Trifle, but nice: Navajo bridge and horseshoe for good luck from the Colorado River Part 2

Next attraction of the same day became Horseshoe (Horshu-Bend). I am sure that many have seen this picture! Horschu-bend – This is a picturesque bend of the Colorado River, which has a horseshoe form­. In this place the river envelopes the protrusion, creating "loop", which can be observed from the high slope.

Due to his proximity to the city of Page, where many are stopped for overnight stays, and easy accessibility, this place is very popular among tourists. Does not drive here except only lazy. Although, as it turned out, some simply do not know about this treasure and misses him for ignorance.

To get from the parking lots directly on the sightseeing site, you will have to walk along a small trailer (tourist path). After some time, you will reach the slope of the canyon with a height of more than three hundred meters, from which the panoramic view of the emerald bending of the river. In scientific, this thing is called Meandra. Believe it is worth it to be seen!

Starting point: Parking to the right of the highway 89, if you drive from the paging side, Horseshoe Bend Trailhead.
Length: 1.5 miles / 2.4 km (back-back).
Estimated time hike: 45 minutes.
Complexity: We have to rise and go down the sandy hills.
What is worth considering: There are no toilets, water, shops on this traile. There is no shadow here, so it is recommended to have a stock of water, wear hats and use sunscreen. It’s very hot in summer!

Our impressions: Despite the fact that this place is one attraction, it is worth a visit! Here and andriusix saw something new, which was never encountered, and it was definitely interesting. Did not leave the feeling of some delight from the fact that we have seen this place many times in magazines and television shows, and now they could look at him with our own eyes. Plus, the place is very photogenic))

Grade: 9 out of 10.

Note: It is said that the best time to photographing the horseshoe – noon when the sun in the zenith and illuminates all its corners. We did not have time to no one before, arriving at about two o’clock (left about two). In my opinion, everything looked great!

For those who are curious, as Horseshoe looks like in different time intervals, on the Horseshoebend website.COM I was found here such a sign:

As far as I understood, our option – early afternoon))

Address: U.S. 89 Page, AZ 86040 United States. Horseshoe located on the territory of the National Recreation Area Glen Canyon (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area).

How to get: Here we have started tricks. Going to let from the side of the Grand Canyon and hoping to visit Navajo Bridge and the horseshoe, it is necessary to take into account the following:

Important! Part of the highway US 89 from Bitter Springs to Page (Page) is closed for repairs, as the road suffered as a result of a landslide. The type of this to pass directly from the bridge to the horseshoe will not work.

We didn’t know about it at one time, so I went to the Navajo bridge, hoping after without any problems proceed to the horseshoe. But, as you understand, I had to change the route. Keep in mind that Google is aware of and builds the route, given the repair work, but GPS may not know how it was in our case. As a result, we lost a lot of time and agreed that knowing about the discussion, I would not go to Navajo-Bridge at all.

What are the options?

As you can see, there are several options, but the most optimal is Highway US 89T, passing through the land of the Indians. Then you need to get to Page and drive a few kilometers to southwest.

Trifle, and nice bridge Navajo and horseshoe for good luck from the Colorado river part 2

Details and information about the changes are looking for on this site.

So, if you want to call for Navajo Bridge, lay an extra couple of hours on the road. To get from Grand Canyon to the horseshoe across the road 89t will take about two hours, and if you drive to the bridge – three and a half and more

GPS coordinates: 36.87924575 -111.51069638889.

Well, quite a rich day turned out. In the morning we managed to see the eastern part of the Grand Canyon, to come back to the Navajo bridge and see a spectacular horseshoe. After that, went to Glen Canyon, which read the following articles. I will only say that the place is stunning and very atmospheric!

Exciting you trips, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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