Trip to Busan

You can familiarize yourself with my impressions in this article. The next way of my excursion tour was Busan.

I thought then that the large cities of Millionized South Korea are hardly different from each other. Therefore, the trip to Busan intended to ignore to wander through the blooming capital of South Korea on his own (there was a time of flowering Sakura). It is good that there were experienced tourists who were discovered from such an increasing solution.

Busan is a completely different city! Despite three with a foreskin of a million inhabitants, despite the largest port in the city’s center, despite the huge flow of tourists, it reigns a special, atmosphere, which has to pacification and slowness. Majestic mountain ranges, as if suspend the flow of time. Buddhist temples fill the space with serenity.

Attractions Pusana

Temple of Pomas &# 8211; Home Buddhist Country Shrine

But I would say that the main attraction. It is said that it is incredibly beautiful during the flowering of wisteria, which is notated there on the square in the whole 5 hectares (will have to come to the bloom of Wisteria).

Temple complex more than 1,300 years! It is located in the northern part of the city of Busan, on the slope of Mount Kymzhonsan and covers an area of ​​800 hectares. Being on its territory, you will never say that the city is very near. Silence, peace, singing of birds, sounds of chants, water noise.

The complex includes more than 150 sacred structures – chairs, multi-tiered pagodas, monks celi. Main Corps – Duongchon Pagoda, completed in three tiers. Very beautiful Dencon Pavilion, where in front of the stunned greatness and significance of the tourist seen (read – in front of me) appears the three incarnations of the Buddha.

Next to the Buddhism Museum is 8-tier pagoda. Halls with painting on Buddhist motifs were built in the 20th century, but also very distinctive. Architecture, painting, sculpture – all this is eastern bright, saturated with details and meaning. Definitely, a trip to Busan could start and end in this temple complex. And 10 days would be little. Moreover, in the territory of the temple there are picturesque thermal sources!

In a word, the temple of Pomas made an indelible impression on me. Then there were other excursions and other temples. But they no longer have such an impact.

Other Attractions of the Przer Zone Busan

Temple of Hadong Jongongs – Compact (about 20 buildings), colorful is located right on the rocky shore at the water itself. Impressive combination of harsh palette and texture of huge gray boulders and cheerful, flowery gamma buddhist pagodas and buildings. Due to its location, the temple is revered by tourists, as one of the main attractions of Busan.

Although, for me, so the temple of Sokpuls is much more interesting. Imagine natural origin of a huge niche in the mountain, and on its walls, 10-meter buddha purses and keepers of the temple on its walls. Who are their highs and how many centuries they are there, I could not find out, but to feel the breath of time – yes. This is a strong emotion.

Busan city is surrounded by beaches, each of which is a long one, from 1 km to 1.5 km, a rather wide coastline with small clean sand. Beaches Pusana &# 8211; Heounde, Guangalley, Songdo, Dadaepo, Sonzzhon have, on average, well-developed infrastructure. Some of them are more popular and crowded, some less. But since only Sakura bloomed in the yard, it was still far to the beach season, I did not pay much attention to them.

I can not share your impressions from visiting Skywalk observation deck. It is installed on a rock height of 35 meters above sea level. View opens – stunning. But it is not possible to estimate it from the first time. The joke is that the playground is made of transparent material (they say – glass, but hardly).

Careakers are good at her surface – neither scratches, no stripping. And take a few steps over an absolute transparent surface at such a height – not everyone can. I personally saw how the people go down on all fours and crawling (while also shouting from fear). Emission of adrenaline – cleaner than attractions.

Pusana markets

Truly, markets – real sights of Busan.

Initially, we got to the Biff Square. Wide, lively, shopping street. On the sides of which trays are tightly located, stalls, remote trade showcases. Street very clean. Called so in honor of the International Film Festival, which is held in the city since 1996. On the square there are even 428 meter stars alley.

But its main value is gastronomic. I looked at this food chaos and thought – wherever they then extected unrealized products? Food too much! And so, by the way, throughout South Korea.

Trip to Busan

The area connects two markets Chagalcchi and Gukye. Even if the trip to Poohan contained only the chagalch market, it would be worth it to make it. I did not see this anywhere. Chagalchchi Market – Fish. Say that he is big – say nothing, because it is comparable to the size with a huge liner. Only the main building is a 7-storey building, plus – around arranged, trays and stalls. Yes, and the definition of the "market" is not entirely correct. Rather, this is a whole market and restaurant complex.

Judge for yourself: on the first floor you can choose fresh fish (richest range of fish), then climb to the second floor and ask you to cook it. Also on the 2nd floor you can enjoy raw fish "Hwe" or buy dried. After a tasty lunch, it is proposed to participate in karaoke, visit the exhibition maritime exposures, get into the sauna – it’s all on the 3rd floor. And the floors, I remind, &# 8211; seven! There is still a restaurant, a buffet with seafood, a conference room and, finally, a green outdoor zone. How do you like this market? Scale, variety of seafood, the degree of organization is impressive.

Another attraction of Busan – GUKYA market, with lots of goods and big turnover. It is divided into sectors of goods. I do not really like to walk in the markets, so noted only for myself that a lot of food. And so – the market he and Africa market. Can only products higher quality (without Turkey and China), sellers are not annoying, cleanliness and accuracy in everything. On the rest of the markets, and they are enough in Busan, I just didn’t have enough.

Dear whether life goes in Busan

Since I performed a voyage within the framework of the tourist program and the cost of the tribute included housing, moving and breakfasts with dinners, the cost of these services was not too worried. What I had to come across and for what to pay is for drinks, taxis, urban transport, national dishes.

How much does it cost:

  • beverages &# 8211; Cup of cappuccino – about 3.$ 5, Mineralka Glass – 0.$ 5, 0.5 l beer – 2.3-3.0 $;
  • Meat on skewer – 1 $;
  • Middle lunch – from 7 to $ 10;
  • City bus – 1 $, the luxury bus will cost more;
  • Metro – from 1.$ 1 to 3.$ 8 depending on the number of zones in the route;
  • Custom taxi – landing cost 2.$ 1 plus 0.$ 5; for each kilometer. Luxury taxi – twice as expensive.
  • Communication – Simka Neokosim with unlimited Internet for 10 days I cost me $ 27.

These are my impressions of the trip to Busan. I wish everyone and recommend repeating my route.

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Trip to Busan

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