Trip to Badalin – How to get to the Great Wall

If you prefer to go to the great Chinese wall yourself, and not take advantage of the excursion, then we will tell you how to do it. Perhaps during reading this article you decide still to choose an organized excursion. All the advantages and disadvantages of each option, we considered in our article "WORK WALL – VS Excursion Alone".

How to get to the site of the wall Badalin

Get to Badaliney is the most likely by train. The train rides from the North Station of the city of Beijing, from a separate terminal.

All trains in this side have the designations that begin with the letter "S" and numbers "2". Odd S201, S203, … ride in the side of Badaline, even S208, S212, … Ride Badaline in Beijing.

Most often trains go in the morning and in the evening. We recommend to come to the inspection of the Chinese wall in the morning, and return immediately after lunch.

The schedule is constantly changing, for example, when we drove this way, it looked like shown in the photo below. Cancellation of trains is not possible, because even on the official website of China, the same schedule is always posted.

The train has a streamlined nose and looks like a high-speed but should not be deducted, it rides at a speed of no more than 120 kilometers per hour. If you want to ride a high-speed Chinese train with speeds up to 300 kilometers per hour, you will have to go somewhere else.

The first nuisance with which you will have to face – this is turns. The Chinese love to stand in the queues, and as we noticed, it concerns the Northern Chinese. In southern cities, such as Shanghai, Wuhan, Hong Kong We were repeatedly and did not meet such queues.

The queue begins to form an hour before serving the train, 40 minutes before the departure, it looks like this:

It sounds wild, but the Chinese prefer to stand in the queue of an hour to then be able to sit in the train. Thinking a little, we decided to sit at the expense of the train than standing in this queue, but we had to stand in the train. After all, even taking place in the queue, seated place in the train is not yet guaranteed.

At the time of the landing, the turn is huge, it looks like this:

Then the most interesting thing begins – the Chinese arrange a real race to train. Really run, apparently, the spirit of the past in 2008 Olympiad in Beijing is still alive and not fading. It looks like this:

Choose yourself – calmly sit at the station and stand on the train or take part in standing in line and in the sprint race. There is another option to buy a tour, if you are unacceptable for you, such adventures, and you want to get to the wall, sitting on the sightseeing bus.

Recommendations what to do before traveling

Warmly dressing is the first thing to do before traveling. Badalin is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, there is very windy and cool. In the summer, when it is even happy in Beijing in Beijing, but in other times of the year you need to warm.

So, in the summer, get dressed so that you are not blown by the wind, otherwise there is a real chance to spend the rest of the trip to bed and with medications in an embrace. As evidence of the windiness of this area, we give a video, which shows how the fastening of the Flag of the PRC broke away from the wind. Of course, the guardsmen quickly fixed.

In the spring and autumn you need to warm very much, in Badalin much colder than in Beijing itself. If you do not do this, you will have to be freezing, or buy additional warming right in place, where prices can be safely multiplied by 4, comparing with Beijing himself. In the next photo you see people who did not give such advice, or they did not take advantage. November month, look at the "happy" faces.

The next important advice is to attempt before the trip and take food and water. Food in Badalina Dear, 2 times more expensive than in Beijing. Portion of ordinary rice with vegetables stands there 30-40 Chinese yuan. Near the Northern station there is a shopping center with a lot of cafes and fast foods for every taste. In the photo below you see Burger King in this shopping center and our chief editor, heroically overcoming the language barrier with the Chinese.

In the same shopping center there is a supermarket where you can buy water, gas cutting or cold tea on the road. Inside the Terminal of the North Station, Beijing has a small store, but the choice of food and drinks is scanty.

How to get to train to Badalin

Before the northern station is easiest to get to the Metro Beijing, it is located at the station xinhimen. Photos of the Beijing Metro Maps with an indication of the station below. The station is at the intersection of the 2nd (internal ring), 4th and 9th lines. Not to confuse, remember that you need the intersection of yellow, blue and turquoise branches, definitely not mistaken.

When you go out at the station, just follow the signs with the inscriptions "Beijing Railway Station North". Such a pointer you see in the photo below.

The station is at the exit A, while the output is only one. Recall that sometimes outputs with the same letter can be somewhat, then they are numbered an additional digit.

Passages and turns will need to go a few, do not relax, carefully follow the signs.

After the exit you can turn to the mall, then look for a pointer with the inscription "Mall". And you can go to the station itself. On the bottom floor there are cash offices that work rarely, you may not even break down, but just climb upstairs. You will see a cashier and traditional turn. Cassu and queue you can look at the photo below.

Stoke in line, you buy tickets that are 6 yuan per person. Do not forget to provide a stock of times on this procedure about 10-20 minutes. Tickets are simple, look like this.

Passing the turnstile and security control, you will find yourself inside. But, before entering, think about it, and whether you need to come now, as you will not be released back. Perhaps worth walking around the surroundings than to sit all the time before the arrival of the train inside. In the vicinity there is a shopping center and many interesting stores, we liked the most wedding cakes shop nearby nearby.

Trip to Badalin - How to get to the Great Wall

Cake is not real, it’s a duly, and it’s easy to understand when you are near. But he is very beautiful.

Nearby is a whole shopping center with a lot of cafes and shops, you will not miss you. The shopping center opens at 10-00. Rather, he himself opens at 7-00, but all stores open at 10-00.

The process of planting on the train we will not describe, everything is simple. From this terminal trains only in Badalin, other trains do not happen, you will not be mistaken. In extreme cases, even if there is another train in the terminal, you will not be allowed there, since you will be wrong.

With this trip, one principle can be followed, which will allow you to accurately get to the destination and not miss anywhere. Just go there, where everyone goes, go out with everyone and enter with all. Everything is very simple, in this direction most people go to the Great Wall.

In the train you can buy a wall ticket, and for the same amount as in the checkout – 45 yuan. The ticket is exactly the same, you will not lose anything. Tickets sells responsible comrade in the form of the PRC railway officer.

It makes no sense to buy a ticket in a train, as turnings at the box office in Badalin’s small. Most tourists arrive here as part of organized excursions, and they have tickets purchased in advance.

There is no Vagon-Restaurant, no merchants for food or drinks. Entertainment in the train either no no. The only location option is to look out the window.

During the trip, you can watch beautiful landscapes of Beijing and suburbs. At the end of the trip you can see different neighboring sections of the wall. See the gallery Photo about the trip to Badalin at this link.

Badalin is not the last stop of the train. Watch out for people around, and as soon as most of them begin to go out, go out with everyone. 90% of passengers come to Badalin station, you will not miss.

About what is interesting to look at the greatest Chinese wall, we will not tell on this page. Read our article "On the most Chinese wall", we described everything in detail.

Return road is completely similar, you come to the station, buy a ticket and sit down to the train. Single interesting moment! The train will go to the direction from Beijing, although in logic it should go towards Beijing. Do not worry and do not be surprised, he then unfolds in the right direction. The way back is longer for about 10 minutes. Depending on the train, the road will take from 1 hour 20 minutes to 2 hours. You will arrive at the North Station Beijing.

We wish you a good trip to the Great Wall of China, and read other useful articles about China on our website (Links below).

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I wanted to clarify that electric trains in Badalin moved to another station. At least we could not leave May 19. From the station did not go any train. Perhaps this is temporary. Do not know.

Trip to Badalin - How to get to the Great Wall

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