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What do you know about Trieste? Before we hit this city, all that we knew about him was limited to scenes from the film "Girl from Trieste" with the Ornel Muti in the lead role. Meanwhile, the history of this Italian town is very interesting. The first fortress walls around the Trieste appeared before our era, so the sights here for every taste: the ancient Roman amphitheater, the castle of San Jucosta, built on the site of the former Venetian fortress, the museum in the former Nazi Razie-Di Sabba camp and the only beach in Europe where still men and women bathe in the sea separately.

How to get to Trieste?

The easiest way to get to Trieste is to fly here by plane. Tickets can be bought on the site Aviasales.Ru – They always help find the cheapest flights to Italy.

If you are traveling in Italy by car, this is the easternmost part of the country – Trieste is almost on the border with Slovenia. By the way, Slovenia enters the Schengen zone and, if you have multiple Schengen, you can visit Slovenian Piran City, which is very close to, or go to the lake Bled. You can get to Piran by bus from Trieste or by car, just do not forget to buy a special vignette (rental cars, it is most likely there, but it is better to clarify). Slovenian vignette is sold in the first shopping center, located a few meters from the border, if the police officers (and they cost 200 meters from the border) you will stop, and you will not have this sticker, then you threaten a very significant fine.

But back to Trieste, or rather to its sights. It is believed that all the most interesting is outside the city: Castle Miramare, old and New Castles in Duino, but in the city itself there is something to see.

Attractions Trieste

Attractions within the city are so compact that they can be bypass almost one day. So, let’s start our trip on Trieste.

Square of Unity Italy

One of the most beautiful places in the city is the Square of the Unity of Italy, by the way, many claim that this area is the most beautiful not only Italy, but also all of Europe. If you compare the age of Piazza Unità d’Italia with the age of the Trieste itself, then she is still a babe. Back in the XVIII century, there was no such area on the map of the city, and in her place there was a port tower, and near her hotel, stables and prison.

The modern view of the Square of Unity acquired in 1875, and the name received at all at the beginning of the 20th century, when Trieste was part of Italy.

We ended up on the main square of Trieste in the early morning, when it was not yet filled with numerous tourists. But here you could see with my own eyes how to remove the Italian TV series.

The main building on the square is the municipality (Palazzo del Municipio). It was built in 1875 on the project of the Italian architect Giuseppe Bruni. Like any European Town Hall, the building has a tower and watches decorated with two bronze figures of the Moors. In 2006, the figures due to strong wear were replaced by copies, and the originals were sent to the Museum in San Jousto Castle. By the way, it was from the balcony of this building on September 18, 1938, Benito Mussolini uttered his "famous" on the introduction of racial discrimination in Italy.

Before the building of the municipality is "Fountain of the Four Continents", built in 1751-1754 on Piazza Grande Square, which was the predecessor of Unity Square. When Trieste was preparing for the performance of Mussolini in 1938, the fountain from the square was removed and returned to the place only in 1970.

According to the official version, he could prevent the speech of the dictator, but who knows, maybe Benito simply did not like Mavrov and decided not to risk. By the way, Maurians, which symbolize Africa on the fountain of the four continents, periodically become objects of vandalism. So in 2008, unknowns beheaded sculptures, restored it only in 2009.

Another remarkable building on the main square of Trieste – House of Lloyd TRIESTINO. Back in 1836, Austria organized a shipping company, the headquarters of which is located in Trieste, here in this building and was the main office. Nowadays, there is a municipal parliament in the building, but the inscription is still Lloyd still bangs on its facade.

If from three sides, the area surrounds architectural monuments, then the fourth goes to the Adriatic Sea, if you look from the Palace of the municipality, and it seems that the area ends only behind the horizon line. But for the sake of fairness, it is worth noting that the sizes of the Unity of Italy are very impressive.

Some specific routes on Trieste do not advise, but it is necessary to climb to the fortress Saint Juno and visit the chapel of the same name. As for the city itself, his center is quite mil, but truly Italian architecture, such as in Florence or Rome, you will not meet here, everything is quite trite.

Even the classic Italian cathedrals in Trieste is very small, at least we almost did not meet them. But they were able to look into the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, consecrated on February 18, 1787.

Noteworthy the building of the Exchange on the Square of the same name, built in 1806 on the project of architect Antonio Mollar.

Pretty unusual among modern buildings looks like an ancient Roman amphitheater, built, as they say, even before our era. According to various sources, he could accommodate from 3500 to 6000 spectators when you look at him now, hard to believe it.

It is impossible to get inside the theater – everything is fenced with a fenceman and guarded by harsh tackets. &# 128578;

Another famous landmark of Trieste is a big canal. We, unfortunately, could not approach him, because there were shooting there, and everything was broken. But experienced tourists say that it is necessary to walk along the canal to feel the atmosphere of the city.

Trieste Italy Photo

Do not worry, despite the fact that the port in Trieste appeared in 1719, all cargo terminals are rendered on the outskirts, in the center you can see only small yachts and boats.

If you are traveling with children, be sure to go to the Trieste Aquarium, an open more than eighty years ago on the site of the former fishing market. Here you can see almost all representatives of flora and fauna living in the Adriatic Sea. The building of the aquarium is located in the building with a turret, so it’s not difficult to get to it.

Nearby you can see the Trieste Maritime Station, built in 1933, now the exhibition center is located in the building.

Before the building you can see the monument to the famous Italian hero of the First World War – Nazario Sauro, it is in honor of him a famous Italian submarine, standing in service from 1980 to 2002.

And behind the building of the marine station is a huge yachtclub and school of yachtsmen.

I must say that Trieste was not in our list of stops, when we planned the train in Europe by car, but never regretted that they stopped here for a couple of hours and walked. Trieste is a very beautiful city and deserves to return to it and see more than more detail and thoughtfully.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

I especially want to visit the Square of the Unity of Italy at night, visit the fortress San Jousto, and also look at the Raziera di San Sabba Museum – they say it was one of the most terrible Nazi concentration camps in Italy. But all this will be another time – do not switch!

Attractions of Trieste on the map

Hi, thanks for such a good feedback, we will walk on your trails. Tell me, where on the road you found zodiac (photo in response after the unity of Italy from the sea)? Where, on what area, you can see it?

If you are from a computer, then at the end of the article there is a map and on it the old stock exchange building (Piazza Della Borsa). If you get back to the fountain of Neptune and face to the stock exchange, then these zodiacs will be left on the left (almost at the corner). Well google maps called Meridiana Interactiva Trieste

Trieste Italy Photo

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