Trip to Peter by bus – What you need to know

St. Petersburg – one of the most popular cities in the country. Millions of visitors (tourists, students, travel, football fans, etc. come here every day.e). Some of them choose a bus as a vehicle as one of the most comfortable and affordable ways to move. Consider where buses arrive from different cities in St. Petersburg and what are the pros and cons of bus trips.

Bus stations in St. Petersburg

In the northern capital there are three bus station that serve suburban, long-distance and flights from other countries. International buses also go to these stations. Separate for them no.

Bus stations Peter on the map

Central Bus Station

Central Bus Station of St. Petersburg is located at the Embankment of the Obbar Canal, 36. The first buses set off from here in 1963, when the building of the bus station was built. When St. Petersburg celebrated 300 years since its foundation, the central car station of the city was capitally reconstructed and turned into a modern comfortable transport complex.

Equipment of an electronic alert system, automated ticketing system, convenient perrons of departure and arrival, reference terminal with touch control, cafe, storage chambers, wireless Internet access – all these modern changes add comfort to passengers.

Today, the Central Bus Station of Peter receives flights from Moscow, Novgorod, Belgorod, Petrozavodsk, Pskov, Elista and many others. Find the official bus schedule to St. Petersburg (and from the city) in Russia on 100AVTOBUS.Ru

Also Bus Stalls receives international flights from the following countries every day:

  • Belarus – Minsk, Gomel;
  • Latvia, Riga;
  • Moldova – Chisinau, volcanese;
  • Poland Warsaw;
  • Ukraine – Kiev, Donetsk, Mariupol, Lugansk;
  • Finland – Helsinki, New Valaam;
  • Estonia – Tallinn, Pärnu.

The capacity of the bus station is 3,500 passengers per day. Tickets can be bought at the box office or online.

Nearest Metro Station – Owning Channel. It is about 10 minutes’ walk from the station. This route also run city buses No. 74 and 76.

Bus station "Northern" and car station "Parnas"

"Northern" is located in Murino settlement. Sometimes it can be called a ninekino by the name of the metro station. Here you can come by bus from Petrozavodsk, Kirishi, Tikhvina, Volkhov and other towns and villages of the Leningrad region.

Trip to Peter by bus - What you need to know

Buses from Vyborg, Primorsk, Priozersk, Michurinsky arrive at the small bus station "Parnas". In the building there are cash regulations and waiting room.

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The metro station is also called "Parnas". From the listed settlements you can take a bus and to the central bus station, but it’s better to go back from Parnassa, so as not to spend time on the intersection of a large part of the city.

Pros and cons trip by bus

The bus is one of the most affordable and in-demand types of transport. It is used both in small and relatively long distances. Like any transport he has his pros and cons.

The advantages of bus trips:

  • Saving funds – the movement of this type of transport is much cheaper than aircraft and often cheaper than on its own car;
  • Comfort – long stayed last times of old and uncomfortable buses with rigid seats, today these are modern vehicles equipped with air conditioning, hinged chairs, sockets, toilet;
  • The ability to inspect interesting places – very often the routes are laid among the picturesque landscapes, which are enjoyable to admire from the windows;
  • the presence of a sufficient number of bus stations and stations in various cities and towns;
  • No restrictions on the number of baggage – each passenger can take so many bags and suitcases as he needs and store them throughout the trip in a spacious luggage compartment.

Like any vehicle, buses have their drawbacks. Some passengers may complain about poor well-being, especially in areas of roads that are in a non-ideal state. On the road there is always a risk of breakdowns of a bus or a traffic jam on the entrance to the big city.

Despite modern amenities in buses, some passengers may complain about discomfort with long stay in one place. This is especially true for people of high growth, pregnant women and individuals inclined to the formation of edema. Such passengers should not be sent to long distances bus trips.

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