Tunisia: Beach holiday features

Dream vacation for lovers of the sea and beaches.

Resorts – Sousse, Monastir and Hammamet, Majdia, Djerba and Tabarka. Picturesque orange groves here are intermitted by the plantations of olive trees, the beaches are covered with snow-white sand, and many hotels have their own thala-centers. In addition, yacht clubs, snorkeling centers, water parks, tennis courts and much more. The coastal zone of Tunisia stretched 1200 km, and here there is every place in the sun.

Sea and beach

God, when I spread the stones around the Mediterranean coast, somehow suddenly missed Tunisia. The resorts of Hammamet and Sussee vacationers are waiting for snow-white sandy beaches with severe entrance to the water.

Important! There are no private closed beaches in Tunisia. The three-meter coastal zone by law belongs to everyone and each. This means that you can perfectly swim on the territory of the neighboring hotel if the sand will seem white there. Nevertheless, every hotel has its own zone, for whose purity is responsible, and for you, as a guest, will be free not only visit the beach, but also use umbrellas with sun loungers.

When you get tired under the rays of the sun, you can go along the shore in search of sellers of souvenirs or camel crawls. They are located in some parts of the beach, absolutely unobtrusive and very friendly. Will be offered to buy an antique lamp (suddenly Ginn lives in it!) or ride on the camel (there are only dromaders in Tunisia). For 25 dinars, you can feel like a real Berber: to have a striped bathrobe, wrap your head with a handkerchief and go to consider from the height of the camel hump (and this is almost 2.5 m!) Reliefs of the shore.

Closer to the late afternoon, when the heat saves, it’s time to get to the favorite Mediterranean water entertainment: to ride a banana, a bubble or boat. And in Sousse for romantics, a walk on a pirate ship. Open Sea, Kint and Wind, the opportunity to swim away from the coast and take photos of the delightful landscapes: For the sake of this it is worth come to the port of El Cantaui, where several times a day will "whistle to all".

Wild beaches of Tunisia attract divers. Keep in mind that in non-cereal places you need to comply with local laws.

Pools and water parks

Pools in Tunisia also have their advantages. Most often, they are filled with sea water, and this is a wonderful alternative to the open sea in case you do not like sand and waves.

Water slides are almost every hotel. They are not the most extreme, more designed for children. These impressions guarantee water parks, which in the country several. Prices are humane, the range of slides is balanced, usually 13-15 attractions.

Tunisia Beach holiday features

Flipper Water Park is located on the border of Hammamet resorts and raid. He is not tied to any hotel, which is his undoubted plus: the people here are smaller. In addition, Flipper boasts a good price ratio – quality. Here are two slides of "Kamikadze" with a height of 15 m, multilayde for five people, a hydromassage pool with all safety measures.

Aqualand is located on the territory of the Carthage Land Park with an excellent children’s zone stylized under ancient Carthage. Also on the territory built a small castle, guests are waiting for all sorts of waterfalls, slides and a team of animators.

Health and body care

Sea water and algae – this is the pride of the inhabitants of Tunisia. We are talking about thalassotherapy – procedures using sea water and wrapping by algae. With its help treat arthrosis, rheumatism, diseases of the nervous system. There are general wellness and rejuvenating programs. You can pay special attention to individual parts of the body, legs or back, to make a correction of the figure or get rid of cellulite. But any procedures are carried out only after consulting a doctor who examines you and appoint a course of two to 12 days.

In addition to these procedures, centers offer a wide range of services: you can try pressotherapy, mud baths, various types of massages. Practically in all salons developed beauty treatments in accordance with age groups.

Local cosmetics will help on returning home a little extend vacation. On the market you can buy aromatic oils and oil perfumes with clean and natural floral fresh flavors. Tunisian perfumery based on the use of natural oil allows a whole day to enjoy the smell of some exotic flower. You can bring the famous Tunisian shampoos, balsams and hair masks. They are made of healing blue clay, algae, herbs.

Tunisia Beach holiday features

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