allergic from some exotic pollen makes life impossible. Yes, and the most ordinary acclimatization even in the paradise can be delayed for a month. In such cases, any treatment will go to the Nammark. So, in Germany, where, as we, there are no birch and aspen, the Russians all listed trouble are not threatened. So think and choose. And choose in this therapeutic edge there are from.

It annually takes thousands and thousands of foreigners. The incredible popularity of Germany among patients from different countries is due mainly to high quality German medicine and famous German resorts.

Of course, partially the reason for the unprecedented demand for treatment in Germany lies in aggressive advertising policies held by many German clinics. But every conscientious advertisement carries the lion’s share of truth – the glory of local treatment methods is unsolonent. Because at least, that it is this country that can boast the largest number of clinics. On the other hand, such, maybe indivible in the usual life features of a German character, as a meticulousness and reaching the absurd of pedantry, extremely favorably affect the result of treatment. Probably, it is these properties that are associated with the highest level of medical technologies, professionalism of specialists and high-cost scientific developments and served German clinics. Main advertising service.

No, of course, if we talk about abroad, then in the same Switzerland, and in England, and in France, and in America there are clinics not worse. And anyway, Germany for our compatriots has indisputable objective advantages, most importantly of which is the possibility "be treated in Russian", That is, communicate with doctors in our native language. The fact is that for the last 10-12 years in Germany, so many immigrants from the former USSR moved, which is almost in every medical center, every hospital will have if not a doctor, then at least a nurse speaking in Russian. And everyone who ever appealed for help from a medical specialist, knows: how important it is clearly talking about your problem so that the doctor can respond to it adequately. Praphrazing the centralization from the famous old film, treatment is when you understand.

There is another one "detail": German medical services are far from the most expensive. Prices are slightly above Israeli, but where as humanely American and especially Swiss.

Munich – one of the most medical cities of Germany. Munich Klinik Dr. JungBek specializing in face correction and figures. But there is no less famous, although highly specialized Alfa Klinik. Her ridge is orthopedic surgery, operations on the knee joint and the spine, facilitating problems with intervertebral discs, especially in the elderly, and t. NS. In this purely special area of ​​the clinic achieved unique results. The most difficult operations, of course, are not cheap: complete knee joint prosthetics – $ 21.000, and replacement of intervertebral discs – $ 28.000. Those that simpler – from $ 1.500 to $ 7.500. And of course, do not forget about the price of staying with treatment in the clinic – it will cost $ 300 per day.

Treatment in Germany

Munich Institute of Immunology and Cell Biology, which, together with the rehabilitation clinic of Bad Halbrunn (built, by the way, in the Bavarian style and located at the foot of the Alpine Mountains) specializes in the treatment of oncological diseases. Local treatment methods, without exaggeration, are unique. Developed by Dr. Cler, the head of the institute, the autocytocytoraterapy technique (ACC) in many cases allows partially or completely destroy the cancer tumor. Price 14 days stay in the clinic with treatment (full board + 6 IDC procedures) – $ 4.980, 28 days with the same set – $ 7.350.

And at the Beautiful Resort, Bas Grisbach settled one of the best rehabilitation clinics in Germany – Passauer Wolf. It is famous for excellent results in recovery after orthopedic operations (in Russia there are simply no such medical institutions): implantation of hip joints, knees, shoulders, amputation, multiple fractures and so on. Find here relief and people after stroke, brain injuries, with a weakened immune system.

The city of Freiburg is another of the most diverse clinics and medical centers of Germany. Albert Ludwig University’s largest clinic in Europe, founded in 1457, has 13 branches, more than 10 medical centers of various destinations and 5 research institutes. It is even difficult to imagine that: per year passes through it 54.000 Stationary Patients and 300.000 outpatient! The most importantly, the transplantation center of the surgical department of the clinic, glorified by unique transfers of bodies, from which the human life literally depends. But immediately warned: transplantation operations are the most expensive in modern medicine. For example, a liver transplant and necessary to restore the normal operation of the body in the Freiburg University Clinic within 48 days will cost the whole condition – 147.700 Euro. Another thing is that life is worth.

Treatment in Germany

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