Trip to Abkhazia by car

More than a third of the guests of Abkhazia arrive at its territory on cars, and it is easily explained. The country is small, to drive through it with an independent sightseeing. Sights is very simple, you can also stay at the night without any problems – in any settlement a huge selection of removable housing. As a result, every year the flow of autotourists on the territory of this republic is only growing.

How to get to Abkhazia by car

Time on the way from major cities of Russia will be much varied depending on the route. However, one way or another, the path lies through the Krasnodar region (Novorossiysk, Tuapse) and Sochi – once a very loaded military-Sukhum road, which went to the Transcaucasus from Cherkessk, not working today.

From Moscow to Gagra (almost the middle of the resort Abkhaz coast) – 1740 km, to Sukhuma – 1820 km. Time on the way – 20-25 hours depending on traffic jams on the seaside highway around Sochi and parking on the Russian-Abkhaz border. From St. Petersburg – 2430 and 2510 km, respectively, travel time is about 27-30 hours. From Sochi – 61 and 140 km, travel time – 1.5-2.5 hours.

Passage of Border Russia – Abkhazia

Crossing the border for the motorist can be strongly delayed. Despite the fact that the CAT "Adler" ("PSOU") The Russian-Abkhaz border is modernized and divided into several zones of service, traffic is very dense here, and sometimes the owners of the cars are carried out in the queues in the direction of Abkhazia 2-3 hours (in the early morning – less). Greatly lengthens the procedure a total queue for all machines – and tourist buses, and truck trucks, and for locals.

When crossing the border in the car, only the driver should remain (with it necessary to have a passport, driver’s license and vehicle vehicle or certified general power of attorney with the right to travel abroad), and passengers need to undergo customs and passport control separately. For the border crossing, only a civil or foreign passport is required, visa-free entry.

From the Russian side, the whole procedure usually takes much longer than with Abkhaz, although recently there has been a tendency to reduce downtime. The checkpoint operates around the clock, however, at 7:30 and 19:30 there are renovations.

Coming to Abkhazia need to insure their vehicles. The dimensions of the insurance premium depending on the time of stay and type of transport range from 100 to 5000 rubles. The lack of insurance leads to an administrative penalty in the amount of the insurance premium in full for the period to be paid, as well as 50% of the funds not paid in the proper procedure.

Security on the roads of Abkhazia

The situation with safety on the roads of Abkhazia is ambiguous, although by and large is not harder than in any of the southern regions of Russia. On the one hand, the friendliness of local residents and certain efforts of the authorities largely normalized once a very criminogenic situation in Abkhazia. On the other hand, still high levels of small offenses in relation to tourists, fraud, theft and frank deception.

On the roads in Abkhazia you need to be very attentive. Local residents, especially the youth (33% of all accidents account for this category), water with truly Caucasian liking, signs of road marking and high-speed mode are weakly observed or not respected at all, the technical condition of the fleet also leaves much to be desired. Moreover, traffic cops often do not pay attention to the behavior of local drivers, but the tourist will be imparted by sure. To this, you can add annoying many local traditions constantly signaling on the road literally for any reason – when meeting acquaintances and friends, how from other drivers or demand to give way to the road, and at any time of the day!

Lights in cities, and sometimes there is simply no, but passing through all the coastal settlements of the road, although it is quite good, but at the height of the season is quite loaded, because it is the only major transportation artery of the country. At the same time, many provincial roads are of themselves the usual grader or a broken asphalt strip, so breakdowns when driving on the car are not uncommon, and car services are most often far away and silence. Often straight on the roads graze and cattle, not paying the slightest attention to passing cars.

In relations with local law enforcement guards, there are also many difficult moments. On the one hand, as with us, the traffic police officers are very picky for cars with non-resident numbers and disadvantaged, love to find fault to any little things and extort MZD. The most popular reason is the speed of speed, since there are so many signs that are limited, on local roads and in such a confusion that it is impossible to understand simply. But the fixation of violations is often held "From bushes", Of the cars parked on the side or walking, without the identification signs of the traffic police. At the same time, the fines are very significant: riding on the counter – 5000 rubles, in a drunken form – up to 12,000 rubles, with unreadable signs – from 1200 to 1800 rubles, the speed exceeds 10-30 km / h – from 600 to 1800 rubles, over 30 km / hour – from 1800 to 3000 rubles and so on. The list of fines can be downloaded on the GAI website of Abkhazia and have with you.

In case of a serious offense, you can expect long and tedious disassembly of the circumstances of the case in the area. You should not be afraid of such a proceedings – with an explicit "Substab" From the part of the order of the order and the presence of serious argument (the same video recorder or eyewitness testimony) to a serious conflict, local policemen go extremely rarely, since the time spent in the site reduces stay on "Bread" Highway. In addition, in case of challenging decisions in court, it will be carried out at the place of residence, and there are local "proof" may be completely inappropriate. And here "Fully revenge" Subsequently, Abkhaz traffic cops can, and sometimes very ingenious. But on the other hand, the most often local guards of order are very friendly and for some minor mistakes, especially if the tourist is not amenable to provocations and behaves calmly and confidently, look through the fingers.

In separate "attraction" Often, the payment of fines, which local traffic cops discharge very generously, and the right. Therefore, it will be very useful to remove everything that happens on the road to the DVR. Pay the fine here is not easy here – there are practically no terminals, Russian bank cards do not take almost anywhere, making a listing via the Internet also unreal. Therefore, you have to go to the traffic police where the violation was recorded, and paying on the spot – the driver’s license is back in the same place. Well, or, as usual, traffic cop "in place", How to agree.

Trip to Abkhazia by car

Parking and parking in Abkhazia

Parking in many popular places, as a rule, paid and very notable (100-200 rubles per hour), although there is no security for them. But the hotels or cafes can put the cars as it fell, sometimes difficult to make a movement, and no one follows.

When traveling on your own car, the reinforced attention of local vorauses should be feared, so it is always necessary to close the car even in the case of a short time. Do not hold money in the car, documents and valuable things. Yes, and to leave it without supervision for a long time categorically not recommended. According to the Abkhaz Ministry of Internal Affairs, most of the corners and treatments are carried out in the summer period in the Gagra district and in the capital of the republic. These regions account for the maximum activity of household robbers, so reasonable security measures should be taken for accommodation and in the hotel and in the private sector, as well as on the beach or in the store.

State Automotive Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia

The State Automotive Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia is located at: Sukhum, Heroes of Border Guards, House 3. Phone: +7 (840) 222-51-17, +7 (840) 222-23-80, Trust phone +7 (940) 775-22-77, 229-72-73 or 229-73-00 (Sukhum ).

Reviews and studies of trips

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Caution, you in Abkhazia!

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Trip to Abkhazia by car

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