Trinidad city in Cuba

The picturesque resort, located near the coast of the Caribbean, the city, which attracts millions of tourists annually with its architectural, historical attractions every year. We are talking about Trinidad. He retained the colonial houses of the Middle Ages, transmitting their initial elegance. He was "satuned" by museums, mansions with the historical past, the Slanged cathedrals with relics.

Colorful valleys, unique reserves, unusual parks near Trinidad affect tourists scenery of pristine nature. The resort of Trinidad is popular with the best beaches on the southern coast of Cuba: Ancon and Maria Aguilar. Ancona’s coast "occupied" about twenty diving centers: Divers have something to choose from. "Fish" submariners in this area is the Coral Island of Kayo-Blanco and Casilde Bay.

Trinidad will be rich and full of unforgettable emotions and sensations.

How to get to Trinidad

From the capital of Cuba, the city of Trinidad separates 335 km. You can overcome this distance by bus, and the time in the way will take about 6 hours. There are flights at 7:30, 8:15 and at 13:00. In Havana from Trinidad – 7:45 and 15:15 go buses daily.

Santiago de Cuba is located from Trinidad at a distance of 581 km – this is about 11-12 hours of the road. Every day the bus goes at 19:30. Back he leaves at 8:00.

From Varadero (262 km from the resort) the bus goes at 7:30, back returns at 14:25.

Although a small airport is Alberto Delgado in a kilometer from Trinidad, but it takes only charter flights.

You can ride a taxi: Pay 20 CUC from Havana, from Sancti Spiritus – 5 CUC.

Another movement option – on the moped. The cost of its rental is about 27 CUC per day.

On the train can only be reached in the "Sugar Plant Valley". At 9:30 each day there is a train from Trinidad to Meyer, making stops in ISNA and Condado. Maeier make up at 13:00. Ticket round-trip costs 3 CUC.

Travel cost for the famous resort

How much is the movement in the intended point? Let’s start with the bus tickets. Bus tickets to Trinidad stand: from Havana – 17 CUC, from Santiago de Cuba – 33 CUC.

The cost of tickets for museums: in historical, romantic museums – 2 CUC, in the National Museum of Combating Counter-revolutionary – 1 CUC. Entrance to the disco after 9 pm will also cost 1 CUC.

You can participate in sea fishing: In the center of Marina Puerto Sol Trinidad, tourists-extremes are offered a guide tour. There is such a fishing 30 CUC.

Operating time Resort

Many Trinidad Museums are open from 9:00 to 17:00.

The historical museum receives guests from Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00. The art gallery in the mansion of Aldeman Ortis works in the same clock. From Tuesday to Saturday, the Museum of Alexander Humbolta is open – Museum of Archeology and Natural Sciences.

Romantico Museum (Palacio-Brunet) works all days of the week, except Monday.

The National Museum of Combating Counter-revolutionary is waiting for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00.

Church of St. Trinity is open to visits to tourists from Monday to Saturday, just a half hours a day: from 11:00 to 12:30.

A bit of history

Founded by the famous Trinidad in the province of St. Spiritus in 1514 by Konkistador Diego Velasquez. Just 7 km separates the city from the sea. Since the time of Spanish rule, he has changed little.

In the old days, the city was the center of fees of the largest landowners who traded slaves and sugar cane. For this reason, in Trinidad, you can see quite a few mansions of tobacco and sugar barons, after the revolution of the museums.

The atmosphere of old colonial times is transmitted by renovated architectural monuments, and paved with a cobblestone Square and Street.

What to look in Trinidad

Trinidad – a small town, the inhabitants in it are only about 75 thousand. All local attractions are concentrated on the Central City Square or near her. So, walk along the streets of a quiet and peaceful trinidad.

On the main square of Trinidad Plasa, Major is open to the Alexander von Humbolta Museum – the famous German researcher and traveler. In the city, the scientist was a few days, and his name is wearing and will be worn by a museum of natural science not one dozen years.

Square Sightseeing: The Church of the Holy Trinity is the largest temple on Cuba, storing the Wooden Statue of Jesus Christ in his walls, dated by the 18th century, the palace of the beginning of the 19th century, the church and the abode of St. Francis, art gallery in the former mansion.

Between houses built in colonial style, Little Del Higue Square hid. It has a memorable cross in honor of the first divine service in December 1514, the first Trinidad priest Bartolomeo de Las Cas. Figing tree on the same area is the same age of the city. It was planted at the place of the founding of Trinidad Colonists-settlers. By tradition, under this tree to this day are held by liturgy.

You can find out the history of the city in the historic urban museum, open at the Kantero Palace. Established building in 1827. The house has characteristic neoclassical style frontones, decorated with antique figures. Named mansion in honor of his owner, unknown businessman densely Kantero. Rising to the palace tower, enjoy a colorful view of the surrounding area.

Many museums in the city. The museum of combating counter-revolutionary was located in the bell tower of the former church of St. Francis. The exhibits of the museum tell about the period from 1960 to 1965, when counter-revolutionaries tried to "strangle" a young revolution.

Manak Tower Isnagi built in the estate of the estate. Its function is to be an observation platform for the owner of the estate to observe slaves. The tower of 7 parts: three in the form of a square, four – octagon.

Trinidad city in Cuba

Not far from the city breaks the Kodina Park. Walk through it – a good option of family holiday. Clean air, mountain forests, incredible number of birds of different plumage and voice data. The park is located a local farm, in which you can see everyday life of rural farm life.

Another park is worth a visit with environmental excursions – Park El Kubano, broken 5 km from the center of Trinidad. El Kubano is a waterfall with the river, these are exotic trees and plants, these are rare birds, it is a swimming pool, it’s a walk on horses. This is the colonial past Cuba.

Trinidad is a "valley of sugar factories" – Valley Los Inhereyos. This, if you are accurate, a few valleys extending 12 km abroad of the city itself and having their name. A few centuries ago, she was the main supplier of sugar to all countries of the world. There are more than 50 sugar factories in the valley, now only 12. In the 19th century, at the time of liberation wars, both plants and residential buildings were destroyed, and shops and warehouses. Non-terrible watchtower remained 45 meters altitude and mansion of the owner. Now there are shops and restaurant.

UNESCO in 1988 announced the valley of human property.

For luxury, you should go to the romantic palace or Bruuba Mansion, built in 1812. The house was the apartments of the Borrel family, owners of sugar factories and a large number of slaves. In the house, everything "says" about the prosperity of his owners: a ladder of mahogany, the floor is laid out marble, elegant furniture of the 19th century, a collection of a unique Chinese porcelain, a gloss of bohemian glass, paintings in the style of romanticism, original and rich decor elements.

If, after visiting the city, you still have forces will remain, then the pedestrian trail of the battoo, that in the park Topes de Calchentes (not far from Trinidad) will definitely take the latter. Three kilometers along the local river with natural raw materials. And around man untouched by nature, colorful landscape, violent vegetation.

Heat the body in the cave (although in it and cool) on the disco Ayala. Among stalactites, stalagmites, under the noise of flying past mice. You can relax on the cuts cut from the cliffs and shops. Frame of extreme lovers will like, and reggae fans, Rumba, jazz and salsa will simply be delighted.

Tips for tourists

– To travel to Trinidad, choose the month of thoroughly: from November to April.

– When you plan purchases in local stores, consider the fact that they work 4-5 hours a day.

– Fun, under Cuban music you can spend time in the house of music. Such houses are open in every Cuban city. Sound motifs will involve you in the dance and dip in the romantic mood.

– By the way, the house has a cafe where you can eat. And drives with the recording of speakers musicians can be bought, if desired, here.

– For souvenirs, go to the craft market. Choice there is huge: handmade tablecloths, napkins, female handles, knitted, decoration, figurines, cigars in a box of cedar.

– Do not forget to capture with you on a trip to Trinidad funds from the bites of mosquitoes and other biting residents of Cuba.

– Think out your outfit and shoes for long-making all the beauties of Trinidad.

– Not extended during a rich trip will be water.

During the trip, forget about all your problems, and the nature of Trinidad contributes to this.

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