Trip to the World Cup in Brazil

It is strange that all my reports about Brazil on the site are not available, they are only in LJ, soon I will suffer them to Mishka.Travel (about Kopakabana beaches, Ipanema, about helicopter flights over Rio and a lot more interesting), and this report will be more about the features of the trip during the World Cup. Go!

Before the draw I joked that I would not go only if we get a city with a funny name of Kuyaba. "Nakuaba us Kuyaba," I joked on Twitter. Reached. The first match of the team plays in Kuiabe, the second on the legendary Maracan in Rio de Janeiro, and the third in the southern city of Curitiba, who at one time loved in an interview to mention the former governor of Kama Zhairkunov. Curitiba Utopia City is a world sample of solving problems (from social to transport), the mayor of their city Even went to Perm to advise the Perm authorities. Oh, times were. Jokes jokes, and you need to go.

Tickets for football. Were bought on the FIFA website on request from the Federation. Ticket price for a group match – 90 dollars. I planned to visit three matches + 1/8 finals, where we will definitely come out, the group is weak 🙂 The experience of visiting the euro suggested that you can buy it in place for a nominal or even get for free on other matches, I got to the match in Rio Chile Spain and Uruguay-England in Sao Paulo. It turned out that the matches of the South American teams could not get, in Brazil on cars all South America. Tickets for Chile-Spain for rumors cost from $ 1500. At the same time, I met the guys who, on the Internet on the official website of FIFA, caught tickets in advance and visited all the matches held in Rio (Argentina Bosnia and Other). I did not bother.

Before the match, Arena Pantanal:

Flight tickets. I have already been to Brazil, and usually the price of tickets on the shares of there – back from 24 thousand rubles, but we have the World Cup, so the prices began from 40 thousand rubles by Moroccan airlines. Most bought tickets from 50 thousand rounded minimum, the average price is 60-70 tons.R. I first bought for 3 weeks, but in circumstances cut a trip to 8 days, the path was not close due to the docks and shifts of airports in São Paulo, for 48 hours I overcame the path from Perm through Moscow, Zurich, São Paulo in Kuyabu.

Accommodation. Housing prices in Rio and not the most budget in Latin America, and even during the championship, especially. I lived in hostels in the center (the cost of the night from 3 thousand rubles per day with 100% prepayment through Buking), friends through Airbnb removed apartments about $ 100 per day per person in the apartment in the Botafogo area, and other friends on Copacaban removed the room in Gorgeous apartment overlooking the beach for $ 200 per day. In Cuiabe, prices are not lower, although the city is a complete hole 🙂 Forgive me, Kuiayintsy, but it is so. I until the last moment I did not know where I would stop there, I got acquainted with Eugene, who flew from Guangzhou to support the national team, he took a room through a favorite by all Airbnb, it was decided to join him. In the future, we began friends and kept together. To the way, my friends and friends in Rio had a man 20 🙂 Sometimes it seemed that we were on the flying match Flamengo – Amkar 🙂 Perm – Well done.

For the sake of impressions, I booked the day in Rio in Guesthouse right in the Favels of Rosigna. View from them, of course, impressive.

Some places are even safe:

Kuyaba – a transshipment point for visiting a pantanal, extensive wetlands. Lovers of flora and fauna come to see the most huge swamp in the world: there you can see crocodiles, parrots, leopards, rare plants. Perhaps after Amazonia, Pantanal – Number Two in Brazil in Natural Part. But if you came here for 2 days only for the sake of visiting the Russia-Korea football match, then the city will disappoint. Main landmark of the city – Shopping Center.

The moreover was how our team played. I have not experienced such horror for a long time. It’s not even in the error of our goalkeeper – the whole team was cowardly, clamped. In the same low level of preparation there were only the Greeks, but they came out of the group. With such football, it is ashamed to go to the world championship, the Brazilians will not be silent, and they walked us, keeping the Koreans in their attacks. They did not have anything against Russia, but the eyes would not be cheating – and you like a neutral fan support the one who plays better, more interesting and stronger. I am knocked out, did I expect when I was driving two days in the most outstanding world? Well, that they have been played out, 1-1.

Arena queue:

Nutrition. We fell in love with the establishment, where you take food for weight, and drinks for a separate cost. The price is fixed, does not depend on the fact that you took – steaks of three types with shrimps or only pasta.

Lunch in Brazilian in Kuiabe is a fireball (prepared from black beans, dried meat, smoked sausage, pork, garlic, pepper and laurel sheets) and Escodidinho (salty beef, baked with puree from manica).

But most of all I went crazy from fresh juices, the main thing is to ask without sugar and ice to solid mango puree.

In supermarkets, do not forget about fruits:

And then immediately we sat with the local in the Tijuok area to the improvised bar, somewhere between the narrow streets stood a brazier and a pair of plastic chairs. Beer for five reals, kebabs of 4 real, bonus – communication with local 🙂 Very impressed 🙂

Rio de Janeiro . I adore this city, visited the most tourist places again. This is a car head:

Such a statue of Christ I have not seen 🙂

In Brazil, protests are regularly held against the tournament, they say, the money had to spend not on a stupid game of the ball, but to build hospitals and schools. We accidentally participated in such protests when they came to take off on the paw (famous for its clubs and bars Rio district). It was unusual, of course: the crowd of a riot police moves on you, the eyes will burn from the list of the list, you are trying to save activists in gas masks, spraying on your face some kind of liquid. For us it was something like a show, but for someone-about all my life.

This reporter first dressed in the Ushanku, then I tried her a bear’s head, then she was carried on his hands. "Mad Russians", – She thought 🙂

Colombians treat Beer Bear and rejoice in the exit of their team from the group:

Trip to the World Cup in Brazil

The fan zone in Rio was built right on the beach, watching there is a pleasure, solid emotions:

If, of course, there is no rain:

Chileans and Argentines occupied all parking in Rio, everyone lives right there in their vans, in the morning they lay their chairs and breakfast. Some characters just sleep on the street 🙂

Fans in Rio:

Match Russia – Belgium
. Match for which I am not ashamed. We were simply not lucky, could win, could not lose, but it happened what happened. The stadium itself seemed to be ordinary, after restoration he is no longer the one that before. Times, when 190 thousand fans were in Maracan, have already passed, there are no standing places, the same atmosphere and romance flew away with them.

All day before the match with Algeria, ORT, a small interview from me in the news 🙂

According to rumors, I was shown during the broadcast during the break of the match (a couple of people saw), but most did not notice – in the break all run for beer or smoke. A couple of pictures from various sports sites (sports express, championship, etc.).

It was especially fun to see my photo illustrating the news of racism: "FIFA accuses Russian fans in racism".

Before the match with Algeria, we looked at Algerians downholes, as well, that I was not on the third match. I would die with shame.

It so happened that on the festival of football we were the most sullen, and frankly – unnecessary. It must be admitted that Russia is not a football country, it’s time to shove your ego and greatness far away and accept that our place is somewhere between Korea and Honduras.

Was it cost to go to Brazil? Undoubtedly yes. Football – Magic, which unites people, such an atmosphere was not on the euro, the atmosphere of the holiday, total love and respect for all others. We still learn to us and learn. It seems that this is called civilization. Go Russia.

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