Tulum – Cocktail of Pyramids and Caribbean Sea

There is nothing more beautiful than to rush early in the morning on the bike towards new adventure. Andriusix we fly a chance with the morning rays of the Sun to the last Mexican pyramids with whom we are destined to meet at the end of a long journey in Mexico – To famous Pyramids Tuluma.

Here we are at the entrance: we leave our steel horses in the parking lot, buy tickets and barely make a few steps towards the ruins, as a day presents us a surprise.

At first I thought it was a monkey: brown woolen taurus, long tail, chopping gait. All of a sudden «a monkey» German goes onto a path, it is important to go on it past us and goes. There is no doubt – This is not at all Marty, but a cute animal with an even more cute title – Nosecha. Who would have thought that morning would start with such a pleasant nose.

In the excellent location of the Spirit, we go on a date with antiquities. So so, it was necessary to come to the opening itself, and not half an hour later, now you have to overtake other tourists to get virgin shots.

Pyramids in Tulum

A little more and we stand on the threshold Archaeological complex Tulum Zona Arqueologica de Tulum). To be honest, we did not wait a lot from him, although they knew that this place was very loved by tourists and many of them just admire. Why? Yes because toulum – The only pyramids in all Mexico, which beyond the coast of the Caribbean Sea! How do you like such a double blow – Maya’s pyramids and one of the most magnificent seas in the world, and even in one bottle?

It is not true, after this type of Tulum, you can love the eternal? But this is just the beginning!

Sleepy, step by step examine the territory of the complex. She, in general, very small, I would even say a miniature, compared with such complexes Peninsula Yucatan, like Chichen Itsa, Ushmal or Palenque. No scope. However, such landscapes appear to the slope that miniature is replenished with interest. Not always the size matters.

Tulum’s pyramids were attached to a high rocky shore and proudly rise above the picturesque bay. The sea here is almost as beautiful as in cancun. The gaze appeaset with cute cozy beaches, embraced palm trees and massive stones. I really imagine how much the people are dreaming to plunge into the water right here, overlooking the pyramids. But it was not there. It is forbidden! Even just take a walk on the beaches forbidden, all inputs are shut off. Eh, loss loss! Although, you know, more than once met in the network photos with these same beaches, destroyed people. So they are gathered in Tulum, grab the fuck de Bano. In addition, if you are not lucky here, there are other no less charming beaches nearby.

It also remains only to dream of the lifeful coolness of heavenly water and walk along hot stones, that we are not without pleasure and do.

Friends, I do not know how you, and I envy sometimes the discovers: you don’t think so, you don’t guess, and suddenly something beautiful appears before his eyes. For example, Tulum was first mentioned at the beginning of the sixteenth century, a certain conquistor named Juan Diaz. To see this lonely bored beauty by the sea through the eyes of Juan! Oh, something I am gathered))

Let’s go, show you the rest of the complex, because a couple of pyramids on the shore is not all, although the most spectacular part. By the way, the most famous in Tuluma – Lock (El Castillo), and it is only because the largest of the surrounding buildings. I was not impressed by the first serious researchers.

In truth, the buildings are not affected by both beauty, no grace, but the overall impression of the place remains very and very pleasant. I do not even know what his secret. Maybe just the mood we have good, and maybe the picturesque clouds beneficially complement the landscapes or morning rays of the sun fill the stones with warm and mysteriousness.

Oh yes! If you count on the pyramids, look inside and reveal the secrets of the ancient Maya – Dust dust. All buildings are fenced and closed from curious tourists. Such is the trend: the more tourist pyramids, the less permissible in them. For example, in Teotihuakan and Monte Alban, it was much more increasing. And here some restrictions. It seems to be on Yucatan, we have already started to put up with them. It’s a shame, annoying, but okay!

Oh, somehow imperceptibly went around. Indeed, the complex is very small. Why does not leave the feeling that something is missing? It seems that it is impossible to manage with antiquities for an hour, we are accustomed to at least half a day. We go to the second round, suddenly something missed.

Yeah! For example, they missed a girl who is nele, very, very carefully clears something on the wall Temple fresok. So I could leisurely pick antiquity, because it was not enough that he graduated from historical, so also specialization was «Ancient world».

Tulum - Cocktail of Pyramids and Caribbean Sea

We go further and suddenly we see the tourist attraction: a whole crowd of zooak gathered around the Trinity Iguan. Well, think, Iguan and Iguana, how many of them around – In each complex, whole armies, will surprise someone them. But the enterprising guide came up with something interesting: it can be seen in the city, he told the pair of wards the young lady to ride over a large red flower (I did not see such a pyramid). Now he gives senoryam instructions and everyone is watching the following picture: in the hands of the girl a scarlet flower, she brings him to the nose of Iguana and she begins to greedily chew, almost smoking. Here is a treat for Iguan. Now you know how surely attract the attention of these sympathy. Whole secret in red flower!

Well, we have nothing delicious, so it remains just to chat with Iguanami, the benefit they are very sociable here. Apparently, they are already completely accustomed to tourists and not only that they do not run away, it is also going to meet themselves.

But now, perhaps, you can. We approach parking and watch the pennytop – people apparently invisible. Yeah, it is better to come early to come to the elbows with their colleagues.

After the Pyramids of Tulum saddled bicycles and go to the sensations that not far from the city, but this is a separate fairy tale.

If someone says that Tulum’s pyramids are not obvious, boring and not at all impressive, do not believe. This is the place in which it is worth going even for the sake of just a couple of species, but they will be excellent. Personally, and and Grisiks and I have been satisfied with what you see what you wish.

Pleasant to you walks on ruins Tuluma, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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