Round yard and golitsyn manor in Trostyanz

For us, it was already a tradition during our stay in Kharkov to get out of day trips on the most interesting places of East of Ukraine. This time we decided to go to the Trostyanets – a small, but very beautiful town in the Sumy region. Despite the fact that the city is rather small, and only about 25 thousand people live in it, there are several unique architectural monuments here. About them and there will be our today’s small article.

Trostyanets – How to get from Kharkov

The Trostyanets is located 130 kilometers from Kharkov, if you travel by car, then get enough simple: on the regional highway P46 (Kharkov-Sumy). If you prefer public transport, you can use the train from the station Kharkov-Passenger station to Trostyanets, time on the way about two and a half hours.

Brief history of Trostyanza

Before we go on a tour of the Trostza, I would like to say a few words about his story. The official date of the founding of the city is considered to be 1660, it was then that a wooden church of the Ascension of the Lord appeared in a small village. For 355 years of its existence, Trostzynets changed the owners more than once – saw the Crimean Tatars, and German invaders. In the XVII century, one of the blocks of the Russian Empire was located, where the Akhtyra regiment was located, whose main task was to protect the boundaries from the raids of the Crimean Tatars. For a good service and loyalty to the king in 1685, Trostyanets was donated to Colonel Perekrestov and.AND., But in just 20 years, Peter I selected all the land back. And in 1720 he took and presented them with his writer Nadaryzhinsky, whose family owned by the Trostyanta without a small one hundred years. It was at this time that a round yard was built – a unique architectural monument, which is considered one of the main attractions of the Trostya.

Round yard

The round yard was erected in 1749 to the means of owner of the Trostyanetic lands. Initially, it was built as a playpen, which externally resembled a small fortress.

Inside, special premises were arranged, in which there were horses, and the playground was located on the playpen itself. The system of underground strokes The Round courtyard was connected to the landlord house and the Annunciation Church – what a "medieval fortress" without underground moves! 🙂 So that water has not accumulated on the playpen, a peculiar plumbing was organized in the yard, which, by the way, acts now.

In 1831, Trostyanets changed the owner – the new owners of the land became famous for the whole of Russia Golitsyn. But unlike the previous owners, Nobody Vasily Petrovich Golitsyn the Earth gave – he went more legal way, marrying the heir of Nadarzhinsky and received a Trostsyan as a devotee.

The new owner was not averse to the praise, so the playpen was pretty quickly rebuilt into the theater. Internal layout began to resemble ancient Roman amphitheaters, where the views were given in the open.

In the first half of the 20th century, the round yard again changed its purpose – for some time the building was used as a housing, and later it was converted into warehouses. In the 90s, a unique architectural structure was the ruins in poor condition. Fortunately, he was recognized as an architectural monument and the restoration of the restoration began. Now the round yard is almost completely restored, and we can enjoy a unique architectural monument that has been more than 250 years.

Round yard is a tristian business card, but far from his only landmark. Almost near the Manege-theater is the landowner estate of Nadadzhinsky-Golitsynye, the very one that was connected to the round yard of the underground stroke system.

Golitsyna manor. Tchaikovsky in Trostiantse.

The presence of the house in Trostyanz is often referred to as Golitsyn’s estate, although its construction began long before the appearances of Prince Vasily Petrovich. The history of the Lord’s home began in 1720, when the Trostsenets with the light hand of Peter I became the property of Nadaryzhinsky.

Of course in the middle of the XVIII century, the estate was wooden, and she received her current look only at the end of the XIX century, when Trostsynets went to hold a new owner – the famous graph l.E. Keniga, who completely rebuilt the central part of the house and laid down all the walls with bricks.

In the time of Golitsyn in the estate, there were often guests, many of whom were pretty known today. So, for example, in the summer of 1864, the famous composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and not just soothe, and also composes the Symphonic Sverhead "Thunderstorm" here.

In 1889, in the estate stopped.NS. Chekhov, maybe, inspired by local beauties, and he wrote something famous here, but the story is silent about it. Since we started talking about nature, it is worth saying that a dendrological park "Nescutual" is located very close to the estate, and in it – the famous "Nymph grotto".

We, unfortunately, did not get there, but those who were there wring that it is worth looking there. We just walked along a small park, broken around the estate.

Trostyanets - Round yard and golitsy manor

By the way, the manor of Golitsyn, like a round yard, was renovated in recent years. Inside there is a small picture gallery, a local lore Museum and the Chocolate Museum, organized here with the support of Kraft Foods.

Chocolate factory Kraft Foods Ukrain E does not just support the Museum in Trostyanz. The fact is that here is one of its factories. And he is located at the very place where the Saharafinite plant L was located at the end of the XIX century.E. Keniga, who brought a fortific city.

Ascension Church

The Koenigov family not only gave work to local residents, but also helped them in every way. So, at the request of workers, in 1905, the Ascension Church was laid in Trostyanz, the construction of which was fully financed by sugar magnates. It looks rather strange that almost a million rubles was spent on the construction of the Orthodox Church, while Kenigi themselves professed Lutheranism.

The construction of the "Red Church" was completed in 1913, the temple became the highest structure in the city, the Sorothemeral Bell Tower and today it is visible from afar, especially if you enter the city from Kharkov.

Sights of Trostianta

We visited and saw only the most important attractions of the city, but they are far from the only. We were limited in time, so they did not visit the dendrological garden "Neskuchny", and there you can spend several hours there. We did not look into the Annunciation Church, built in 1744 by the landlord Nadaryzhinsky. In general, the Trostyanets left a rather ambiguous impression. On the one hand, a rather unusual round courtyard, which, of course, is striking with its uniqueness, on the other hand – all other sights are quite banal and even boring. Is it worth going to the Trostyanets specifically? It is difficult to answer this question, it all depends on your mood and desire to see something new. Personally, we do not regret the time spent, but for the second time it is hardly to come. Moreover, the East of Ukraine is rich in attractions that much more interesting.

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The author of the article began to talk about the Trostyanz very beautiful, and finished at all wrong! In the Trostyanets, you want to come back every time you have to leave there. The Nature of the Trostenz, his numerous attractions (which the author did not mention) attract tourists not only from Ukraine. Come and enjoy! The town is very beautiful.

Trostyanets - Round yard and golitsy manor

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