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Summer is approaching and thoughts are involuntarily returned to vacation ideas. Like many years, earlier hundreds of Russian tourists will go to relax in Tunisia – the beautiful North African country with the wonderful sea, delicious beaches, interesting excursions and original cuisine. Very many Tunisia attracts luxurious thalassotherapy programs that remove stress and returned youth. This means that for his rest they will choose the capital of thalassotherapy – Hammamet.

There were many in Hammamet and how it always happens, I want to experience new impressions in a well-known country. These impressions can be culinary.

In the old (northern) Hammamet, near the old fortress and entry to the market, there is an imperceptible eatery, very nekaznaya in appearance, but always complete people, both local and foreign, mostly French. The secret of the institution is simple, here it is wonderful to prepare Couscous – the famous Arab porridge with baked vegetables and lamb, as well as other local dishes: lentil soup, salad hurt, accompanied by an unlimited number of baguette. The cost of lunch dinner is very democratic – 15-20 dinars (8-10 euros) and, most likely, the stomach will not be able to take such a huge amount of food that is included in this value.

To those who decide to visit this place, it is recommended not to buy water, the food is rather sharp and in itself, in addition, the real Tunisian meal is always accompanied by a real Tunisian chariss – acute seasoning from the zhugochi pepper and garlic, which first seems fire acute, but over time Come in taste. I do not remember exactly, but it seems to be a place called Café Achiri.

Wishing to taste this Tunisian cuisine, you can also offer another option. Halfway from the old Hammamet to his new part of Yasmin-Hammamet lies a calm quarter Hammamet Sud (South). Here are some hotels in which the French mostly live and many houses of local residents. Right along the road connecting all Hammamets stand restaurants and fish benches.

Algorithm of the organization of traditional Tunisian fish dinner in this place is simple. Come in the fish shop. Fresh fish posted on the counter, on every price tag in dinars and millime (in Dinar 1000 million). Traders may not speak English and especially do not speak Russian, but there is always a way out. Show on the fish (the name, most likely there will be in Arabic, can also be in French, although the most advanced writes in English) and further to choose from: you call the required number of pieces in English, better in French (Un, Deux, Trios, Quatre, Cinq, Six, Sept, Huit, Neuf, DIX, hardly need more), even better in Arabic (1Oahid, 2run, 3The, 4 Arbaa, 5Hamza, 6Sttaa, 7Sabaa, 8Taman, 9 thousand, 10Asar, here The Writing of the Arab Arabic figures is given, although, most likely, the numbers will be ordinary, that is, those that we call Arabic, in Tunisia they write figures familiar to us). You can simply show the desired number of fish on your fingers. You sell fish. The amount may be called or write figures familiar to us. (Just in case, if you suddenly need, the letters in Arabic are written on the right left, and the Arabic Arabic numbers are written on the contrary from left to right). Your chosen fish will be prepared either directly in the shop, or in the restaurant you agree to cook dinner. Negotiate will also have to do in some language or mixtures thereof, but if desired everything is possible. Everyone who tried to implement this idea, regardless of the linguistic opportunities, received their dinner and was extremely pleased.

Fear to buy fish is not worth it, she is fresh, the locals are also bought here too.

Fried fresh fish and seafood, with french fries, baguette, vegetable salad, barbell and unchanged Harissa – great replacement for restaurant dinner in any hotel.

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Culinary journey to the world of this Tunisian cuisine will be an excellent addition to the beach ********* ************* Thalassotherapy, which should be spent especially and not in this article.

Those who do not risk entering the local holder or shop can be recommended hotels with a good choice of traditional dishes, although it will not be.

Iberostar Solaria – a great five-star hotel in Hammamet. The hotel’s architecture is a charming construction of Tunisian architecture, which has a special Eastern Charm. The hotel has several oriental-style restaurants that offer Tunisian cuisine. Hotel Sindbad is located on a snow-white sandy beach, it has excellent national cuisine restaurants. Famous Hasdrubal Thalassa & SPA Yasmine Hammamet offers to visit one of the best restaurants in National Kitchen L’Olivier. Diar Lemdina Hotel is built in the form of a medieval Arab fortress city. The hotel has its own market, Arabic bitches, with numerous shops whose merchants sell the entire traditional range of the Eastern Bazaar in the frame of our time: jewelry, carpets, chasing, leather, traditional clothing. Cafe in the bazaar feed their guests with national dishes, among which it is worth paying attention to the delicious sweets, to make it impossible to make it yourself.

Entrance to Madina (city, fortress) Hotel Diar Lemdina is available to everyone, but only guests of the hotel can travel to the past and feel like inhabitants of the ancient Arab city.

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