True on burning tours: myth or reality?

The need for this review on our website has been ripe for a long time, many ask about burning tours, whether it is possible to really buy them and save them. It would seem, everything is simple, take a burning tour and save on vacation. But many are faced with the fact that having arrived at the resort and communicating with other tourists, they discover that they paid the same amount so much as all other holidaymakers, and sometimes more expensive. What burning in their round? Or maybe everything in our country is going to burning trips?

In this article we will tell about what it is what a tour is to be burning, and what is not, and together come to the answer to the question that is asked in the title of this article.

Let’s start with the fact that it is worth implied when the phrase "Burning Tour" is pronounced. The tourist operator is the organizer of the tours, he buys a plane ticket for a tourist, organizes a shuttle service (tourist travel from the airport to the hotel and back) and orders the hotel.

In the case of a sightseeing tour, the list of components is even longer. Additional elements are added to the above, it is hired guides, tickets for tickets in museums and payment of tourists.

The hot ticket is formed in the event that any of the elements in this set is paid in advance by the tourist operator.

With airline tickets there are no problems, tourist operators Order places on flights of airlines on the sale of the tour. Transport services in the country of rest are not paid individually, because the bus will still go from the airport to hotels, and it does not matter, there will go there ten tourists or eleven.

The biggest headache for tourism operators are hotels, with their often complex relationship. Most often it is possible to agree, and the hotel books books on the fact of applications without any prepayment. But sometimes tourist operators are booking a certain number of rooms in advance, and in this case they must be sold them to not be at a loss.

It is in this case that our case is interested in. So, in order for the burning ticket to be formed, you need to:

1. Rooms in hotels were redeemed in advance. If they are not redeemed, then it makes no sense to sell at a low price no.

2. Flights in the right direction were free. If there are no tickets, then you will not send anywhere anywhere.

3. Tour must begin soon, usually from one to five days. Think by yourself, selling a tour cheap in two weeks there is no point, it has every chance to sell for the full price, time in this case still has.

Only with the coincidence of the above-mentioned factors when the tourist operator needs "blood out of the nose" to sell a tour in which he has already prepaid the hotel, a "burning tour" may form.

You yourself understand that this situation is not formed so often. With most hotels operators work on the reservation, not redeeming the numbering room in advance. Such vouchers are found, do not argue, but it happens very rarely. Tourist operators are constantly working to do not arise, it is not profitable.

Some tours are sold slightly cheaper than usual, we cannot call them "burning", but the price of them is slightly lower. In the picture below the price chart for tours, consider it carefully.

As you can see, in the case we are selected, there is a big difference in the price for tours, which begin in the next few days, and tours that begin in a week and later. Tour with a flying February 16 costs 2895 USD, and a tour with flight on February 3 (picture was done on January 31) costs 2095 USD. Agree, decent difference.

The difference that we have shown is related to the decline in the price of flights that could not be soldered on time, such a tour is difficult to call "burning", but the price is very attractive. These are such tours, we recommend you to "catch", but better, talk to our specialist, we will do it for you.

True on burning tours of myth or reality

After we "decomposed on the shelves" this problem, many will ask. And why on every corner hanging the sign "Shop of burning trips" or "Burning Tour Agency"? We answer, they are just so called, no one forbids calling the grocery store "Delicious bread" or a clothing store call "fashionable things". Here they are so called their travel agencies, there is nothing illegal.

As for the presence in the assortment of interesting proposals, we can say in secret, the range of all the same, travel agencies are not engaged in the creation of tours, but only their selling. All prices are also the same, they are installed by operators, and the agency can only give you a discount due to its commission remuneration.

You can conduct an experiment yourself. Go to an agency, take the offer and call us, ask price, just pointing out the hotel, type of food, the departure date and number of nights stay at the resort. The price that our specialist will be voiced will not differ, no 20-30% difference in the price, which should exist in the case of a "burning tour" no and will not.

The phrase "Burning Tours" in the name of the enterprise acts on the consumer as a red rag on the bull. Many really believe that they will receive low price in such a company. For the travel agency, it is important to attract the client, so everywhere and hanging price tags with very low prices, and when you come there, then we meet the phrase "This tour is already sold, let’s find you something else". Moreover, many are not bended to tear their offer or frankly lie.

We recommend the following really valuable ways to save:

The first is that if you do not have a desire to go to a specific country, then you can buy a tour a week before the holiday, there will be such a proposal that will be advantageous, such an example we showed above, our specialists are ready to help in this matter.

The second way is to buy a tour from the agency that is not tied to a specific tour operator and has a wide selection of options. Conditions for hotels from different operators are different, the tour to the same hotel can cost differently in Coraal or Pegas, and the difference can be significant. If you contact an independent agency, then get the best price. By the way, our Agency "Yellow Crane" is independent.

Third Council. Contact multiple agencies, make sure that you are not trying to sell the trip. Also, the price can be checked on the website of the tourist operator, so even more reliable.

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