Tunisia – between East and West

In Tunisia come for various reasons. Someone is looking for a relaxing holiday, someone is interested in the country’s centuries-old history, for someone priority is gastronomy or thalassotherapy. And every guest here really manage to find something unique, something your

Why Tunisia

The territorial state of Tunisia is located in the north of the African continent, just a little more than four hours from Moscow. Citizens of the Russian Federation visa in Tunisia do not need that for many tourists is a decisive factor when choosing a resting place. At the same time, the country boasts a whole kaleidoscope of amazing landscapes — Not only the beautiful Mediterranean coast, but also with climbing mountains, legendary sugar, lush green oases and colorful coral reefs. What to talk about your grace climate! Here you can relax all year round.


Educated at the beginning of the XV century, Tunisia has absorbed traditions of both Muslim and European worlds. For the right to possess the lands of Tunisia for centuries, the Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Arabs, Normans, Turks and French. Developed agriculture Tunisis got from Rome, he received his religious affiliation and culture from Baghdad, sophisticated architecture — from Istanbul, and French and European education system — from Paris. Tunisia — Magnificent example of a successful merger of the East and West.

However, not only nature and culture is rich in this surprising. On the relatively small territory of Tunisia, you can meet the ruins of ancient cities and ancient sculptures, aquedures and temples, fortresses and forts, medieval Arabias and mosques, ethnographic and historical museums — All that will be interested in all the enthusiastic history of travelers.

One Carthagin What is worth! Founded in 814 BC, this city survived a lot and preserved to the present day in the form of the ruins of once grand facilities: Capitol, Amphitheater, Term Aktonin, as well as Byzantine churches.

Not so famous, but because no less interesting located 120 kilometers from the capital of the country Antique center of Tunisia — Ancient city of Dugga. See in him and the truth is that: Punic Mausoleum, Monument, built in honor of the three gods — Jupiter, Juno and Minera; Temple of the goddess Junon Cellections; Roman bathing; Triumphal Arch and other ancient facilities.

And of course, it is impossible to go around the attention built specifically for the filming of the legendary Skiopopeia of George Lucas "Assistant Wars"

Boutowing settlement, which has been surveyed, — Movies have long become a classic, but anyone who wants and today can feel like a hero of the famous film feet that fell on the planet Tatoin. For this, a two-day sugar tour will be perfect, allowing to visit, in addition to this attraction, the largest Roman monument in Africa — Amphitheater in El Jime; Matmatat city caves — Real certificates of life of indigenous residents of Tunisia Berberov; Old mosque in the city of Kairuan and much more.


Tunisian cuisine is worthy of the highest praise! Her Most Popular Dishes — Charissa (acute paste of red pepper and olive oil, seasoned with parsley, garlic or Tminomine), Shakshuk (chowder from eggs and vegetables), Lubia (beans with lamb), Kush (baked scapula with vegetables) and, of course, famous for The whole world of Kuskus (cooked for a couple porridge with gentle lamb, chicken or fish and vegetables).

From traditional drinks that are worth trying in hot tunisian weather, amazing effect produces hot green tea with cedar nuts — He quenches thirst and refreshes perfectly. Delicious dietal dining on it is usually served for dessert — They can be brought home as a sweet hotel.

Where to relax

The main interest among tourists arriving in Tunisia causes a beach holiday. This country is due to the influence of France, under the proportion of which it was for a long time, is the most Europeanized among all North African states. Therefore, its resort zones — Djerba Island, Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir, Machia — able to offer their guests a high level of service, safety and comfort. The hotel’s hotel base, in the arsenal of which more than 750 hotels located 600 kilometers of sandy beaches are very diverse — from the most budgetary vacation options to luxurious.

Many hotels operate on the power supply system included and have its own infrastructure: water slides, water parks, casino, discos, — And also organize animation programs, very popular among Russian tourists.

Tunisia - between East and West

The first resort center of Tunisia — Hammamet — In addition to major tourist goods, interest in its main historical landmark — Medina, the oldest district of the city, acquired from four sides by the fortress walls. Not far from it is the former tomb of Sidi-bu-Hadida, as well as an important point of the tourist route — Medieval Rabat Fortress, towering on the coast.

From the mainland, in just ten minutes on the ferry, you can reach the southernmost resort region Tunisia — Islands Djerba. For beautiful beaches, transparent water and labyrinths of vintage streets with snow-white houses, he was called Mediterranean Tahiti, unique to the same with their sleeve climates. Temperature differences are not at all significant: from +12 C-Winter to +29 second summer.

Sousse the most youth resort of Tunisia is. He is famous and active nightlife: bars, clubs and cafes.

In ten kilometers from it there is a spa complex of Port El Cantaui, where the rest is already more respectable and calm. The center of the resort is built in the style of the old Mediterranean towns with an injection of small houses, where fish restaurants, shops and souvenir benches are located.

The major tourist and university center with their airport, hotels and parks is the city of Monastir, who received its name from the Latin word Monasterium, which means the monastery.

From the north to Monastir, the resort zone of Scherises is adjacent, next to which is the main international airport of the region.

In search of the most gorgeous beaches you should go to Majdia. Now this city is the most important fishing port of Tunisia, although Mahdi’s infrastructure is developed as much as in other resort regions, thereby turning this town in the perfect place to privacy.

Where to have

Unrivaled rest — it’s not all that can offer such a rich country like Tunisia. Local resorts, especially Hammamet, are famous for the whole world by their thalassotherapy centers. This is the only country in the world where the standards of this therapeutic direction are controlled at the state level. Created by the likeness of the French Thala-centers use French cosmetics and equipment, but the cost of procedures is two or three times cheaper. There are diseases such as neurosis, lung diseases, obesity and many others. Baths, hydro massage and aromatherapy sessions, compresses and wraps allow you to get rid of stress and simultaneously come into a tone.

Tunisia - between East and West

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