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Despite its legendary name, Troy (Ilion, Truva in Turkish), can hardly be considered the most interesting archaeological site of Turkey. In 1868, German businessman and archaeologist Henry Schliman received permission from the Government of the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the excavation on the Hill Gisarlyc, where the earlier excavations had already opened the ruins of the classical period of the classical period and signs of more ancient structures. Nine cultural layers dated approximately 3600-1800 revealed enough non-systematic excavations. NS., But accurate identification – which from the detected settlements is the Homeric Troy – to make it possible. Still not clear – is it the city and whether the events described here "Oriade", But it is believed that the Troy VII settlement of Troy VII, which was destroyed by the fire approximately 700-300, is most fully satisfied with all criteria. NS. Be that as it may, some blossoming city (or several cities) unequivocally existed in these parts almost two thousand years – from the early Bronze Age and to the era of the emergence of the Roman Empire.

  • Walls of ancient Troy
  • Archaeological site
  • Fragments of ancient city

Archaeological site (open daily: from May to September – from 8.00 to 19.00; From October to April – from 8.00 to 17.00, entrance – 10 TRY) lies approximately 20 km south of Chanakkale, in the throat of wide valley stretching 8 km from the sea. The most impressive of the preserved fragments of the ancient city is the Eastern Wall and the Troy Vi Gate (1700-1275. to N. e) paved by flat stones staircase Citadel Troy II (2500-2300 BC. e), partially restored Megaron of the same period, the temple of Athens (restored by Lisimahah on the orders of Alexander the Great), the sanctuary of Cybel and Demeters with Altar and the Tribune (very similar to such struggle facilities) and other ruins.

Approximately 30 km to the south of Troy excavations lies Alexandria Troyanskaya – An ancient city, founded by antigongor, the commander of Alexander the Great, in 300 BC. NS. Unfortunately, unlike Troy, all this extensive city is almost not marked, so it is difficult to understand its structure without any assistance.

Troy Turkey City

The most fertile agricultural land begin in Western Turkey, on which among pretty and little spoiled villages in abundance there are numerous ancient monuments. Near the western outskirts of the village Gulpnar (Gulpinar) lie the ruins of the temple of Apollo, founded by another colonists from Crete in the V century BC. NS., Once here was located now disappeared by the city of Christ. At Cape Baba (translated from Turkish – "father"; The most western point of Asia) lies a noisy fishing port Babacket, Or Babakale (Babakale), near which one can detect the beautiful Ottoman castle of the eighteenth century with the Muslim Saint Muslim grave on a small cemetery next to the main square (the name itself is translated – "Baba fortress").

There is a good beach (approximately 3 km north of the port), but usually bathe right among the huge boulders, framing the harbor on both sides, – here are the ideal conditions for swimming and rich marine life.

30 km east is a market town Ayvadzhik (Ayvacik), where it is better to come at the end of the week to visit the local market, famous for goods from all over Asia (the city itself is widely known for its carpets). At the end of April, the traditional annual collection of nomadic peoples of the region is held in Aivadzhik – Paniyre, which is accompanied by colorful musical and dance ideas, as well as noisy bazaars (local residents buy horses at this time). Although nomads nominally are Muslims, the festival itself has obvious pagan roots, more reminding the ancient Navruz and other celebrations in honor of the beginning of spring. But the main point of attraction here is an ancient Assos, which lies only 25 km south of the city.

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Troy Turkey City

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