Troubled Summer Nights

If you are first in Athens and do not know where to go, – go boldly to the Monastraki area. This is the city center! From here it all begins. Here you and shopping, and food, and street artists.

The main element of the knowledge of the night’s nightlife is a conductor. And if you have no friends or acquaintances in Athens. What to do then? ATA groups are young architects, designers and artists who arrange free alternative tours in places for their own.

I was lucky to meet the wonderful guide of Nicholas, who did not just take me on many curious institutions of the city, but also explained how everything was arranged.

The smaller the institution, the less rent. All take a cocktail and hang out outside. And so, by the way, in most European countries. There is a street and a whole quarter of bars, where people stop in one institution, then go out, see the next ..

Buzuki is a tool, Greek balalaika. In honor of him and nicknamed folk musical restaurants. From food only whiskey, wine and nuts! You can sit at any desk, if there is free space. The main highlight of restaurants Buzuki is that the real stars of show business speak there. Each song is hit. And they sing the whole hall! Buzuki is definitely the brightest and loud spot on the night Athens map! 10 on tenballe scale.

Nightlife in Athens boils 365 days a year, but her peak, of course, falls for the summer and weekends. Plan your rest so as to feel the night flavor of Greek koute. Extraked with S 7 Airlines on Saturday afternoon, you will be ready for ravage in the very evening in the very center of the metropolis!

I think it’s not a secret for all night inhabitants that the next morning after a busy night is best to eat. Eating fatty food, preferably soup. And here in the central market of the city of Athens there is a little Harchevnya, which enjoys insane popular with local residents.

Under the morning, a 24-hour cafe "Papandreu" – the main institution of the city. Here, like a drain, all equal. Prices and taxi drivers are attracted to the warders and taxisers – location and relevant for the stomach food.

The cult cafe "Papandreu" initially fed market workers, but because of the round-the-clock work there began to enter the finishing night inhabitants.

You know, I confess honestly, to the taste of local food – not apogee culinary art. The average tread from the cafeteria, but the atmosphere here, of course, is rarely positive.

Event: 20th, anniversary Rockwave Festival, which will perform Robbie Williams, The Prodigy, Manu Chao, Judas Priest and others.

Ticket price: About € 46-80.

Flight with S7 Airlines: On Saturdays Departure from Moscow at 14:15, Reverse flight – at 18:40 .

"Land of Lights" Baku: Eggplant, Shawarma and the view from the 11th floor

So, we are in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, or earth lights. Meaning burning oil – it seems literally here. In the most beautiful architecture, both old and in modern, licked streets, perfectly level asphalt.

What Baku is thriving at night even more noticeable! Flame Towers Towers, reminiscent of flames, can be seen from anywhere in the city. The facades of Soviet architecture are restored, decorated and highlighted. In general, at a certain angle – French Cote d’Azur, by God!

Baku nights are in order to plunge into them with their heads! Take a couple of free days in the week, aligning them on weekends, and ahead. Airplanes S 7 Airlines from Moscow Fly here every day at 13.05. Flew in the afternoon – and for dinner can already go to the district of Icheri-Sheher, who is famous for local taverns!

Icheri-Sheher – Old Town, residential quarter, where ordinary life flows and can be easily found local residents. This city is in the city – with its restaurants and shops. If you decide to stay in Baku, I advise … No, I insist to settle in this fortress. In addition to luxury hotels, there are cheap hostels.

Taxi is one of the main components of the modern appearance of the capital. The day the main transport – the metro, and at night – this is purple, recently delivered London cabs, in the people of "Eggplant". Straight London Classic. The driver sits behind the partition.

The main place in the city, where they go to people to see and show themselves, – Street Nizami, in the people of trading. The main thing is that I rushed into my eyes at the first glance at the night streets Baku, is the lack of girls. It seems that 80% of men, and 20% – women. So take girls with you – the company travel not only more fun, but more profitable. For example, S7 Airlines companies from friends from 4 people provides 5% discount .

Home Night Food in Baku is "Shaurme number 1"! These snack bars literally at every step. Nights work. And the taste … Friends, this is a bomb, and not Shawarma! We will not find such a day with fire.

But restrict ourselves to Shawarma – it means not to touch the most interesting kitchens of the world. Therefore, in search of a local, national and color, I was far from the center, where, to my surprise, continued to boil life.

Soviet street and adjacent streets as if stuck in the same era. Check out the new-fashioned marble and perfectly even asphalt. But here trade continues, when all major stores in the center are already closed.

In one of the colorful cafes for local necessarily you should try Azerbaijan Hinggal, resembling a local Lazagan version. Stands around € 3.

Evaluating the cuisine "For His", in search of a national gastronomic color, far over midnight, you can go to the only museum-restaurant in Baku SirvansAh, where foreign ministers are cast, and two-time European champion in combat sambo is hidden in the thin voice of the musician.

When the streets of the capital finally empty, it means that all nightlife moved into clubs. At this time they warm up like a good pair, and this moment is impossible to miss. The most popular club is "Elevant"! The main thing in the Baku nightclub is not music, not people, not a kitchen, but view from the window. After all, Elevule is located on the 11th floor of the hotel.

The backlight of the central streets and boulevards works all night. Even at 5 am, the beauty of the city should delight guests and its inhabitants.

Event: July 11 In the Green Theater Baku will be a concert "Night Snipers".

Ticket price: 20-120 Azerbaijani manat.

Troubled Summer Nights

Flight with S7 Airlines: Daily flight with departure from Domodedov on Comfortable Airbus A320 .

St. Petersburg: New Year all year round and 262 steps

If you want to extend the best day of the week – Friday, watches, EDAK, Eight – Follow Saint Petersburg. One and a half hours of summer, and at 00:05 the flight S7 Airlines will land in the city where the sun does not enter the summer. So it is not necessary to sleep, there are so many interesting ahead. Within one and a half months, the Northern Capital seems to apologize for the year of capricious meteo conditions, bringing to the Blessed White Nights of St. Petersburg as a gift . Start offering immediately from the holiday!

Having finished working week, go to the airport – Your flight S 7 Airlines crashes at 20.35 and already at 22.15 You will meet Night Peter, and then according to plan – "Purga". This club has been one of the brightest stars on Peter’s Brown Sky. And all because here every day from Monday to Sunday and from January to December at midnight celebrate New Year. This is the only institution in the world where the new year is celebrated 365 days a year.

In this basement, a businessman, artist, deputy, strippers and TV host may be in one round dance. Come here to remove the adult and serious mask. After the appearance of a spontaneously selected Santa Claus and Snow Maiden comes hour x.

No matter how belonging to the new year, but the finish seconds with the voice of the president, champagne and Bengal lights finally remove the shackles and snobs from us. And you, like a dog Pavlov, amenable to reflex and believe in the new year’s fairy tale. Separate attention deserves, of course, PURGI staff. Guys harness, bringing sacrificing her best years to the altar of universal fun!

After such a fun, you, of course, want to eat. But bakery, pyroid, chebureny … everything is closed! The only thing that works in St. Petersburg around the clock is "Shaver".

Doves? Now it’s time to watch how bridges are bred. The main thing here is not to be late. Who go, and who just look. Approximately in the second hour of the night, the crowd of citizens is armed with cameras and cameras and lined up on a fire line.

Bridge wiring begins with a road overlap. I can’t even imagine how much lacrimal stories heard mechanics controlling the process. How many destinies and events changed their move due to these centenary window symbols to Europe. The main thing in the observation of the bridge wiring is to do it from the shore you need.

By the way, while bridges are divorced, the Neva turns into a busy highway, which is undergoing huge heavy truck ships. The river seems to wake up! In the afternoon you will not see.

You can continue my night adventure on Duma Street – maybe the only bar street of Russia. There was a liver of marginals, artists, students, expatoves, old-timers and guests of the Northern Capital. A marked place on the night map of St. Petersburg, which with proud triumphs annually wins in the nomination "Yes, the Duma is no longer!". In the institution on the Duma go, not to meet, but to communicate with already familiar people.

Those who lived at least one Petersburg white night in vertical state have in stock for grandchildren one story more. My advice to you, certainly do it, come to St. Petersburg! This city expectations do not deceive.

Event: July 18, French multi-processist, composer-minimalist and conductor Yang Tirsen will perform at the A2 club.

Ticket price: from 1100 rubles.

Flight with S7 Airlines: Every day up to eight flights from Moscow, when booking the site also has a 5% discount on the company from four.

Troubled Summer Nights

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