Trip to Bordeaux. Part 2.

House at Rue Bouquiere, 19 (ul. The booker, 19) was located in the heart of Bordeaux and was our final destination. Sergey turned with normal, in a Russian understanding, 4-way road, and we were on narrow practically walking streets. Another pair of turns and we finally arrived.

– Come at 8 am to the hotel, I will run.
– Good, – Fabien was not confused.
At the appointed time, in the appointed place, they met and ran. Olya was surprised by his abilities, because before that she trained for one month, wounds the circles in the Balatovsky forest of the city of Perm, and he did not lag behind it for a second. Listening after this story Fabien, and I learned that he, when Olya went into the room, continued to light on the disco and practically did not sleep that night, which once again confirms that the possibilities of the human body are practically not limited, especially when you barely twenty. This is how true love begins.

"He was born to run.
Duck damn it, yes, damn damn.
I became so sentimental lately.
And maybe I am a house and family.
Running roots, precious seed ".
(Chizh and Co).

Trip to Bordeaux. Part 2.

Ours with anne story a little prose. Regular working time. I then worked in Er Telecom, and connected corporateers to the Internet. And once among customers, the Language Center "Britain" came to me, where she worked as a training manager, and her colleague was appointed responsible for the Internet. So it happened that when I came to them an office, my colleagues were in place. Well, then ..
Soon, Lena who returned from the Internet captivity joined our conversation. She suggested going to the nearest bar and smoke Hookah. Fabien’s apartment was located in the heart of the city, and everything was here in step accessibility. It turns out that in France hookahs in bars are prohibited, and local businessmen go to small tricks. In the menu they are not offered, and therefore officially the police have no right to close such a institution. With a sudden check if someone smokes a hookah in the bar, on the legitimate question "what a fuck?»It follows the same legitimate answer of the owner" Visitors themselves brought him with themselves, and here they ordered only to drink ". It is worth noting that these most visitors who "brought him with them" must order at a bar. Apparently the law prohibiting smoking in the bar your hookah is not. It is in one of these places we came. I nailed us from the first tightening, although he was scored, well, very brushing. Sleepless night affected. Our eyes almost closed, as one went to the bar, then one more, and two more representatives of the rule of law. They headed directly to the bar counter, but not at all in order to drink beer after severe shift. The situation is heating. I saw a police vant for the entrance. "What now? We probably attract people in shape to themselves, "said Anya. Faben explained that this place was trying to close for a long time, and such checks pass quite often, however, according to the law, the police could not do anything. "Let’s go from here," I suggested. – "We are already enough adventure for these days, and, frankly, the hunt is just a little sleep". Guys agreed with me. Faben asked for an account and agreed to make us a 50% discount for the inconvenience that we experienced due to the police arrived. At the exit from the bar there was about 3 policemen. "In the time you gone," I thought.
After 10 minutes, we climbed the screw staircase leading to Fabien’s apartment. Going inside, everyone began to slowly prepare to sleep. Lena went into the shower, Olya with Fabenas remained in the bedroom, and we went to our, such a long-awaited bed, which was a conventional single-bed mattress, settled on the floor. Fatigue made his business. I did not have time to return, as we slept tightly.

Morning began to all from the door call. "Who’s there?"I heard in the midwife. In a couple of minutes, Faben went to our room with a bouquet of flowers. He explained that some stranger sent them to Lena, since she had a birthday today. Colors attached a small note with an insanely beautiful congratulation. "But how he learned the address? It is incredible!"She said, almost crying from unexpectedly filled with her happiness, and at the same time gaining his number. A great start who promised to be excellent, day, because today an even more interesting program was scheduled. While Lena chatted on the phone, and I leisurely wake up, Fabien managed to run behind fresh croissants, and Olya brew coffee. Here it is, a typical french breakfast.

Trip to Bordeaux. Part 2.

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