Trip to Korea. Seoul

This country has become a real discovery for me a couple of years ago. I got there by chance, it hurts good discounts were on a burning tour to South Korea. This little picturesque country turned out to be very beautiful, cozy and comfortable. For the first time, after 12 days of the paid tour, I did not want home.

How much cost tour in Korea

Tour in South Korea cost me $ 2160 (20% discount).

The price of the tour included:

  • Flights Round and back;
  • Flights inside the country;
  • All transfers provided by the program;
  • With flights inside the country, accommodation in hotels 4 *;
  • Double food – breakfast and dinner (half board);
  • Services of the Russian-speaking guide on all excursions;
  • insurance.

We visited three cities – Seoul, Busan, Kehju. Time was very tightly melted, but in each city we were given almost a day for independent acquaintance, visiting shops, sightseeing.

In a good way to all worthy of attention to see, you have to live in the country for a while. I have such an opportunity, like most, no. Therefore, a sightseeing tour to South Korea to help us (preferably burning).

Sights of Seoul

Trip to Korea. Seoul

I was lucky – the trip fell at the end of March, in the exact time for the time of flowering Sakura. I also heard that this phenomenon was very unusual. But when there is a dense tree of blooming trees, I was amazed. Moreover, the blooming Sakura was suddenly everywhere (in another time of the year it seemed to have no such number of trees). The whole country was covered with a pink colors. Unusually beautiful, moreover, at any time of the day. I highly recommend seeing and feel it.

My acquaintance began with the country from the main city of the country, Seoul and his sights.

First thing that drew attention &# 8211; Seoul, being a huge megapolis, does not prescribe, does not tire as most major cities. Maybe the wine was blooming Sakura, creating sensations of a widespread holiday. Perhaps unexpected combinations of very ancient and very modern (futuristic) architectural styles converted space. May be friendly and polite Koreans for the reason. And rather, all the factors are associated with a pleasant, easy energy of the city and excursions are not tired.

Palace Konbokkun, The residence of the ruling Choson dynasty, and now – the visiting card of Seoul. This is a majestic structure, or rather, a complex of structures. Within the territory of &# 8211; 330 buildings. Every day, from 10.00 to 14.00 Before the main goal of this architectural and historical complex, theatrical action is deployed – the change of imperial guard. Soldiers in the ancient military uniform of the Korea army (as they fought in these colorful coats?), armed with a saber weapon, marching the places under the sounds of drums and national brass bands, carry banners (very unusual). Many tourists, mostly women rented national clothes, corresponding to the Time of Coson, and flashed in it, born in the historical era, examining the huge territory of the Palace.

Palace Changdokgung &# 8211; One of the main attractions of Seoul and the mandatory object for viewing in all excursions. This is a palace complex, an area of ​​45 hectares, on which a huge and beautiful garden, 28 pavilions and more than a dozen fundamental buildings are located. Central Object – Palace Changdokgung (laid at the beginning of the 15th century) Motley collapsed several times and restored like a Phoenix bird. But there are many buildings that survived Japanese Kabalu and Korean War. The last rulers of Korea here died until 1926. Palace complex is now under the protection of UNESCO. I really liked it. Although, 45 hectares of squares with unique buildings and amazing landscape (which costs only the pond with lotus!) one day excursion not to cover.

Chogex temple, The main temple of Zen Buddhism in South Korea, – an unexpected island of rest and peace in the very center of a noisy megalopolis. I do not know how, but decibels on the territory of the complex penetrate with a much smaller level than on neighboring streets. Very colorful central building Tuenchon (on the perception of the Europeans – so just a "gingerbread house").

When I will buy a tour to South Korea with an individual schedule of exploring the country, I will definitely use the opportunity to live in the Temple Complex for several days as a Buddhist monk. There is such a service, and it costs only about 10 dollars.

Excursion to the Military Memorial Korea It was also interesting and informative. I especially remember the Wan-Room Hall with a rich exposition of ancient weapons, shields, clothes, swords, armor. On the territory of the Memorial, an exhibition of modern military equipment is located in the open air.

South Korea National Park (Bukhansan National Park) it was impossible to ignore. It takes a considerable area, something around 80 km² and is located on a ridge Bukhansan. beautiful park. In its territory several cascading waterfalls, natural ponds, viewing platforms. The park is surrounded by a metropolis from all sides, so you can take a look at the city from a height of 800 m. And the scale is impressive panorama. It was interesting to see how the organizers of the park slopes adapted to pedestrian walks with minimal intervention in the natural landscape. Adaptation is very conditional – rocks and stones have to get on the slopes &# 8211; climb. Although we did not choose the most difficult route, at the end of the tour I had only one wish – to the hotel.

Myeongdong our group tourists learn on their own. I’m not a big fan of shopping and boutiques, but for the sake of interest looked, what a legendary quarter. Retail outlets, large and small, brand, and other, different colors – in large numbers. Such congestion I have not seen anywhere else. Between them – cafes, perekusochnye, restaurants. Perhaps it makes sense to go with a purpose. And so, for the tour – you get tired quickly.

Do I need a visa to Korea

To issue a visa is not necessary. Russians can easily enter the country for 60 days without it. It is said that for floor travelers need to bring your house, tickets back, and even show the availability of funds for the stay in the country during the planned period. "Free" is also necessary to attend to the question of registration of medical insurance as medical services in the country are paid and not cheap.

When crossing the border to gather advice and remember – what are traveling with a. There are things that must be declared, namely: jewelry (it’s more for women), the weapon, the amount of more than 10 thousand. W.E., luxury brand watches, etc.D. Nothing that I had with him was not, therefore, did not declare. Seen as one of our travelers had to pay a fee for an extra bottle of alcohol (only one is allowed).

What I took away from the tour to South Korea?

  • First time – in autumn or spring to consider historical monuments &# 8211; They are very ancient, colorful, unusual, to visit the excursions, walk in the mountains;
  • the second – in winter to spend time at the magnificent ski resorts;
  • The third one – in the summer, to make a widget, dive with the aqualung, experience yourself in surfing, sunbathe on white beaches.

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Trip to Korea. Seoul

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