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Just a week ago at this time, I said goodbye to the ionic warm sea and the next Eastern country. I do not know why, but weak I am a spirit to the East and Arabic story.
But our journey started as always (who read my reviews about countries) with small difficulties.
Glory to the Internet, now you can not hurry to the airport and do not worry that we will put you with a couple of yours in different chairs, we registered online and calmly called a taxi on 16.00. The benefit to go to the airport for 20 minutes, and the aircraft in 18.15. And started. Lasting the car for 50 minutes and drove to the airport in 3 minutes before the end of registration. The guy has already leaving when we rushed with suitcases for luggage.
We flew a / to Transaero. First time on such a big plane. Everything is wonderful, only video worked when we are already in TunisiaE landed.
So about the country.
Another climate is certainly felt right away. Flying out of 20 degrees in the sun, late in the evening coming out from the airport enfida, it envelops hot air. You immediately feel – Africa. The airport was not far from the 40 minutes after 40 minutes, we were almost all departed by hotels.
In the morning, after meeting with the hotel guide, except for visiting the excursion a trip to Sakhara, we decided to take another one – Cap Bon + Winery with tasting. It turned out that the main tour of the time went straight before leaving, so it was necessary to take ourselves other than lying on the sea coast.
What to see in Yasmin Hammamete?
Yasmin (Jasmine) Hammamet is new, the most southern holiday area of ​​Hammamet, originally oriented with its construction on tourists, and so it is. Most of all at first glance, the streets overgrown with dotnical palm trees were pleased. They are as a fence stand on all the streets of the city, especially on the embankment. Coming out of the hotel, feel yourself in Miami.
The beaches of Hammamet and, in particular, Yinda, are considered one of the best in Tunisia************ wide shoreline. Bottom, like everywhere in Tunisiae, hollow, with a smooth increase in depth, which is especially convenient for families with children. In some places on the beaches of Yasmin-Hammamet, black algae accumulates that with a big wave is not very nice.
In Yasmin-Hammamet a lot of different stores, t / c Joi’s, bazaars and famous Cartage Land.
Carting Land includes 3 parks: Amusement park for children, ordinary amusement park and water park. Different prices. Of course we went to the usual. Entry cost 15 Dinar (300 rubles.) per person and ride how much can you. On the territory of only 5 attractions + mini-surround. Of these, 2 aquatic, big boat, cars and something like centrifuges that we went for the second time. Squeezed as children. Amusements are few of course, but half a day killed there.
In the evening, you can walk along the embankment under the warm wind, ride on the cart with horses, they are full on every step. We did not ride the principle. Never have ever seen so many unfortunate horses as in TunisiaE. This is probably the most important disappointment that I experienced. Also, if you are not a trades name, you can walk on shopping with fixcenes, what we did when souvenirs were chosen.
What will bring?
I read a lot before I went to Tunisia, What souvenirs can be brought from the same Africa? Even recorded. And what was my surprise when I saw an outstanding choice of various souvenirs in one store only. Not counting the typical magnets and camels, here you will see a large number of leather products from bracelets to suitcases for the minimum price. There are a lot of products from the Olive Tree, both souvenirs and home utensils. National clothes for true connoisseurs of the East. 100% Natural Cosmetics. Various spices and sweets. And that is not all. I regretted that I did not take more money with me.
What’s? 1 dinar approximately = 20 rubles
In the bazaar, you need to bargain from a third of the price that is offered. And give for goods no more than 50% of the initial cost. Then the point of buying is. Leather ladies bag in the bazaar can be bought for 20 dinar. Leather shale from 7 dinar. Square – Travel Bag, Medium Size from 27 Dinar. Wallets from 5 dinar. Suitcases from 50 dinar, you can be cheaper. Spices best buy for weight. They will be 100% fresh. And all that in bags can be lying and 3 – 5 years in warehouses. Cosmetics: Body Mud Mask

Tunisia - Eastern Tale of Maghreb! Hammamet, Tunisia Blogs and travel notes of tourists by Hammamet on

4 dinars, natural soap from 1.5 dinar, perfume oil from 3 dinar for the smallest container. Halva 500g from 3.5 dinar, olive oil per 1 liter from 7 dinar and t.D. Buy vegetables, sweets and butter advise in the Genuvera store, which is located in Central Hammamete at the old medina. There are the cheapest products from Fix.prices. There are their main market – the central (old) medina. On it we did not walk. They were afraid to break the merchants into parts, but the meters of 50 had to go through, in order to enter the old fortress, which is located inside the bazaar. The fortress wall of the 15th century and in essence there is little that you can see, but on top there is an extraordinary view of the Fort Hammamet and adjacent at home. Yes, and inside you can make stunning photos. Immediately beyond the walls you can enjoy water sports or buy. The sea is the purest beach and no one.
Between cities of Old and Yasmin Hammamet, except for buses and a taxi, steam vessels and Tuk Tuki. I advise you to go by bus before the medina, you can take a taxi back. Entrance to the bus through the back door, there is a conductor. They go about 1 time in 30 minutes and you can get on any. The trip will cost 1 dinar and takes about 20 minutes. Ask to stop. Back by taxi not more than 8 dinar. You can by bus, but it goes with ****** usually crashed by people. We drove on Tuk Tuka with a breeze for 10 dinar. You can also get to the train, but it goes about 40 minutes.
History Tunisiaa!
The most ancient parking of primitive people in the territory TunisiaA dating more than 200,000 years ago. More than 600V BC.NS. Phoenicians (ancient people thanks to which letters, writing and different other arts appeared, such as maritime shipping, sea battle, the management of nations, the royal power, battle, trade) founded the cities of Carthage, Sousse, Bizert and Trit. Talk about history Tunisiaand and its ancient inhabitants can be long and many. I advise you to read about the ancient city of Carthage, the remains of which are still preserved in TunisiaE. Carthage or Hajj cards, translated from the Phoenician "New City".
Thousand years ago this city was one of the most powerful and rich. Based 60 years earlier than Rome, Carthage was almost completely destroyed.
In III B. to N.NS. The increasing power of Rome led to a direct clash between the two largest states of the era. These clashes entered the story as "Punish wars". And the third of the Punic Wars turned out to be the most short, lasted 3 years. Carthaginian defended how could. Forces were unequal and once powerful Carthage fell. The land of the city was predicted by a curse, its territory is equalized by tons of salt, beautiful buildings are destroyed, and fertile lands are distributed to participants of the victorious campaign. What remains from him still attracts thousands of tourists, archaeologists and historians from around the world. Unfortunately this time we could not visit the legendary city.

Tunisia - Eastern Tale of Maghreb! Hammamet, Tunisia Blogs and travel notes of tourists by Hammamet on

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