Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago — an island state in the southern Caribbean Sea, north of the Venezuelan coast (11 km) and just south of Grenada. It consists of two large islands — Trinidad and Tobago, as well as a large number of small islands.

Square of the country — 5128 km², of which 4768 km² It falls on the island of Trinidad (averaging 80 km in length and 59 in width). Tobago is located 30 kilometers northeast of Trinidad. His length — 41 km width — 12 km, Island Area — Approximately 300 km².

Despite the fact that Trinidad and Tobago are considered part of the small Antille Islands, their origin is excellent from the other islands of this archipelago. Trinidad was initially part of South America, Tobago has volcanic origin; Both islands are located on the continental shelf of South America. Mountain ridges on both islands are proceedings of Venezuela mountain chains. Now the islands are separated from the continent of the Bay of Paria, the straits of the Boca del Serpiente and Boca del Dragon.

At Trinidad prevailing low plain, however, there are three ridges — Two of them are in parallel to each other in the east of the island and do not exceed 325 meters in height. In the north there is another mountain range, which is a continuation of the coastal cordillera Venezuela. His main top — Mount Aripo (940 m) — The highest point of the country. The two largest rivers of the island — Oratare (50 km long, flows into the Atlantic Ocean) and Koroni (40 km, flows into the Caribbean Sea).

A large mountain range is dominated by Tobago, which passes through most of the island (length — 29 km) and heights up to 640 meters. To the north and south of the ridge are fertile plains. 43% of Tobago covered with forest. On the island you can find a lot of streams and small rivers.

Flora and the fauna of Trinidad and Tobago compared to the neighboring islands are very diverse, which is explained by its continental origin. Evergreen forests prevail, in the center of the island of Trinidad and on the leaded northwestern slopes — Secondary Savannah and Parking. Plants are represented as South American views and specific to the Antilles.

Climate in Trinidad and Tobago

The climate of Trinidad and Tobago is generally characteristic of the tropical climatic zone in which the country is located and is formed by the northeast winds. The average annual temperature on Trinidad +26…+thirty °C. The relative humidity of the air in the rainy season (from June to December) reaches an average of 85 — 87%. Tobago The climate is a little cooler, but broadly in line with the Trinidadian.

The year is divided into two seasons — the rainy season lasts from June to December, dry season — from January to May. The islands lie south of the zone of tropical cyclones, and the majority of hurricanes bypassed Trinidad and Tobago side.

The population of Trinidad and Tobago

The population of Trinidad and Tobago — 1390000. Man (2018). More than 95% of the population live on the island of Trinidad.

The ethnic composition of the population is very diverse. Approximately 40% of Black and constitute indotrinidadtsy descendants slaves and hired workers. The remaining 20% — Creoles and Trinidadians European, Chinese and Arabic origin. The national minorities include the Portuguese, and the Caribs «Cocoa Pagnol» — ethnic group, leading its origin from the first Spanish settlers and immigrants from Venezuela.

In Trinidad and Tobago is widely represented 7 religious denominations: Catholics (them identify themselves 26% of the population); Hindu (22%); Anglicans (8%); Baptist, Pentecost (7%); Muslims (6%); Seventh-day Adventists (4%). The rest of the residents of Trinidad and Tobago to other religions or are atheists.

Official language — English. Widely distributed Indo-Aryan language Bhojpuri, which is spoken by many indotrinidadtsy. In colloquial speech, is mainly used Trinidadian Creole language based on English.

Money and currency of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Dollar — the official currency of the Republic. $ 1 consists of 100 cents. The coins in circulation are 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents; banknotes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 100 dollars.

Foreign currency can be exchanged at the airport, banks and some hotels, as well as currency exchange offices. exchange rate in exchange offices are usually slightly worse than the banks of Port-of-Spain, however, at all points of the conditions are different.

Major credit cards accepted for payment systems everywhere. ATMs are also ubiquitous. Exchange rate when withdrawing from an ATM a little better than when exchanging cash.

Travel checks can be copped almost everywhere — In the offices of banks, in hotels and large stores. To avoid additional costs of conversion, it is recommended to use tourist checks in US dollars or in sterling pounds.

Communication and communications in Trinidad and Tobago

Phone code: 1 — 868.

Police — 999, fire service — 990, ambulance — 811.

How to call

To call from Russia to Trinidad and Tobago, you need to dial: 8 — beep — ten — 1 — 868 — Subscriber number.

To call from Trinidad and Tobago to Russia, you need to dial: 011 — 7 — city ​​code — Subscriber number.

Trinidad and Tobago

Safety in Trinidad and Tobago

The crime rate in Trinidad and Tobago is quite low. Grave crimes in the territory of the islands are extremely rare, but small thefts and fraud — Not unusual.

It is recommended to comply with standard security measures: do not carry large amounts of cash, instead of them it is wiser to use travel checks or banking. It is not recommended to use ATMs at night or exchange money from strangers. Do not leave valuable things in cars in the front seat.

Recommendations and tips on Trinidad and Tobago

Tap water is usually chlorized and safe for use, but it is recommended to use bottled water (as local water does not rarely have a chlorine flavor).

Despite the fact that on the islands it is often possible to hear almost undisguised offers about buying marijuana and even more "heavy" drugs, sale, acquisition or possession by any number of drugs is prosecuted by local legislation rather hard.

In Trinidad and Tobago high level of solar radiation — Recommended Protective Creams, Widela Clients Headwear and Lightwear.

Smoking in public places is a violation of the law.

How to get to Trinidad and Tobago

Direct air traffic between Russia and Trinidad and Tobago.

The most convenient flight location from Russia through United Kingdom with A / K British Airways: Moscow — London — Port-of-Spain (Trinidad Island) or Tobago (Tobago Island). In London, shifting airports with Heathrow to Gatwick.

Duration on the way: about 15 hours (excluding docking). Moscow — London — about 4 hours, London — Port-of-Spain — 10 hours 40 minutes, London Tobago — 10 hours 45 minutes. The cost of flight — 1000 — 1200 Euro (in both ends).

Also before Trinidad and Tobago can be reached through USA (Atlanta, New York, Miami, Houston): Caribbean Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines.

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