Tropical Paradise

Coastline, decorated with necklace of white sandy beaches, Azure water of the Andaman Sea, embracing sand White foam waves… Among the thick coconut groves and rubber plantations are treated covered with gentle greenery hills… It is the island of Phuket and his unforgettable landscape, forever frozen in mind those who ever happened here.

Sometime, the entire value of these places was in tin and rubber, as well as in rich bright history events. Island was on one of the main trading paths between India and China — In those days, ships came from Portugal, Holland, England and France.

Today Phuket — One of the best tropical resorts where tourists arrive from around the world to enjoy his amazing nature, warm Thai hospitality and comfortable living conditions.


On the island there are two main time of the year: from May to October — Rainy season, from November to April — Hot season. However, during the rainy season, there are also sunny days, shower usually last no more than 2–3 hours.

Best time to relax on the island — from November to February. The average temperature is 22–34 degrees Celsius.

Beaches and bayes

Phuket Island is famous for its magnificent coast. If you move counterclockwise from the northern tip of the island, where the Saracein Bridge, connecting the island with the mainland, will be located on the way the following beaches and bays will be located:

Beach Hut May Khao The biggest island beach, bordered by a pine grove. Every year from November to February, gigantic sea turtles are chosen from the sea to postpone their eggs on this beach.

Beach Hat Nai Yaang This beach is located on the territory of the National Park Syrinat. Next to the beach there is a grove of casuarine pines, as well as mangrove thickets.

Beaches Hat Pansy and Hut Surin Two amazing caves are located on this picturesque coast, although the waterways can be unsafe for swimmers!

Beach Hut Camala Another beautiful sandy beach. Its northern part where the casuarian is growing, suitable for swimming.

Beach Hat Patong Offers many different entertainment and types of recreation, sports and shopping opportunities.

Patong — This is a semicircular bay, its coast is more than 3 km long.

Beaches Hut Karon and Kata Both of these beach is distinguished by silence and fabulously beautiful nature. Here you can sunbathe, swim, dive, rent windsurfing or sailing yacht.

Beach Hat Nayan This is a white sandy beach on the shower of shallow lagoon located between high cliffs. There are excellent conditions for swimming, windsurfing and sailing, as well as for lovers to sunbathe.

Beach Hat Rawai Located along a palm grove, this beach is known for its village "Morny Gypsy": the stray tribe of fishermen, which, as believed, are immigrants from Melanesia.

Bay of JSC Chalong In this place, the best restaurants on the island where seafood are preparing!

Peninsula Lam Phanva On the southern tip of the island there is a center of biological research of the sea and the Phuket Aquarium.

Isle of Sire This little island is separated from the mainland with a narrow strait of Thachin. It is 4 km from the city. There is the village of Nomorian Tribe "Morny Gypsy", one of the biggest on Phuket.

Sirinat National Park Located near Phuket International Airport. The park crosses two roads — Highway number 402 and no 4026. The territory of the park takes about 90 km2 and is famous for its beaches stretching at 13 km along the coast: Hut Nighthon, Hat Nai Yaang, Hat Maikhao and Hat Syakeo.

Main attractions and tourist centers

City of Phuket In this small provincial center, many shops, markets and monuments of Sino-Portuguese architecture, who attach identity and unique charm to a small town.

Mount Khao Rank Beautiful panorama opens from the mountain — View of the city and park.

Theme Park Phuket Fantasy The main topics of the park whose area is 140 acres, is the rich history of Thailand, as well as the exotic nature of the country. On the stage the theater-variety you can see colorful and spectacular performances based on the plots of Thai myths.

Thai village The village is located on Tekhep Krasattri Street. The local restaurant prepares dishes typical for the south of the country, and also show ethnic dances, the art of possession of swords, Thai boxing, trained elephants and other traditional ideas.

National Museum Thalang Exhibits and various artifacts associated with the history of Phuket are exhibited here.

Monastery Wat Phra Thong The monastery is near the beach of Hat Nai Yaang and is famous for the Golden Buddha statue, buried to the ground on the chest. Local legend says that once the boy tied his buffalo to a peg sticking out of the ground. Then boy and his buffalo suddenly sick. Residents of the village, suspecting the wrong, began to refuse that the carriage from under the ground. It turned out that this is the upper part of the golden statue depicting the radiance outgoing from the Buddha Mc. The peasants were able to free the fragment of sculptures over which the temple was built. When in the XVIII century, the Burmese invaders tried to take the statue, they were attacked by the Roy OS and also misfortune to dig it entirely.

Peninsula Lam Phromthep This is the southern tip of Phuket, where you can see the most beautiful on the island sunsets.

Island KEO This island is located 3 km from Hut Rawai Beach, you can reach the boat half an hour. Here is a copy of the footprint of the Buddha.

Island Ko Racha Yai Prior to this, the island with its spacious beaches and picturesque coral reefs can be reached in 2-3 hours on a boat from the Bay of Jo Chalong during the dry season (December-April).

Waterfall Hope of Tonxai and Natural Reserve Khaa Phra Thao The main attraction of the idyllic landscape of the Natural Reserve, located on the territory of 22 km2, is a waterfall that wars the noisy flow of water from the cliffs. There are various types of wild animals — bears, dickerages, gibbons and maca.

Monastery Wat Chalong Wat Chalong is located a few kilometers from the bay of JSC Chalong. In the monastery there are statues of the two most revered on the Phuket Monks: Luang Po Chhema and Luang Po Chuang.

Farms where they grow pearls Several farms for the cultivation of pearls are located both on the island of Phuket, and around it.

Center for traditional crafts In the center, located on Tekhep Krastree Street, work masters of silver and golden cases, artisans manufacturing umbrellas, varnish products, silk fabrics.

Garden Butterflies and Insect World on Phuket On this farm, located 3 km from the city, presents an amazing collection of tropical butterflies and insects in vivo.

Tropical Paradise

Wat Phra Nang Sang Initially, during the war with Burma, fortifications were built on the site of this Buddhist monastery. Now in the main hall of the temple there are three vintage statues of Buddha, made of tin.

Province of Krabi

Krabi, located 814 km from Bangkok, is considered the most beautiful province of Andaman coast. Here, in a different way, the concepts of "perplexed nature" or "Iidillic landscapes "are perceived. The unique charm of these places give unique beaches and the soft outlines of the coast of the Andaman Sea, thin white sand, warm and transparent water, as well as a rustling of tropical vegetation on the shore.


The weather here is usually the same as on Phuket Island, sunny days are often even during the rainy season — from May to October.

Beaches and islands

National Park Hat Noppharat Thara Islands Phi Phi The territory of the National National Park includes the coast within the city and islands located nearby. Among the diverse landscapes there are beaches of Hut Noppharat Thara, and a long sand strip of well-equipped beaches of the Bay of Ao Nang, Phei Phi and Susan Hoy Archipelago, where about 40 million years ago, the remnants of fossil shells turned into fossils.

The archipelago of Phi Phi Two main islands of the archipelago of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lee are known as the place of shooting the movie "Laptop" (""The Beach"). A good conditions for servicing tourists have been created at Phi Phi Don. Phi Phi Le Isle Isle Island, this island is less, but it is amazingly beautiful — Here you can admire steep cliffs, picturesque bays, secluded grotts and caves.

Phara Pochra Nang Along the northern coast of the Bay of AO Nang are located three best beach of Province Province — JSC Phra Nang, Hut Paradise Le and JSC us Mao. You can only get here by the sea, but you will not regret the time spent.

Lanta Island National Park There are several islands on the territory of the National Park, some of which are surrounded by magnificent coral reefs, and the main island of the archipelago to Lanta Yai (Big Island) is a popular resort and a lively tourist center.

Khao Khanap us These mountains surrounding the river Krabi are something like a city symbol. With the main marina, Tha Chaof here can be reached in 15 minutes by boat.

Bay of AO Nang Bay of AO Nang is located 6 km from Hut Noppharat Thara, Big Bay with picturesque beaches and 83 islands. Several hotels and tourists are arranged here. Supported instructors of scuba diving.

Sights of the mainland

City of Krabi

Markets and facades of the houses of the city overlook the mouth of the river Krabi, around which most buildings coughed. In this place it is worth a walk to feel the local flavor. The main attraction is Khao Khanap Mountains to us, rock formations that are on the opposite bank of the river. In these cliffs there are caves with stalactites and stalagmites.

Susan Hoy — Cemetery of fossil shells This place is located 17 km from the city, if you go on the way to Hut Noppharat Thara. A huge number of shells francated about 40 million years ago in pieces of rocks, chopped on each other and scattered along the shore.

Monastery Wat Tham Soy Located 7 km from the city of Krabi, the Temple of the Tiger Cave (this name is translated) is a forest monastery, located in the forest-overwood valley surrounded by high cliffs on which monks are engaged in meditation.

Than Bokshoriani National Park Aside from the main highway Krabiphang-Nga, approximately 45 km from the city, on the square of more than 120 km2, the National Park spread out. The most beautiful of the attractions are the lotus pond, where it is depighted with a high rock rumbleing waterfall. On this territory is also carved out of the tree imprint of the Buddha legs and the sanctuary of the monks Chao PHO that Yuan is Chong.

Tropical Paradise

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