Trips in April-May

Here laugh in the story. There is still an antique amphitheater a few hundred meters from the sea, an ancient knightly fort, preserved almost completely, a picturesque harbor and not far from her "aquarium" with a very extensive set of marine living. Between Paphos I "Tsarist Mogils" Early Christian Temple (Acting) Very Special Architecture.

4. Picturesque Top Tops in the GoPach (TPOOD) and on the Pen Akamas.

Shady gorge with streams on the bottom, mountain air + pine at height 1.8 km, where you can clean the lungs from the Moscow Copoty and PR, Oblands with Lebanese Cedars, Tourist Jeep-Route with Luxury Turns – Serpentine Around the Mountains. Aphrodite bathing on Akamas is very and very nice, it is a pity, it is not allowed to climb into it, they say, rejuvenates; True, wash it. Bay of Lara with transparent water and pines descending straight to the sea, scorpions on the stones. Closer to the center of the island – Cascade of waterfalls and streams with a large trout in them.

5. Monasters and departs in the GoPach (in the Principle, nothing special, but no matter).

Kikos – Ince the monastery in the mountains – IMHO is quite an interesting place, so as not to say that there is nothing special in it. Gray antiquity, gifts from Russian patriarchs. Saint Luke Icon. Russians put to the altar. Even there is the coolest Commandary on the whole island, and other drinks – with a highlight, although roads due to handmade patient monks.

6. Honority of the present class, PAZB-signed in all Ostsy

It’s understood that the isps are small, it is quite difficult to organize its inspection. Excretions, which begins how much yozhodno in any Typfymy on the spot, Paszitans on Western Stays, which it is necessary to drink coffee and have dinner, and to five hours to do with it. If you find that on the driving, it is generally about two hours, it is easy to understand that very little time remains on the deceitivity.

Basically it is so. Although for our brother, Russians organize trips to the mountains and to Akamas on "Lendriers". They are climed into such places where buses with old women are driven, ride on a jeep-serpentine width in 1.1 "Lendrovera", where even the experienced autmobileists captured the spirit. Can drive both Kikos and waterfalls and Olympas get out. Separate in the dyed corners of Akamas, where there are no asphalt roads. True, such voyages are more expensive than by bus, and air conditioning in jeeps is not provided, but it can be seen more than the bus, and these trips are longer than the old women, because the old women are trying not to take. In the office called "Dakhtari Jeep Safary" and English-speaking, and Russian-speaking excursions cost the same, and the program was also the same.

For traveling along the coastline by sea to the Paphos Port, a sailboat is assigned "San Antonio" – not for grandfathers, because how cool shakes and blows (he is open all), and the engine is lying on it only with a serious storm or when there is no wind at all. You can buy a ticket right in the harbor.

Poetyy Lych ride without gpypps, and on a taxi (there are such as intercourse, service taxi, Service Taxi, in which it is necessary to order places, and they are cheaper than if you go to Private Taxi).

Trips in April-May

Expensive, if you wish not to the nearest sightseeing, but, for example, on Olympus.

Auto, but Y is not the most edema. The most time is the Wait – Take the Machine WITHOUT WITHOUT (there is no one with this – on each YGLY).

The Russians are actively advised to do this, as it is very often ends badly: either they are not drawn into left-sided movement and shut the car (well, if not about KAMAZ or MAC with soldiers), and you leave the bobbing in the schizophrenia, and schizophrenia occurs at home – think for what lane go.

In general, in general, you are trying: it’s quite scary.

Finally, on the second time it can be boring. Depends on the initiative. My borrowed vocational Russia took the water bike and the waves were cut in full move – the head ventilated.

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