Tropics. Things you need to know about successful tropical vacation

Exotic journey – Vacation of the dreams of many people. What to do before leaving you take with you how to enjoy Sun, How to avoid revenge Pharaoh ; Read carefully to leave Only pleasant memories of vacation in the tropics.

Vacation in the tropics? First make vaccination!

In tropical countries there are Microorganisms, Caller Diseases, Unknown In our climatic zone, and bad sanitary conditions contribute to the development. Therefore, for 4-6 weeks before departure necessary get a vaccination and get Relevant drugs. Even if left before departure Less than 4 weeks, follow Visit the office of tourist medicine and Talk S doctor Options Vaccinations, Select Medicines for aid kit. If you plan to visit more than two country, Contact for Medical help in all countries and Regions, Where will be resting.

Tropical rest: protect yourself from the sun

People go B tropics, To all the time bask – You see. However, the long-awaited Sun Harm organism – skin, head and eyes need to take care. In the tropics Not enough creams with filter 30, need to use High filter cream 50 or 50+, use every time get out of water. Follow cover head Cap or hat, and with 11 to 14 hours better remain in shadow. Sunscreen glasses &# 8211; Mandatory part of the festive equipment, because sharp Sun maybe Hang eyesight. With the sun do not joke. There is big risk not only get burns, but also lead to irreversible eye damage As a result Too long Laying under sunlight.

Thirdly swim safely

Swimming rules on a hot day are the same: at first Cool body, and then Immerse yourself v Water, To not get thermal shock, which leads to K Balance violation, blood circulation and breathing. Do not go into the water Immediately after eating. The skin sunbatches even under the water, Therefore, dive B Wetsuit And wear Plastic shoes (come in handy when walking on stony bottom). Avoid Jellyfish and Sea hero (injuries OT Eagle of the sea hedgehog painful and long heal). Safe holiday In the tropics means also Knowledge of flora and fauna – Thanks to them, avoid unnecessary dangers.

Tropical rest: Be careful with what we eat and drink

Diarrhea – Nightmare for European tourists After arrival at the exotic resort. Travelers B Egypt call it "Pharaoh’s revenge"But this applies to all countries. How to avoid Diarrhea? The first three days in the tropics to eat only Cooked Food. During the stay, fruit follows Thoroughly wash and purify Peel, drink only boiled water, desirable tea. Must not forget Often wash hands. Buy in the bazaars delicacies of local cuisine or fresh fruit juices &# 8211; definitely Not the best option.

Fifth, first aid kit

A well-appointed aid kit – This is a treasure. It helps survive Most situations that happen on vacation. It is worth having everything that happens healthy, Because you can not always purchase the necessary drugs in the local pharmacy. What to take with you in the first-aid kit?
medicines that take constantly;
Preparations from abrasion and cuts (for disinfection of wounds, plasters, march, bandage);
Means from insect bites (repellents soothing after bites and calcium);
Drugs from fever and cold;
Preparations for stomach (antiquia and from poisoning);
from sunburn;
Anti-shock kit (for allergys &# 8211; Consult your doctor);
saline in small ampoules;
Thermometer, scissors, tweezers, disposable needles and syringes.
Keep the first aid kit hand luggage. Transport drugs only in Original Packing, so as not to cause doubts Airport employees.

Travel insurance

On insurance Not worth saveing. It is known that it is not always possible to use it (and not to use it at all), but if the situation appears, it Need – will allow Save a lot of money. At Search polis Read carefully conditions of a contract, Each item and subparagraph is important.
What should include tourist policies:
NNW, that is accident insurance, Guarantees reimbursement of expenses if they suffer from a violation of health as a result of a sudden unfortunate accident.
Insurance expenses For treatment Guarantees coverage of expenses associated with stationary and outpatient treatment, medical transport and purchase of drugs.
Civil liability insurance in private life covers the damage caused by the child, damage to the equipment that rent in place, or hotel room equipment;
Baggage insurance guarantees compensation in case of damage, lose or theft of baggage;
Insurance of expenses for the abolition of a tourist event will come in handy when suddenly you have to cancel the trip. Will cover the cost of canceling ticket and accommodation, but only works in certain cases.

Tropical rest with a small child

Tropics. Things you need to know about successful tropical vacation

Departing B Exotic vacation with kid in age several months, Adjust Time and place Stay kid. The best season for such a holiday – off-season, When the heat is not high, but the best place &# 8211; where there is access To doctor – The infection at the kid quickly develops into Serious disease.

Travel with the child? It must be remembered:

Children should spend most of the day in the shade, the beach with 11.00 to 16.00 – not a place for a child! And adults should be avoided direct sunlight in this watch;
• half an hour before exiting the street to spread the baby with a higher filter cream (50+);
• After each outlet of the water, carefully dry the kid’s skin and apply the filter cream;
• Remember the head covering (preferably, which also protects the neck);
• Do not undress the child, wear not very thin T-shirt with sleeves (through thin clothes penetrates sunlight), bright, to reflect the sun. The kid should not sit naked on the sand, can infect infection;
• biting insects are hiding in the sand, so do not let the child walk barefoot and provide air shoes on the thick sole;
• Pour a child with boiled water from factory bottles, use only such water for the preparation of powdered milk;
• Do not give a child raw fruits and vegetables or fresh juices.

What you need to take a baby with you?

Photocopy of the history of the child’s disease and vaccination card;
First aid kit for a child &# 8211; consult a pediatrician how to fill it. Be sure to take anti-tape and antiallergic drugs, ointment from rubbing, Paracetamol suppositories;
Light stroller, umbrella type or carrying;
mosquito net;
baby food &# 8211; milk dry, soups, lenses, all in original packaging, packaged.

List of necessary actions for travel

1. Before leaving Visit the office of tourist medicine and Make vaccination from tropical diseases.
2. Protect the skin, head and eyes from the sun.
3. Do not go in hot water quickly and immediately after eating, take care of sharp stones, sea ends and jellyfish in water.
4. Drink only boiled water or tea, avoid raw fruits and vegetables in the first days of stay, do not buy products in the bazaars, often and thoroughly wash your hands.
5. Carefully fill in the first aid kit and wear it with you.
6. Buy Good Tourist Insurance.
7. If you are going to the tropics with Little child, Choose a place with easy access to the doctor and the time of the year, when the heat is not bothering.

Tropics. Things you need to know about successful tropical vacation

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